Artist Review: Natasha Jane Julian – “Now I Know” Single/EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to turning heads and capturing the ears, renowned Pop recording artist Natasha Jane Julian does exactly just that with her recent EP Now I Know.

Natasha, from a small mountain town in Southern California, gained a lot of her on-stage experience as a showgirl, performing relentlessly in theatres and dance shows. When Natasha moved her stomping grounds to the landscapes of Florida, her experience in music hit the ground running when she joined forces with an eclectic band called Psychedelic Mist. 

A handful of shows and an EP later as a band, Natasha decided to spread her wings of versatility and began to find her vision as a solo artist by the time 2015 came around, and respectively departed from Psychedelic Mist. 

This is when Natasha began her Artist Development process, and decided to take time off gracing the stage to hone her craft, find her sound, her musical niche, her inspirations as well as aspirations, and even learned piano during this time, which took place around 2016, and even added learning some guitar during the process; refusing to leave a stone unturned. 

After some years of blossoming into a solo artist, Natasha Jane Julian released her debut EP in June 2016, Now I Know. The first single from this freshman-effort was her Rock-influenced track “Gemini Twin”. The EP received positive reception, critical acclaim, and eventually prompted Natasha to make her rounds throughout the cityscapes; she currently has an elite team of musicians now gigging her original songs all over the US, UK, and more.

But the one that really stands out is her EP-title track, “Now I Know”. A song that’s tight, well-put-together, and charismatic. Natasha‘s mid to high singing approach breathes life into this song and really parallels the musicianship, as well as structures. It screams with melody as well and fits every piece of the song like puzzle pieces. So I have to really tip my hat to Natasha Jane Julian. Her musical acclaim and path is very promising.

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Artist Review: Imani WJ Wright

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s not often that I stumble upon an artist and decide to take him under the reviewer’s wing, but we’re gonna change the pace a bit here at the Artist Reach camp.

Sensuality, good vibes and a little Rock & Soul might be a few choice words for young and upcoming Artist/Producer Imani WJ Wright

Starting out in the business early, talented and serving as your own Producer is definitely the way to go. That’s why I have to tip my hat to Mr. Wright. His single, “Appreciation”, is a lovingly witty and soul-soothing track that is bound to draw in the ladies at first blush. For a debut single, I’d say he can accomplish just that. This song does one big thing though…it gets you pumped for the prospective future for the young Artist. I wanna hear what else this young man can do. Because he’s absolutely on the right track in every way; music and image alike.

If you have appreciation, no pun intended, for an up and comer ready to take sensuality, sexuality, and the heart and soul of music’s passion, Mr. Wright is right up your alley. I hear a man ready to take off and fly. He has his passport, plane ticket, and the jet ready, and this song walks me to the plane.

So again, I have to give major props to a young guy giving his heart and soul to true music that definitely won’t shy you away. “Appreciation” is a stunner for its alley of execution, and I’m dying to hear what move this guy makes next musically. I’m jet-ready, let’s get the plane to take off!

This single is definitely on the Wright track! Double-pun completely intended.

Now his other single, “Make Me”, shows a different side to Imani WJ Wright, but still utilizes the same elements within his content and overall execution. This song allows you to get to know the fellow artist a little bit more, and explore what he has to offer as an artist that does it the DIY way.

This song offers up more edge and production value. Each measure is well crafted and keeps you listening and adds more character depth to his music and image. This is definitely a great follow-up from the predecessing track.

With the great R&B vibe still in the forefront, this song definitely will capture your heart and put some soul into you. It entices you to research more into Imani WJ Wright as an artist and persona. 

These are some solid tracks for this young man, and we at Artist Reach would like you to check them out. It’s not often that we Review an artist on-the-spot or happen upon them, but this seemed like the right occasion. 

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Artist Review: Lettrice Lawrence

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

The new Queen of Funk has entered the building. And carries with her not only the crown, but a sound that electrifies Funk and Blues in a whole new direction.

