Artist Review: Cat Beach – “Go to Work” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Another astonishing and compelling reason that the Nashville music scene never disappoints.

That reason comes in the form of the charismatic and artistically articulate recording artist Cat Beach. A pioneer of the city’s renowned music scene with all the right ingredients to showcase some of today’s finer modernized Country & Blues.

Her hot single “Go to Work” is a perfect demonstration of how these ingredients are mixed with Cat Beach‘s very impressive mid-vocal range and groovy production value. While this song lyrically could be the polar opposite of the acclaimed “Take This Job and Shove It!”, we still get to grasp the same catchiness in a whole new way; except this time, you go to your job rather than quitting it on bad terms.

It’s only a lyrical reference however. The song itself is a very enchanting danceable experience with great backup vocals to compliment Cat Beach‘s fun, witty vocal style and bluesy riffs that drive this song forward. It starts out with a bang and cruises with a modernized take on classic Blues progressions that many famous songs utilize, but has a whole different kind of originality and versatility that emanates from every measure. Its message is conveyed beautifully and makes this song very addictive and quite the fun listen.

“Go to Work” has that staying power that will keep you coming back to this song again and again, as well as entice you to check out more of Cat Beach‘s catalogue. If you dig a catchy tune with a big band experience, then this song is definitely for you; and will give you another reason to absolutely adore the Nashville scene.

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Artist Review #2: Roman – “Dirty Bird” Single/Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

We’d like to welcome back our NYC brother and Alt/Rock Singer/Songwriter, Roman, for round 2 on the Artist Reach platform with his new infectiously catchy single, “Dirty Bird”, properly accompanied by a fun, witty, and entertaining Music Video. So in case any of you have been waiting for the Roman Empire to strike again, then your wait is over.
With this track, we have the formula that Roman is known for, however just like with every artist that evolves artistically as their careers manifest, we get some new surprises, twists, turns, and the same likability factors that always end up on overdrive.

With “Dirty Bird”, not only is the song very eclectic and well structured, but Roman‘s mid-ranged and charismatic vocals that carry a humble demeanor really continue to showcase in more impressive and memorable ways, solidifying his signature sound that sets him apart from your run-of-the-mill artists that sometimes tend to struggle to find themselves due to the oversaturation of cookie-cutting post-production antics. Luckily, we do not have this downfall with Roman at all; he is not only keeping his spark of the genre alive and well, but making it better than ever.

And with all this in place, we have a very interesting dynamic in the Music Video, where no matter what you’re doing; from taking a bath to chopping vegetables to cook dinner, you can always make room for dancing. This is a humble and good-hearted video that parallels a very authentic musician that doesn’t need an arena or humongous night club to emphasize a simple thing like getting down to a good song. 

There aren’t any antics that try to put Roman in an overwhelming setting with Lamborghinis, Bling Bling, or materialistic set designs that attempt to distract you from the song by shoving an artist’s ego down your throat. It’s a video that is natural, appealing, and very effective regardless of how simple or elaborate the production design is. Real talent will absolutely do the trick no matter what content or budget you have for a Music Video, so for Roman, this song definitely shines through no matter what his budget or production costs were used. It’s another direct piece of evidence that true talent goes above all, especially musical gimmicks or materialism.

Overall, Roman is an artist that never disappoints. He has a humble sensibility, down-to-earth characteristics, and an authentic signature sound and image that is very defined and memorable. “Dirty Bird” is definitely a must-hear for the ears, and a treat for the YouTube screen. We highly recommend you check out both, the song and video. You will be glad you did.

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Artist Review #2: Luanne Hunt – “So It Goes”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s an honor to bring back this award-winning Country Artist with her single “So It Goes”. Luanne Hunt‘s first review we did for her other single “Texas Tears” gave us a strong, charismatic, and flawless first impression. So it comes as no surprise that we once again have another song from her brilliant mind and beautiful voice to sweep us off our feet, onto the dance floor, and give us all the more reason to love her music and persona with genuine praise even more.

