Artist Review: Luanne Hunt – “Backroads, Bottles & Blues”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If there’s one elite artist that has graced our platform with music that gets better every time, it’s Hall of Fame Country Star Luanne Hunt.

Every release of hers compliments the last, and over time you can’t help but see what an inspiring and thriving catalogue of Country hits she puts out. And she adds to it beautifully with her fresh new EP Backroads, Bottles & Blues, a refreshing and delightfully catchy collection of 7 tracks that will win your heart over, especially if you’re a fan of true country.

From uptempo riffs, piano solos and innovative vocal harmonies with the finest precision one could hear, Luanne‘s natural and angelic voice soothes your soul from start to finish throughout every track. Her opening track “The Rhythm” is the perfect entrance into Luanne‘s signature sound and really gets you to grasp onto her artistic merit and her God’s gift to creating soulful music with heartfelt lyrics. It’s also a great track for those who haven’t heard her yet, and will steal your heart away from the very first verse.

With mid-tempo classic country vibes on tracks like “Broken Branches” and “Old Tobacco Road“, we get to hear another side to Luanne‘s writing style and her versatility as a songwriter shines really bright by making use of great guitar tones and chord progressions. The simplicity of the rhythm section is another great part about Luanne‘s style that allows her to keep her voice at the forefront in all the right places, meanwhile giving every instrument the room to explore different fills, measures and tastefully written solos that make these songs incredibly crafty with top notch musicianship factors.

This EP also includes her hit single “Lightning In A Bottle” from earlier in the year, as well as a new magical country ballad “Love Led Us Here”, a beautifully crafted gem that gets the heart fluttering and the soul glowing. The highlight of every track will always be Luanne‘s voice, one that is irreplaceable and incomparable. But it’s also her classic production value that delivers an old school country flavor with elements of today’s modern sensibilities that makes her truly multifaceted.

She has a positive presence and an amazing story-telling narrative to every song on this EP, and her ability to capture the best melody for each one is what makes Backroads, Bottles & Blues a true country classic record that will be sitting on your shelf of favorites. If you already know Luanne, then you already know you’re in for a treat. If this is your first time discovering her, then you’ll be more than happy that you did. She never ceases to amaze.

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Press Release: Saskia Vese – “Slow Dance” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to the Wonder Woman of Country, UK’s Yorkshire-based starlet Saskia Vese needs no introduction.

An internationally renowned and radio-played artist with her own caliber of Country that combines a compellingly versatile style that is reminiscent of traditional and modern styles, Saskia Vese brings out a heatwave of charisma with her highly-acclaimed single “Slow Dance”.

With beautifully-placed vocal harmonies, a captivating and catchy chorus, and a very well-showcased vocal range, Saskia brings out all her glory on this masterfully produced track that is bound to win your heart.

With smooth guitar progressions and a very traditional sound with a modern twist, “Slow Dance” delves you right into Saskia‘s world and gets you to really focus on her artistic merit and blissful vocal range. Every ingredient of this song is one that brings together a chemistry that puts her talent right at the forefront, and puts you right in her artist perspective. The song breathes tenderness, fun, an upbeat persona, and a vast array of likability factors.

Hailing from the UK, Saskia is a well-known rising star in Nashville, New York, and other parts of the US music market. She’s been featured on many online music outlets, magazines, and is currently on the international radio circuit.

“Slow Dance” is currently available on all digital music retailers and music streaming platforms. If you have the heart and soul for true country music, then Saskia Vese will easily win you over.

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Album Review: Austin Colon – “The Path Ahead” LP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

A lot of artists nowadays tend to put their music out impulsively or recklessly. Usually because of ulterior motives, lack of ambition, or just trying to make a quick buck.

But then there are true artists that enter the studio bound and determined to compose, create, and produce something that is captivating, intelligently crafted, and magically multifaceted. Austin Colon‘s LP The Path Ahead is one of those rare cases.

It’s true, this is a rare gem in this era of fame-hunger and impulsivity. A diamond in the rough, but shines brighter than anything you’ve seen or heard in a long time. The Path Ahead isn’t just an album you hear, it’s an album you feel.

