Artist Highlight: Blow_Flyy

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Blow_Flyy.

Emerging from the elite Toronto music scene and originally hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, Hip Hop/Rap recording artist Blow_Flyy is a versatile and multifaceted new age artist with a new thought process. Known for his dynamic story-telling techniques and control of his lyrical content, Blow_Flyy is an original in his own right that does it for the fans; encompassing his own signature sound and stylization that makes him a clever new voice in Hip Hop you haven’t quite heard yet.

Exclusively grinding his way to the top as an independent artist, he keeps balance and composure in his career that gives him the breathing room to truly take his destiny into his own hands and his music to a growing fan base with an insatiable passion for his craft. Since his inception into the scene, he has exhibited skills to be a vital voice in Hip Hop and take his place alongside major players in the game. His style is far from ordinary, more like Rap without the rhyming. Who said “rhyming” or where is it written that rhyming as a Hip Hop/Rap artist is a must to have a great entertaining catchy story and/or lyrics to have good entertaining quality music? Blow_Flyy embraces content that is less vulgar and more relatable. He has story-telling narratives throughout his bars and measures that keeps his audience captivated at every live show, proving that he is not just another run-of-the-mill artist, and is heading in a direction that is ahead of his time.

These days Blow_Flyy enjoys life, using his craft to be a vital voice in Hop Hop to continue its movement in the industry, as well as his community. He has come a long way in a short time and is already creating important work to further prove that music by independent artists is truly where the magic is made. As an artist who has content very respectful towards women of all ages and hard & entertaining enough for the men, along with an entertaining interactive live show, he has potential to gain a lot of respect among Hip Hop/Rap music listeners & fans as well as within the wide spectrum of the industry.

Judging by his success so far, he is well on his way to becoming a household name; and Hip Hop fans everywhere will know who he is. Blow_Flyy‘s Hip Hop lyrics and songwriting skills is destined to bring new money in a present yet undisturbed revenue stream, so keep your ears open and eyes on Canadian artist, Blow_Flyy!

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Artist Review: Jimi Wasabe – “Far ‘N Away” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

A versatile and multifaceted take on Acoustic-forefronted R&B and sensuality, this upbeat single by Canadian recording artist Jimi Wasabe really shines with his articulate vocal range, clever lyrical content, and melody driven hooks.

“Far ‘N Away” is a very charismatic exercise of many positive moods. Between the tenderness of the verses, vocal vibrates, and a strong chorus to add in the fibers of energy, this track has many elements that really make this song the gem that it really is.

With influences ranging from Al Green to Usher, this is a really fun and well put-together love song with some extra added flavor. It’s a track that stays with you, and has that staying power only good melodies can achieve. And this really puts Jimi Wasabe‘s songwriting and performing talents right in the forefront with a strong and solid impression.

There is also a universal sound to Wasabe‘s approach. His dynamic acoustic stylized signature sound has great radio sensibility, and his genre can be booked at just about any Venue or Event that has an audience eager to hear a very uplifting and lovable style and image that Wasabe has been making his mark with. Once you take a listen to “Far ‘N Away” yourself, then you’ll realize just how high his likability factors are, and just how brilliant this song is.

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Artist Reach Presents: Guitar Spikes (Product Review & Press Release)

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Artist Reach Presents: Guitar Spikes

If you’re a guitarist/bassist, you’ll be more than glad you found this article. An invention & innovative design coming from the brilliant mind of Alex Aldridge (Ontario, CA), Guitar Spikes are heavy duty, stainless steel guitar strap buttons & attachments aimed at the guitar accessories/hardware market.

These stainless steel guitar strap buttons and attachments are designed to replace stock strap buttons, locks, and mounts; guaranteeing to give your guitar the security it needs to ensure a faultless outcome when maintaining your stage presence. From punk jumps, guitar spins, and jumping up and down with your instrument to keep your crowd feeding off your energy, Guitar Spikes not only give you the extra-strength to keep your strap locked in place, but also gives your guitar a new look with rad looking silver spikes, as opposed to the ordinary little silver circle and screw design.

