Press Release: Neon Radiation ready to unleash “Underdog” EP with collaborative Remixes

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

London’s EDM/Pop recording artist Neon Radiation, a dynamic solo project by artist/producer Gary Blake, is ready to unleash his newest creations. Underdog, a 4-track EP that will set the bar high with his versatile signature style of the Pop genre. And Underdog: Remixes, which is 5 remix versions of the EP’s title track with a vast array of artist and producer collaborations.

The self written/produced EP is comprised of 4 brand new songs with different moods, energy, ambience and atmospheric textures that really brings the overall brilliance of the EP’s songwriting and production value to the forefront. And really showcases Neon Radiation’s musicianship factors in all the right places. You get something new with each song, but you definitely recognize the signature touch that Neon Radiation utilizes throughout each track. They are songs that’ll also have you dancing from beginning to end, and really provide an innovative feel that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity that really gets every listener to resonate with what they’re hearing. It’ll easily become one of your top favorites before the year is out.

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On Underdog: Remixes, containing 5 multifaceted remixes of the title track “Underdog,” we get a different angle and execution to the song’s versatility that can provide a different listener’s experience in each version. Neon Radiation collaborates diligently with leading vocalists and award winning remixers/producers on these remixes to strive and make the perfect Pop song combined with influences ranging from 80s synth-pop, new wave and today’s modern elements of the genre – added with a little danger to the mix!

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The remixes include DTone (aka Devon Moore) who is a US-based musician/producer/songwriter. Caperraticus (aka Robert Jordan) another US-based producer and remixer. Athens ­(aka Chris Ledwidge), an Ireland-based musician. And NITZ (aka Mauro Baleani) an Argentina-based producer and remixer.

Underdog bursts open the door into neon radiation’s congenital sonic world, with

sweet and sassy female vocals and sculpted synthesizers galore” ­ –JamSphere Magazine

A great combination of melodic ideas and solid arrangements, converging into a

very special musical work” –TheBandCampDiaries

Underdog – spontaneous, imaginative and hugely enjoyable!” ­ –TunedLoud

The Underdog EP releases on October 19th and will be available on all digital music retailers and music streaming platforms. Underdog: Remixes will also be available everywhere October 26th.

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Press Release: Nuzician Celebrates His Debut Single “That’s How I Roll (T.H.I.R.)” With Instagram Contest

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Recording artist Nuzician recently released his debut single called “That’s How I Roll (T.H.I.R.)”

He put the initial ideas together in Logic Pro X music software, after which he then sent the demo to Atlanta-based Hip Hop producer, EvaJ, who could see the direction that Nuzician wanted to take the track. EvaJ put his Midas touch to the song by adding a club-ready 808 bass line as well as drum fills that grasp the listener’s attention.


To celebrate the release, Nuzician is currently running a challenge on the Instagram platform, under the @thirchallenge handle, where the winner will receive $250.

Anyone can take part, all you have to do is:

1) Create a 30 second – 1 minute video clip with the track and post it on Instagram – the track is available here:

2) Tag @thirchallenge on Instagram (so your post can be validated)

3) Tag two friends to challenge

You can do whatever moves you desire in the video! Show us how YOU roll!

Enter the challenge:

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Artist Review: Eddie Boi – “Never!Mine” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With an exercise of musical moods and emotional intricacies, we set sail on a journey of innovative landscapes with Eddie Boi‘s collection of creations in his full-length LP Never!Mine.

This record has a little bit of everything a producer/songwriter combo could showcase, and Eddie‘s versatility really shows throughout every track and measure that is pieces together throughout this record.

These songs carry a vast array of emotions. From subtle buildups to climactic explosions of energy, this EDM/instrumental approach with hues of industrial elements are very captivating in their nature and hold nothing back when it comes to suspense and anticipation. It’s a signature sound that is very worthy of movie scores and everything in between when it comes to moods and emotions. And Eddie really puts his artistic merit and original concepts right in the forefront where it can be heard and felt in the most effective ways.

When listening to all 12 tracks back-to-back, you really begin to grasp onto noticeable textures and ambient patterns that are both surprising and integrated. The production value is right where it needs to be and never has too much of too little of one ingredient, giving Never!Mine the perfect balance and composure throughout every track. And when these patterns are put together, you really begin to encompass the concepts that are implemented into every song that makes this album an extraordinary listen as a whole, rather than just separate tracks (even though they still showcase the same brilliance in isolation).

Never!Mine is definitely unlike anything else you’ll ever hear of a similar caliber. It’s thought-provoking and very well crafted. And the best part is hearing Eddie Boi‘s signature touch that lies within every track and really gets you to delve into his world a little deeper as the songs play out. It’s a true musical journey into the brilliant mind of an artist and creator.

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Artist Review: Odious Love – Self Titled EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to atmosphere, ambience and enchanting production value, Odious Love‘s self-titled EP does absolute justice.

Each and every song is crafted to its perfection. This producer’s solo project goes beyond the realm of the average record release, and really puts his heart and soul into making the mixing board his sanctuary.

