Artist Review: Sixty Miles Down – “I Can’t Complain” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With heavy grooves, a punchy rhythm section and blistering guitar riffs, New Jersey’s hard rock outfit Sixty Miles Down makes some serious noise with their latest banger “I Can’t Complain”.

Reminiscent of a sound influenced by Alice In Chains with a few extra notches of volume, this song does not disappoint. From riffy to catchy and everything that is loud enough to wake up your neighborhood, “I Can’t Complain” really steps up the game for the dudes in Sixty Miles Down and really grabs you by the throat from beginning to end and never lets up.

We get a hefty set of grooves from the rhythm section, and it really helps the gain-fueled guitars soar high with the vocals at the forefront. The production value fits this song perfectly and the authenticity of the band’s writing style and straightforward sound is what makes it all the more impressive. These guys don’t need post production theatrics – just crank the volume and play f*cking loud.

With hypnotic verses that build up the aura of anticipation, we get lead down the path of anxiousness when finally reaching the climactic chorus. You know it’s coming, but will it be executed correctly? Absolutely. These guys focus on the songwriting factor and it really glistens when that chorus hits you like a house of bricks. It’s definitely one of those songs where you’ll be cranking it more than once, likely back-to-back just to let this band work you up again – because they can.

And that’s my favorite part about this song. It’ll hit you over the head simply because it can. If you crave a heavy dose of real heavy rock minus the “core” and “electro” saturation, Sixty Miles Down will be your fresh breath of air instantly.

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Press Release: House Of Rejects

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s hard to come by bands nowadays that prioritize by really setting their sights on good faith, good songwriting and authenticity. A band you can resonate with that helps you through your adversities and really gives you a platform to connect and find your identity, a mantra Missouri Rock duo House Of Rejects really focuses on with their signature sound, style and content.

The duo is comprised of dynamic lead vocalist Ricky Rauch and teen guitar sensation Chance Woolsey, who spent 6 months on the Billboard’s Christian Rock charts with his previous band Crossing Fire. The two put together a rock-infused sound that is innovative and energetic; doused in mid-ranged vocals that carry strong harmonies and lyrical structures along with soaring guitar riffs, tasty progressions, and catchiness that’ll reel you in with their incredible songwriting and artistic merit in the forefront of their message.

Their radio release of their single “Fiction” is a solid example of the House Of Rejects‘ foundation and explosive wave of crafting a style that gives off staying power – that ability to stay with you even when the song is over. The guitar progression and vocal melody compliments each other perfectly and really delves you into the duo’s world of what makes the band the rarity they are.

Tying their collection of tracks together with the songs “Delusion”, “Crazy”, “Restart” and “Break The Ice”, their brand of Rock is evident with an anthemic caliber of something truly of their own, drawing influences with the heart of The Beatles, the soul of Michael Buble, and the driving guitar riffs of AC/DC – bringing a flavorful sound that stems from many generations of iconic rock eras combined with today’s mainstream sensibilities.

And the world quickly began taking notice. House of Rejects is currently on ReverbNation’s Top 10 Upcoming Rock Bands globally, The 5-track EP will be releasing September 14th to all online digital music retailers including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more. The single “Fiction” will also be released to worldwide radio on September 18th via PlayMPE.

If you’re looking for the next diamond in the rough with young energy and uncanny ability, House of Rejects absolutely delivers with this collection of well-crafted tracks from a duo of multifaceted artists that create a sound that is truly versatile and next-level. Mark your calendars!

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Artist Review: Dead Harvest – “Stay Around” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes you run into a band that brings a sense of something new and fresh, yet recognizable. After taking a listen to Dead Harvest‘s newest single “Stay Around”, it’s safe to say that this is one of those bands.

This quarter of collective musicians have set the groundwork to a very eclectic and authentic Rock sound that embodies elements from the 70s, the grungy 90s era, all the way to today’s mainstream indie sound. With crispy guitar riffs, a solidified rhythm section and melodically driven vocal structures, “Stay Around” is one of those diamonds in the rough that defines this band’s signature style.

When I hear this song, I think of The Clash and The Strokes having a love child. A sound that really focuses on the key songwriting factors doused with tasty guitar riffs and even a solo to give the song a coup de gras in case you were hoping for one.

Basically, Dead Harvest delivers a forest fire of Rock & Roll in one of its truest forms, accompanied by a sonic wave of tasty indie elements vacuum sealed into one tight package. This track is definitely going to be added to your indie rock favorites list in no time, and you’ll be staying around (no pun intended) to see what tricks these guys have up their sleeves next. “Stay Around” is currently available on several digital music retailers and streaming networks. We highly recommend you all give the song s listen:

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  • Artist Review: Suburban Vermin

    Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

    An energetic old-school stylized punk rock trio from Seattle with chicks filling the guitar and drum roles? Sign me up.