Just like her other single, this song has fantastic production value that showcases Hunt‘s craft and feel-good vibes when it comes to her diligent songwriting structures and very well pieced together vocal harmonies, clever lyrical measures, and great use of multi-layers including piano fills, catchy chord progressions, and a chorus you can’t help but have glued in your head with her spot-on vocal harmonies and fun, charismatic vibe that gives her sound a very polished one.

This is definitely a track that was perfected to its peak. Luanne Hunt‘s musicianship never leaves a stone unturned and always puts her best foot forward with her dynamic structures throughout every measure. And on top of having some of the best musicianship to showcase her, it’s her voice that really grabs hold of you and entices the listener to explore more into Hunt‘s catalogue of fun-loving anthems that separates her from your average Country or Folk artist.

Luanne Hunt is a Hall of Fame Artist that deserves the acclaim completely. She’s definitely worth the listen, and is far from a disappoint. We at Artist Reach are humbled to have her reach out to us again for another review. It’s an absolute honor and we can’t wait to see what Luanne Hunt has in store in the shortcoming. In the meantime, definitely check out her track “So It Goes”.

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Artist Review: Alicia Carol

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

Enchanting, versatile, and a voice that only God can passionately place within someone’s soul. Alicia Carol since childhood has had that gift from God ever since, and showcases it powerfully.

Her genuine and heart-warming Mother/Daughter lyrical concept in her ballad “Stay at Home Mom” is one of diligence, warmth, high spirits, and a musically orchestrated demonstration of innovation. This Country-ballad has production value that fits like a glove for a song like this; the verses are calm and showcases the range and tone that Alicia sustains and shows strong musicianship among the lead players and rhythm section as the song builds up to a breathtaking, powerful chorus that makes an incredible authentic use of three-part harmonies and well-structured use of all the string-instruments involved. It’s a beautiful song that gives Alicia a glow; something that plays at your heartstrings and can bring you to tears, especially with the song’s concept.

The ascending and descending use of steel guitars in the verses compliment the ambience and calm textures in the verses, and helps the buildup that leads to the chorus, and these ingredients are used appropriately, diligently, and brings out a full sound that showcases Alicia‘s voice properly. Her voice is soulful, expressive, and her authenticity is something that you can hear beautifully in the foreground; which is a big defining factor to this ballad. It’s compelling, it’s a breath of fresh air, and a song you can dance under the stars to.

Alicia has had a very notable career over the years and has received critical acclaim and great reception. She’s been nominated for Country Artist of the Year by Womenincharg3, and will be performing one of her singles at their Award Show in Atlanta on August 6th this summer. Alicia will also be headlining Rock the Holler in Lynchburg, TN on July 31st, and also has been selected to perform an opening slot at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the Demi Lovato/Nick Jonas tour on September 5th. If you’re in these areas during these dates, please don’t miss out! Alicia Carol deserves your undivided attention, and will lift up your very soul.

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Artist Review: Richard Lynch

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


This Independent Country Hall of Famer needs no introduction; 3 decades of time-in-the-biz & performing, an impressive catalogue of CD/LP releases, relentless touring & traveling, and an endless amount of chart-topping hits and accomplishments throughout his unstoppable momentum as an Artist.

His song “A Better Place” is a very beautiful, soul-soothing ballad that demonstrates raw emotion and brings the spirit of the song through a very catchy, and appropriately simple progression that is beautifully complimented by the ascending and descending usage of steel guitars during the verses; allowing this song to deliver a very powerful and goosebumps-worthy chorus–the way choruses are supposed to be in any ballad. This song delivers exactly that, and will definitely play every orchestrated measure with your heartstrings.