With brilliantly produced tracks that offer up some very dynamic twists and turns, this acoustic-infused Alt/Rock record with a folky feel-good vibe has a vast array of different styles and versatile elements that’ll keep you hooked on every song. Austin‘s range is very fine-tuned and crisp with his vocal delivery, and makes very good use of both lyrical content and the melodies that bring him to the forefront.

Austin definitely had one priority straight — catchy choruses. Each track has a chorus that really uplifts the verses and keeps the flow of every track very effective. With very subtle and ambient piano tracks adding to the overall texture and progression of each song, Austin‘s musicianship factors are showcased very powerfully throughout this entire album, and really gets you to feel the vibe and aura that The Path Ahead brings to the atmosphere.

With a Bob Dylan-like influential vocal execution, we get a great glimpse into Austin‘s authenticity and natural-born talent that emulates from each track. Another key element about this album as a whole is transition; each song flows to the next in a way that reminds you of reading chapters from a book. It tells a story from many angles, hear a very distinctive narrative, but also get a taste of something different in every chapter. In a way, The Path Ahead is more than just an album, it’s a musical masterpiece of literature.

Just like Pearl Jam’s Ten, Incubus’s S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication, Austin Colon‘s The Path Ahead is an album where you never skip over one track, and you can always come back to it and fall in love with these songs all over again. They never get old, and never lose its impact.

If you just discovered The Path Ahead from this article, you’ll be very happy that you did. You can thank us later.

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Artist Review #2: Luanne Hunt – “So It Goes”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s an honor to bring back this award-winning Country Artist with her single “So It Goes”. Luanne Hunt‘s first review we did for her other single “Texas Tears” gave us a strong, charismatic, and flawless first impression. So it comes as no surprise that we once again have another song from her brilliant mind and beautiful voice to sweep us off our feet, onto the dance floor, and give us all the more reason to love her music and persona with genuine praise even more.

Just like her other single, this song has fantastic production value that showcases Hunt‘s craft and feel-good vibes when it comes to her diligent songwriting structures and very well pieced together vocal harmonies, clever lyrical measures, and great use of multi-layers including piano fills, catchy chord progressions, and a chorus you can’t help but have glued in your head with her spot-on vocal harmonies and fun, charismatic vibe that gives her sound a very polished one.

This is definitely a track that was perfected to its peak. Luanne Hunt‘s musicianship never leaves a stone unturned and always puts her best foot forward with her dynamic structures throughout every measure. And on top of having some of the best musicianship to showcase her, it’s her voice that really grabs hold of you and entices the listener to explore more into Hunt‘s catalogue of fun-loving anthems that separates her from your average Country or Folk artist.

Luanne Hunt is a Hall of Fame Artist that deserves the acclaim completely. She’s definitely worth the listen, and is far from a disappoint. We at Artist Reach are humbled to have her reach out to us again for another review. It’s an absolute honor and we can’t wait to see what Luanne Hunt has in store in the shortcoming. In the meantime, definitely check out her track “So It Goes”.

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Artist Review: Jean Synodinos

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

Fun, Folky, and cleverly seductive. Jean Synodinos’ album Love & Blood, lives up to its name and does complete justice to the title.

Right from the beginning, her track “End of the World” gives you some very classy, witty, and charismatic tone that takes you for an audio and visual ride. I picture a nostalgic, edgy presence of walking into one of Sin City’s gentleman’s lounges, on a mission for mischief. It’s a cinematic feel. Making great use of traditional minor chords and percussion textures, Jean‘s soulful and center-stage vocals is definitely one of the key elements to her overall defining factors. Her lyrics are clever, genuine, and captures you with its narratives. This is possibly one of the best opening tracks on any album I’ve heard this year, and a great opening track is what captivates you into listening to the entire album.

