Press Release: Toby TomTom – “Born 2 Be Free (feat. APZee)” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Inspirational, danceable and melodically heartfelt, Toby TomTom makes a phenomenal first impression with his debut single “Born 2 Be Free.”

Written, composed & performed as an attribute to his youngest son, “Born 2 Be Free” reminds us all that love conquers fear and we have the right, and most importantly, possess the fight to be free.

This song has a ton of likability factors. One major one that stands out is the versatility – the originality and clever use of the multi-genre approach. From smooth guitar riffs to an EDM & electronically danceable sensibility, this track has many flavorful components and really brings Toby‘s craft to the forefront and explores many angles of his abilities as a songwriter and performer.

His vocal melodies are well selected, well placed and even provides us with impressive 3 part harmonies and vocal layering. The authenticity of this song is very vital and showcases the perfect mix of standard instrument tracking and digitally crafted post production sequences. There’s great balance in the production value and Toby really delves into a signature sound that is truly his to own.

“Born 2 Be Free” is a high spirited track of many things; spirit, soul, fun, warmth, talent, attribution and something truly from the heart. It’s a track that will surprise you with its very original approach and heartfelt lyrical content, as well as the natural talent that encompasses every measure of the song that makes it the gem that it really is.

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Artist Review: Matthias Daiber – “Out Of The Blue” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Blissful and dreamlike, LA-based Composer & Producer Matthias Daiber takes us through an atmospheric adventure with his multifaceted Piano and Electronic blends in his new album Out Of The Blue.

This 12-song LP is a masterpiece of its caliber and brings something new to the table with each track, all the while presenting a very recognizable signature sound that shows its presence throughout the record in its entirety and never fails to keep you transfixed on each element of every song.

Matthias‘s piano breathes life into every track with ambient electronic additives that really add a glistening touch throughout every measure. Each song is like a takeoff and landing to a perfect destination while enjoying the ride while making your way there. His approach with each track is very articulated, versatile and very well-crafted. You can’t help but feel a sense of serenity with each measure these songs offer.

The best part is the versatility and originality of the genre mix. With classic light Jazz components and very melodic key signatures that really embody a real soul to his music, Out Of The Blue really showcases every angle of Matthias‘s abilities both as a composer and performer. His ideas are authentic, the moods are very blissful, and the aura that surrounds this album provides an array of emotions that touch the soul.

Out Of The Blue is the perfect album for the innovative pianist putting a modernized touch on today’s more mainstream production value, while staying true to the humble roots of what makes piano the most theoretical instrument of our time. This is a next-level album for anyone that appreciates brilliant piano compositions and today’s more promising production formulas. The album released on October 26th and is currently available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You won’t regret getting a copy!

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Artist Review: Jay Rockwell – “So Blessed (feat. Sisters of Element)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes when there’s a dark side, we find light. Something that gives us hope, spirituality and the means to thrive rather than just survive. Jay Rockwell‘s Chicago anthem “So Blessed” touches on this concept in a very powerful way, and becomes a vital voice for his city.

Reminiscent of anthemic New York inspired songs like Jay-Z/Alicia Key’s “Empire State Of Mind”, Jay Rockwell embraces the city lights of Chicago in the same kind of way, representing his city and becoming an iconic influence through his music and message that sees the lighter side of darkness. And that you are blessed, and can always rise up out of a bad situation and find your spectral light.

The voices in this song, especially the chorus, soar with passion and hit home right where the heart is. The song’s beat and precise use of its instrumental elements gives the musical aura a strong sense of soul and atmosphere. And really presents itself more as an anthem rather than just a song.

Jay‘s charismatic and strong verses present lyrics that are both uplifting and inspiring, putting a spiritual viewpoint on situations that are very real, in a way you can identify with no matter where you’re from. His lyrical rise above his city’s darkness is emotional and bears a strong expression of artistic merit in a way that encompasses you as a person, and himself as an artist. He is effective, climactic and presents his vocal versatility that’ll stick with you in memorable and admirable ways.

The collaboration and addition of feature artist Sisters Of Element puts the perfect R&B touch on the song, presenting a hook that is also powerful and soul-infused. Another component to making “So Blessed” the gem that it really is.

The song officially drops on November 1st and will be available on all digital music retailers including iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming platforms as well. This track is perfect for the holidays, so mark your calendars! You’ll be glad you did.

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Career Highlights: Camila Paiva

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Emerging from the elite Los Angeles music scene, rising pop artist Camila Paiva has been garnering a massive street buzz from her vast array of hit singles & music videos that have amassed thousands of YouTube plays and digital downloads. And she has no intention of slowing down her momentum anytime soon.

History: Born To Perform

Camila was born in Brazil and moved to Boston during her childhood years, where she grew up and began hitting the ground running in the music realm. It was around age 5 that Camila found an affinity for singing karaoke at family cookouts and began creating her own renditions of American songs. By age 8, Camila took an interest to writing poems and eventually started turning them into songs. She also began learning her craft at the keyboard by watching videos, and developed a niche for songwriting as well as performance.

During her high school years, Camila was introduced to producer Mike Cip. And it was there at Split2nd Entertainment Studio that she began her journey into becoming a seasoned musician. Mike became a friend and mentor, and was incredibly supportive of Camila’s work. That same studio is where she met Justin Mercurio, a Boston bred producer/artist who also became a good friend, music partner and collaborator.

Currently, Camila is working on releasing an array of singles varying from hard hitting hip hop hybrids to Brazilian funk crossovers to pop hits thats are already making their way across Spotify and leaving their mark on the web as well as on LA’s up and coming music scene.