One highlight from this EP that must be mentioned is the single/music video for the track “If It’s Love,” a melodic journey into musical and visual bliss that showcases two dancers that represent the song’s overall content, with their movements telling the story.

First and foremost, the lyrics and vocal melodies in this song are on today’s mainstream level, reminiscent of superstars like Adele, Sia, and others of their caliber. It has an unforgettable chorus and timeless measures of blissful moods that parallel the song’s aura and innovative production perfectly. This is definitely a next-level song that will grab your attention.

Every track of this EP is an exercise of different angles from the same producer and his capabilities not only behind the board, but with songwriting as well. There is a lot of life and spirit breathed into these songs and this EP really reflects how versatile and dynamic Odious Love really is.

This is a masterpiece recommended for all out there who are itching to discover that next artist or project that will inspire you. Odious Love‘s EP does exactly that.

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Artist Review: Horizonte Lied – “Wishing To Be There” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A shockwave with the perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s electronic music.

That is probably the most accurate description of Horizonte Lied and their newest single “Wishing To Be There.” An upbeat electronic song that drop kicks you with its pounding rhythm section and unwavering energy. Something that is recognizable but still holds ground with its articulated originality and multifaceted production value.

Structured with climactic measures and verses that provide the perfect buildups, this single carries enormous weight with the choice of vocal melodies. From perfected lower 5th harmonies and dynamic lyrical content, this song delivers excellent musicianship factors that are shared between the performance value and the overall production.

The music and vocals definitely compliment each other perfectly and keep the listener engaged while keeping a solid flow of energy at the forefront. And that’s one of the most noticeable components of the track – the energy. Combined with the song’s aura and atmosphere, the rhythmic energy (particularly the drums) doesn’t leave a stone unturned. It addresses each verse and measure with a cleverly executed wave of synthesizers and rotund low end to really give this song a true edge to its overall execution. It’s the perfect track to test those new Sony Xplodes sound system in your car, and an even better song to crank the vibe up 10 more notches at your very club.

If you’re a fan of electronic music from any era (including EDM) then Horizonte Lied will be thriving at the top of your favorites pretty quickly. “Wishing To Be There” is that rush of adrenaline you’ve been looking for.

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Press Release: Yann Sella – “Existence” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Blissful moods, subtle buildups and climactic energy might be a few ways to describe Yann Sella‘s upcoming self-produced debut EP Existence, on UK-based label Subdust Music. But the truth is, it’s a record you need to hear to believe.

The EP’s anchor single “Turning Circles (feat. Manchester Rain)” has already received praise and critical acclaim from press and the radio circuit. It has also garnered massive support from listeners worldwide upon its release via internet and continues to make its presence known.

Now with two more tracks to complete the circuit, Yann brings forth a record that is both atmospheric and anthemic. The thought-provoking and ambient “Twinkle” is a song that brings electronic music to a whole new realm with its next-level approach and innovative structure. It’s a track that really could be the soundtrack to your morning sunrise, or anticipation of walking through city lights. Either way, the moods this song possesses are unlike anything you’ll ever hear and really encompasses a movie soundtrack feeling.

With the title track “Existence” we get a similar familiarity as the other songs on the record, but shows a whole other side to the spectrum and really ties it all together beautifully with its multifaceted atmosphere and electronically supercharged emotion. As an instrumental record, all three tracks are most effective when played all the way through without stopping. Like a concept record that tells one story as it plays out through separate chapters. And this trilogy of tracks really delivers a brilliantly structured and dynamically produced EP that is a perfect fit for any avid Electronic/EDM listener.

Existence will be releasing exclusively through Beatport on September 28th and will be made available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms on October 12th. Mark your calendars, you won’t regret picking up a copy of this record.

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Artist Review #2: The Keymakers – “Tell Me Something” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We are back with another banger from elite artist duo The Keymakers with their sensually ambient new single “Tell Me Something” and it doesn’t disappoint.

We’ve had this dynamic duo on the platform before. And I clearly remember wondering to myself what future material these guys would have up their sleeves. Well, I’m stoked to say that what they have is nothing short of amazing, and that was nothing short of my expectations.

Their new feature single “Tell Me Something” follows up their predecessor beautifully and takes us on a journey of innovative production value and lyrical bliss. With fine tuned, subtle verses and vocal leads that are melodically ambient, we get a grasp of new school R&B with Pop components that formulates a tasty mixture.

There’s a swell buildup in between verses and really gives you that edge-of-your-seat feeling as the vocals carry the torch. The likability factors are essentially endless and can be admired in isolation, but is a really great track as a whole when every measure of the song is put together. And that’s the best way to describe this song: a beautifully executed feel-good track from beginning to end, and just keeps getting better as the track plays out.

This one is highly recommended and is very innovative in its overall style and vibe. It offers up something new while still maintaining elements of familiarity from inspirational artists we’ve all come to know and love. And when you take a listen to “Tell Me Something” yourself, you’ll definitely be adding The Keymakers to that list of artists.

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