Then we charismatically lift things up with the upbeat “All by my Lonesome”. A very fun-loving song with diligently placed layers of 3-part harmonies and a great rhythmic cruise throughout the track’s good fun and well-written structures. This shows a different side to Richard Lynch. His moods in each track show a different side not his overall persona as a songwriter, and with 30-years under his belt of honing his craft, you can clearly hear him shine throughout every song written that never fails at capturing your attention; body and soul. 

The spirit of Richard Lynch is that which is attached to the working man’s soul. It’s real and it’s timeless. It’s Country, the way Country was meant to be. If Country Music is a gift that sustains in your life wherever you go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

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Artist Review: Rosewood Creek

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Acoustic, Electric, Eclectic, and a group of good folks from St. Petersburg, Florida bringing you some good Folk into your playlist! This wholesome unit known as Rosewood Creek is definitely a well orchestrated one and showcases every member’s talent with their many different moods among the Americana, Folk, and Western recipes for the Soul. 

Their 12-track LP American Sojourn brings just about something for everyone. Many tales, twists and turns, this album explores a very roots-oriented sound with a very traditional vibe to it. It’s a collection of songs where you definitely won’t hear the same sound twice, but you can still hear the garnished signatures to every song along with very charismatic multi-layered harmonies that are very authentic and well-written.

Their song “Latest Regret” has a very seductive introduction with a great blend of dueling clean guitars tackling a very catchy riff as the female vocalist transitions into her first verse smoothly, and very dynamically determined to capture your attention. It’s a slow and subtle buildup that sways diligently into something you can’t help but fall into. It has a very mastered craft and showcases a very atmospheric aura among the band members holding this song perfectly in place. It’s just awesome.

Then we can step up the energy a bit with “My People”. An anti-war anthem with the male vocalist carrying the torch. It starts powerfully, and cruises through each measure with a captivating vibe to its message and wholesome sound. This song definitely explores the different elements you hear throughout this LP and leaves you with plenty of breathing room to take in each song for what it really portrays. 

And that’s what makes this album such a great listen–you hear many elements and moods throughout each track. You won’t hear the same thing twice. American Sojourn is a journey being led by 5 very well-polished musicians that write and showcase their music from their hearts and souls as one. And with each member showcasing their craft on this album, you can easily relate to them and enjoy every track of this journey, and the stories and inspirations that are carried with it.

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Artist Review: TJ Leonard

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Country Ballads. Very talented string players. And powerful choruses make Swedish Country/Folk CMT Top 50 Artist TJ Leonard a very soothing and beautiful listen.

Picking up his guitar at age 8 (the exact age I myself picked up a guitar) set the sails for TJ and his journey into music. At age 18 he sang Lead Vocals in a dance band, and also got introduced to Pop and Blues by his cousin; thus setting the foundation for TJ‘s inspirations, aspirations, and influences for what’s to come.

After exploring many genres and performing many large festivals in his Swedish and Denmark homelands with its surroundings in a band called Chestnut, his pursuit of a full-out career in being a creator and ear-catcher began to take shape beautifully. And judging by the start of his early age of incorporating music into his life with such determination and good spirits assures you that TJ is another musician born to do this.

His track “Remember Those Times”, which made it to New Music Weekly Top 40 Charts, displays and portrays a very easy-listening, beautifully arranged approach that could easily fit into your collection of Country favorites. The Official Music Video for this song brings out the aura and beautiful colors of the Western landscape that gives this track imagery along with the audio. It’s got a very well put together string section from violins, steel guitars, and all the right pieces of the puzzle that makes this track brilliant, soothing, and very well written.

His track “Up On That Hill” also captivates you in the same way. With beautiful guitar textures complimenting the other string instruments that give this that classic Country sound that you absolutely love. Once again, never a stone unturned when it comes to a powerful chorus that will make you crave more of this artist. His lyrics are genuine, tell a story, and gives you that feeling of knowing the artist as a person. TJ is definitely a musician that performs, writes, and portrays this genre exactly the way it should be. And he never tries to go over the top with anything; he sticks to the traditional sounds and vibes that makes this genre loved the way it is today; and has always been.

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