Camila: The Music

Her Spotify playlist (titled “Popular“) has an incredible selection of versatile tracks that are multifaceted, multi-genre and atmospheric. Her angelic and subtle vocal tones have an impressive range and lends great pacing to each track. Her single “No Comparison” offers up an excellent demonstration of this and really showcases her craft as well as authenticity that carries her voice through it.

By far, this song brings out every element that shows Camila‘s vocal capabilities and melody structures. Every verse is ambient and sustains powerful ascension and anticipation. Then that chorus hits and completely captivates the energy in the song structure, and grabs hold of the listener. It’s the type of song that is timeless, memorable and hits where the heart is.

If this is the first time discovering Camila, then you’ll be left with an everlasting impression. And you’ll be enticed to check out the rest of her catalogue of hit singles, which are all available on digital music retailers and streaming platforms including Spotify.

She continues to compose, create, and manifest new material. And from the way things are looking, if she keeps it up at the rate she’s currently going, Camila Paiva will be a household name.

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Artist Review: Goodieboyz – “Rise With Me” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The folks at Goodieboyz have quite a concept. What started as a virtual band eventually manifested into a full-blown indie platform that showcases talent from the creators/originators, as well as feature artists from all over the world that wanna get involved. From musicianship, production, film making and everything under the sun, Goodieboyz have had the opportunity to put together some powerful content with a strong message. Their music video and single “Rise With Me” is one of those musical and visual demonstrations their platform is known for.

This politically supercharged track is heavily anthemic, atmospheric, and touches on concepts that are far too real. The video’s documentary style resonates with the flow of the Hip Hop verses and really parallels the lyrical concepts. Inspired by the band Gorillaz in their beginnings, Goodieboyz touches on a multifaceted multi-genre sound that has elements of rock, soul, rap and many iconic music eras all wrapped up into a modernized track with top-notch production value.

The best part about this song is the realism and outlook – the issues our country suffers from and the encouragement to find a way to make changes for the better by rising up as a whole. It’s a message we have heard in songs before, but never quite like this. The powerful guitar progressions and driving rhythms really helps propel this message forward, all the while providing a visual context behind the message in the video that really grabs at your attention and makes you think about the world we live in today, and how we can change it for the better.

“Rise With Me” is just as powerful in visual content as it is musically, and that’s what makes this single the gem it really is. You’ll be passing this video around to everyone you know after watching it – and you’ll definitely be keeping tabs on what Goodieboyz has up their sleeves in the near future.

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Artist Review: Zama Rripa – “American Soul” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With great spirit, good nature, and a whole hearted eclectic sound driving his passion for music forward, Zama Rripa proves with his newest album American Soul that his message is just as powerful as his music.

Zama, emerging from the elite Miami music scene, has been garnering an insatiable street buzz with his indie-folk-americana rock style and free spirited lyrics that are uplifting and warm; yet take a stand at the same time in a positive and protesting way. He has performed all over the world in various bands as well as a solo artist, and his solo effort in American Soul really touches on his experiences, views and adventures into finding one’s journey and purpose.

Each anchor single off this album is very anthemic and has a very vibrant and almost tropical feel at times. With some reggae influences in the mix with a modern folk and americana signature, each track is very eclectic in its structure and timeless in its message.

With smooth acoustic textures and clean guitar layers that blend in with a very rhythmic flow, Zama‘s songwriting structures are very fresh, bold and deliver an authentic feel that is genuine and heartfelt. You can feel the passion that has been put into these tracks, and it really authenticates Zama‘s artistic merit every time each song plays out. There’s no specific formula – he writes and plays what he loves, and that’s what makes a songwriter truly influential.

If there’s one thing I can say about American Soul, it’s that Zama aims to inspire to be inspired. And to truly take in his music for what it really is – inspiring. He’s one of those artists that truly wants to make the world a better place through his music. And American Soul encompasses that with every track.

American Soul officially releases on October 26th and will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms.

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Career Highlights: Young Cuban Opera Singer Dian Rene Crosses Over Into The US Latin Urban Genre

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to being an artist, many millennial sacrifices are made. And if there’s one artist that has truly made the sacrifices and life-changes one has to make to reach a remarkable feat in the world of music, it’s young on-the-rise Opera singer Dian Rene. Someone that has moved mountains in his life to get to where he currently is.

Rene grew up in the Cuban city of Holguín and began singing at a very young age. He studied opera at The University of Arts of Cuba’s Instituto Superior de Arts, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 2013. He studied opera because classical music was all that was offered at the university, but Rene quickly found his passion for it. He also sang popular music to make a living.

Rene became a well-known singer in Holguín, performing concerts as a tenor in a company. He was a singer full time, but he said that with Cuba’s economy, there wasn’t many opportunities for opera, and it also didn’t help

that opera isn’t as popular in Cuba as it is in the U.S.

That’s when Rene and his sister decided to come to the states and make his dreams of being a full time singer in the U.S. market a reality. But it was no easy task. After being subject to hazardous jungle environments, detainment in Mexico and literally singing his way to freedom to the guards that had him and his sister held in a prison area, the siblings made a safe cross over the US border into Texas, eventually settling in Harrisonburg.

After tackling the Opera genre since he began hitting the ground running in the music realm, as of October 19th Dian Rene made another crossover, this time into the Latin Urban genre, where he can showcase his vocal versatility and multifaceted musicianship more exclusively within his craft and passion for music. He released his first US single and is currently working on new material to solidify his signature sound and become a household name in the US market.

With endless possibilities ahead of him within his talent, vocal range, image and artistic merit, Rene is comfortably settled in the US and heading forward with his career in his designated market.

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