Love & Blood offers up a little bit of everything appropriate for its title. “This Morning” and “Picture” are very beautifully crafted songs with a great showcase of musicianship. The production value is exactly where it needs to be and never tries to overdose you on any one single element. Jean‘s clean, very well polished vocals never lose the soulful feeling, and the rest of the band helps bring out the best of her, while complimenting each other’s roles in these songs as well. 

Another one that jumped out at me was “Mercy, Mercy”, another amazing cinematic and seductive feeling that adds to the overall album’s staying power. A western collective that tells a story through audio and visual nostalgia; which I think best describes this album’s overall aura. You never hear the same thing twice, and Jean‘s voice guides you through her journey with very dynamic melody structures, and signature soulfulness that never lets you down. 

I can easily see Love & Blood fit in with the next Hollywood Western film-score or soundtrack placement. It has all the right elements and musicianship necessary with a signature solidification that keeps you wanting to hear more of Jean Synodinos. So we have Love & Blood, the album. So when do we get to see Love & Blood, the movie? Take a listen and visualize it yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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Artist Review: Richard Lynch

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


This Independent Country Hall of Famer needs no introduction; 3 decades of time-in-the-biz & performing, an impressive catalogue of CD/LP releases, relentless touring & traveling, and an endless amount of chart-topping hits and accomplishments throughout his unstoppable momentum as an Artist.

His song “A Better Place” is a very beautiful, soul-soothing ballad that demonstrates raw emotion and brings the spirit of the song through a very catchy, and appropriately simple progression that is beautifully complimented by the ascending and descending usage of steel guitars during the verses; allowing this song to deliver a very powerful and goosebumps-worthy chorus–the way choruses are supposed to be in any ballad. This song delivers exactly that, and will definitely play every orchestrated measure with your heartstrings.

Then we charismatically lift things up with the upbeat “All by my Lonesome”. A very fun-loving song with diligently placed layers of 3-part harmonies and a great rhythmic cruise throughout the track’s good fun and well-written structures. This shows a different side to Richard Lynch. His moods in each track show a different side not his overall persona as a songwriter, and with 30-years under his belt of honing his craft, you can clearly hear him shine throughout every song written that never fails at capturing your attention; body and soul. 

The spirit of Richard Lynch is that which is attached to the working man’s soul. It’s real and it’s timeless. It’s Country, the way Country was meant to be. If Country Music is a gift that sustains in your life wherever you go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

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Artist Review: Rosewood Creek

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Acoustic, Electric, Eclectic, and a group of good folks from St. Petersburg, Florida bringing you some good Folk into your playlist! This wholesome unit known as Rosewood Creek is definitely a well orchestrated one and showcases every member’s talent with their many different moods among the Americana, Folk, and Western recipes for the Soul. 

Their 12-track LP American Sojourn brings just about something for everyone. Many tales, twists and turns, this album explores a very roots-oriented sound with a very traditional vibe to it. It’s a collection of songs where you definitely won’t hear the same sound twice, but you can still hear the garnished signatures to every song along with very charismatic multi-layered harmonies that are very authentic and well-written.

Their song “Latest Regret” has a very seductive introduction with a great blend of dueling clean guitars tackling a very catchy riff as the female vocalist transitions into her first verse smoothly, and very dynamically determined to capture your attention. It’s a slow and subtle buildup that sways diligently into something you can’t help but fall into. It has a very mastered craft and showcases a very atmospheric aura among the band members holding this song perfectly in place. It’s just awesome.

Then we can step up the energy a bit with “My People”. An anti-war anthem with the male vocalist carrying the torch. It starts powerfully, and cruises through each measure with a captivating vibe to its message and wholesome sound. This song definitely explores the different elements you hear throughout this LP and leaves you with plenty of breathing room to take in each song for what it really portrays. 

And that’s what makes this album such a great listen–you hear many elements and moods throughout each track. You won’t hear the same thing twice. American Sojourn is a journey being led by 5 very well-polished musicians that write and showcase their music from their hearts and souls as one. And with each member showcasing their craft on this album, you can easily relate to them and enjoy every track of this journey, and the stories and inspirations that are carried with it.

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