So far a slew of National & International Metal/Punk bands from all over the world currently are rocking Guitar Spikes. Such as: Carnifex, Misery Index, Dehumanized, GRAI, Sirenia, Luciferian, Crypt Infection, and many others. And no matter how big or small your band is, or how big or small your stage setup or show is, your guitars and basses need top-of-the-line accessories to guarantee yourself a confident and kickass live show with security of extra-strength strap locks with a spikey edge! 

Almost every staff member of Artist Reach plays guitar, and accessories such as strap locks are a MUST. So this is a product we are sponsoring, as well as a company we have partnered up with in an effort to give guitarists & bassists a great edge to playing a live show with confidence. 

The product, business, and the Guitar Spikes website are set for long-term expansion over the next 10 years. The prices are a great value, the design options are dynamic and awesome, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

We here at Artist Reach are giving out FREE Reviews & Promo for any purchase on the Guitar Spikes web store! Use code: AR2016

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  • Twitter: @Guitar_Spikes

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Artist Review: Belvue

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Four young friends who happen to all be professional musicians and ridiculously awesome music producers and songwriters with major backbone to a fresh, eclectic sound all meet up one day. And Belvue was born.

Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Calgary, this Alt/Rock quartet of passionate musicians instantly shared a bond and chemistry over their unique musical inspirations. And with each member already having their own personal knowledge and experience with music onstage and the business offstage, it’s safe to say that Belvue hit the ground running pretty much immediately, and their Freshman Debut EP How To Be A Lion, self produced by the band entirely, set the groundwork for them and a buzz quickly began to spread across the scene through radio airwaves, their infectious live shows, and even won first place in the 2015 Blind Beggar Original Music Showcase.

The band as of yesterday just dropped their new single “Take Me” from their upcoming EP Leave The Light On, slated to release September 1st. And just after one listen/watch of the single “Take Me” (Official Music Video), I was quite enamored and found myself hearing something that far outweighed my expectations.

This song right from the beginning showcases a very dynamic and captivating clean vocal & guitar intro that eases its way into very well-crafted measures of ambient verses, emotional lyrical content about the rise and fall of romance, and an aura that you can listen, see, and feel when watching the video for this song.

“Take Me” is an effective song that plays at your heartstrings with the brilliant songwriting that showcases the singer’s message and very impressive vocal range, and is definitely a track that’s astonishing all on its own. But the music video for this song helps you really capture the true art, imagery, and emotions that goes perfectly with this song’s moods and textures. The Cinematography is enchanting, the colors that are captured at each location are flawless, and the beautiful use of nature is what really makes this track powerful, beautiful, and just all around a perfect showcase of audio and imagery.

This song and video is a must-see-and-hear for all Alt/Rock listeners. The music will capture your soul, the video will give you goosebumps, and the production quality is top-notch and dynamically mastered. Belvue is a band that I am more than positive will land on your playlist favorites.

For fans of: 1975, Half Moon Run, Switchfoot, Imagine Dragons, The Killers.

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Artist Review: Mericana

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Alberta, we get some of the best noise we’ve heard in quite some time. Alt/Rockers Mericana from the first listen pulls you right in.

Their song “Unknown” starts out with one of those guitar riffs that makes you wish you were the one who wrote it first. The tones are perfected and is a defining factor of what makes a song like this shine the way it does. Then in comes the Blues-oriented vocals with rock sensibilities that are garnished most likely from endless influences. But bottom line is, it just works. There are tasty harmonies, distinctive melodies, and a triumphant edge to the overall sound.

“Coaltown Blues” offers up this same format with a more bluesy edge to it, but doesn’t stray from the Rock elements at all. It has a dynamically built-up intro and eases you into their signature sound displayed in its predecessor. Once again, more riff age to crunch on, and a great mixture of diminished and augmented vocal melodies. 

The guitar riffs, punchy rhythm section, and charismatic vocal structures define this band’s sensibility and overall defining factors. They’re another band that keeps us hopeful that the undeniably unforgettable songwriting formulas from the 90s to early 2000s could be making its mark again. And more proof that a majority of today’s best Rock bands with the best songwriting is underground & indie. Mericana is another discovery that you’ll thank yourself for discovering. Because when the time is right, bands like Mericana will be in the limelight again. Sooner the better.

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