Lettrice Lawrence has a sound that I’d like to classify as Funk-Tronic in her track “Get Outta My Way”. A self confident track that has an EDM touch to her Soul Food for the ear. And her voice definitely brings out the Soul and solidification to this eclectic sound, with some key influences that can be heard from other Soul/Blues and Funk Legends such as Earth Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross, and Anita Baker. It’s a great new generation sound that has those key influences implemented into a very charismatic vocal approach with vivacious delivery in her Tone and Range. 

Her next track, a story-teller called “My Man” speaks for itself with its title. This one has a more traditional sound and a great blend of clean guitar tones that are great cornerstones for Lettrice‘s vocal delivery. You can almost deem this song as the Female version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe”. And to pull that off is what really makes Lettrice worthy of the crown. It’s a vicious vocal attack, a Bluesy and Progressive masterpiece, and can easily be performed to a sold out crowd at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

Make no mistake, Lettrice Lawrence knocked me off my shoes with the elements and dynamics from both tracks. And if that was her intention…well done. Now us at Artist Reach want more. And after you take a listen to Miss Lawrence yourself, so will you.

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Artist Review: Mericana

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Alberta, we get some of the best noise we’ve heard in quite some time. Alt/Rockers Mericana from the first listen pulls you right in.

Their song “Unknown” starts out with one of those guitar riffs that makes you wish you were the one who wrote it first. The tones are perfected and is a defining factor of what makes a song like this shine the way it does. Then in comes the Blues-oriented vocals with rock sensibilities that are garnished most likely from endless influences. But bottom line is, it just works. There are tasty harmonies, distinctive melodies, and a triumphant edge to the overall sound.

“Coaltown Blues” offers up this same format with a more bluesy edge to it, but doesn’t stray from the Rock elements at all. It has a dynamically built-up intro and eases you into their signature sound displayed in its predecessor. Once again, more riff age to crunch on, and a great mixture of diminished and augmented vocal melodies. 

The guitar riffs, punchy rhythm section, and charismatic vocal structures define this band’s sensibility and overall defining factors. They’re another band that keeps us hopeful that the undeniably unforgettable songwriting formulas from the 90s to early 2000s could be making its mark again. And more proof that a majority of today’s best Rock bands with the best songwriting is underground & indie. Mericana is another discovery that you’ll thank yourself for discovering. Because when the time is right, bands like Mericana will be in the limelight again. Sooner the better.

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Artist Review: Kinderjazz

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


One for the kids! Charismatic, fun, diligent, and dynamic might be a few words to describe this 12-member Aussie-Swing group, but the theatrical horn players and uplifting themes is what makes Kinderjazz a group for all ears.

These folks have got a great history & foundation under their belts. Armed with some of Australia’s best Musicians for its kind, this Latin-style and bluesy-swing group started turning many heads in 1998 when they performed at the nation’s well-known Manly Jazz Festival, and has kept the momentum ever since; performing at some of Australia’s most notable Venues and Festivals: Sydney Opera House, Daring Harbour, Parramatta Stadium, Stadium Australia, Carols in the Domain 2000 on Channel 7, among many more to date.

They’re a group that you can hire just about anywhere; a family event, wedding, theme park, cruise ship, half-time show, or any place looking for a very well-polished and professional live show and charismatic energy to entertain an all-ages crowd. Their songs are catchy, theatrical, moving, and unforgettable to the ear. “Gazooba” is a fun-loving song with very intricate horn arrangements and orchestrated measures. They bring a great music theory oriented sound to their showcase of musicianship and definitely live up to the reputation of being comprised of some of Australia’s best musicians. 

They bring all the right ingredients to showcasing talent. Each player has their own character, musicianship, fashion sense, and energy to mix into a perfectly orchestrated chemistry. These 12 Musical Pioneers leave you with one big overall sound that requires untouchable talent among each team player. And when you take a listen to Kinderjazz yourself, you’ll definitely agree that this is definitely a winning team.

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