    Just like Dead Kennedys before them, this punk trio has the ability to draw you in just with their controversial band name alone: Suburban Vermin. Witty, clever, and eye-brow raising, the curiosity to hear them just becomes morbid.

    So after doing just that, I couldn’t help but admire this band’s instant-classic sound that leaves you relieved that bands like Suburban Vermin still exist. A band that is 100% authentic, and keeping the music that Seattle is known for alive and well. Their sound is a plug-in-and-just-fucking-play kind of approach without the need of any kind of synthesized theatrics; straying far from mainstream antics.

    And that’s what punk has always been about, and for a band in this era to still stick with that same formula along with the values that corroborate it makes Suburban Vermin a band that deserves undivided attention from all true punk/Seattle-scene fans out there that still remember that the scene where this band comes from was, and always will be, iconic. And Suburban Vermin belongs in that collection of bands that have contributed to the genre and music scene as some of the most influential.

    The production value is a perfect showcase of their authentic and traditional persona as a band, and the male and female vocal leads compliment their sound beautifully and add a very charismatic and signature style that also gives them a lot of room for versatility as well. Basically, if you’re a fan of the Seattle scene’s most influential bands (both mainstream and underground), then Suburban Vermin is a band you’ll be adding to your list of favorites. They’re a rare gem, and a breath of fresh air that true punk rock is still alive. It’s bands like them that keep it not only alive, but going strong as well.

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    Artist Review: The Smashed Idols

    Review by: Justyn Brodsky


    If Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and The Pixies met at a bar for a jam session with The Sex Pistols as contributing songwriters, you just might give some justification to the sound that is The Smashed Idols.

    This is Rock n’ freaking Roll. No doubt about it; and a hybrid form of it with very admirable elements. It’s a great take on yesterday and today’s high energy-voltage that captivated listeners from when iconic bands like the ones listed above put it into play.

    Their track “Bring The Invasion” brings you an in-your-face sound with surprisingly fitting clean vocals and plenty of gang-vocals to satisfy any punk rock fan. Their riffs are bendy, raunchy, and written to boggle the mind; but somehow leave breathing room for the brain to soak up the dynamics of their overall sound.

    It’s been awhile that a track has captivated me and grabbed my attention as quickly as this one. It has all the right elements, the songwriting adequacy for this take on the Rock genre, and shares a very distinctive energy that is difficult to classify; and I mean that in very great ways.

    There’s also an originality that is boasted within their sound and overall craft. While being able to hear many different influences coming from the heart of the band’s sound, you can still hear a signature sound that is brilliant, diligent, and full of endless fun.

    I haven’t heard a band quite like this and I could most likely go on forever breaking down the reasons of what makes this band as interesting as they are, and to adamantly push you to listen to them all day and night. But the best way to know exactly what makes this band what they are is to listen to them. Not now…but right now. 

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    Artist Review: Wandering Lies

    Review by: Justyn Brodsky


    The glory days of female-fronted Grunge and today’s more appealing Alternative/Rock efforts has made an epic crossbreed under a group collective called Wandering Lies.

    I must say, I really wasn’t expecting this. This was an in-your-face moment that made my espresso jealous. This band brings all the goods: exceptional songwriting structures, non-repetitive vocal rasps and lyrical outbursts, grungy and crunchy guitar riffs and Amp EQs, and a presence and sound that is the farthest thing from a letdown.

    With their first track “Unreal”, we get something a little more calm before the storm. First thing is, this song starts out delicately to give you a demonstration of the beauty and maturity in the female singer’s soft-soothing side; which is appropriate and should never go unnoticed. Then in steps some grungy guitar swells, intense vocal melodies with some iconic rasp in her stronger vocal outbursts with an Alanis influence. The song captivates you immediately with its originality and perfect blend of the best of yesterday and today. I can easily see their roots being kept up with the times…a mixture that is very difficult to conjure up, but apparently this band has no problem whatsoever concocting this beautiful mixture. Both the female and male-shared verses are also a great additive to this chemistry; and you can easily hear both singers feeding off each other, and perhaps challenging each other at the same time. Which in time will make both voices evolve to sing together even more dynamically.

    Next song is the intensified and guitar-driven “Watch You Bleed”, which is a vengeful edge-of-your-seat volume cranker compared to its predecessor. This is the track that really showed me how badass and open-spirited this band really is. There’s no electronic or synth weirdness whatsoever, and would be unnecessary anyways. I’ll stick to the epic vocal rasps and roaring guitars, thank you very much. This track definitely holds nothing back. It’s heavy, poppy, grungy, and sustains the perfect guitar progressions and vocal melodies that remind us of the undeniable songwriting talent from the 90s era from this genre. But the beauty is, like said before, you can hear today’s music sensibility as well. So this band dared to take one of the best eras of music, and reinvent its craft to fit today’s music interest. 

    Then comes my personal favorite, “Void”, which has “ridiculously gifted songwriting” written all over it. This by far has the best written vocal melody structures, and has that “hit song” status attached beautifully to it. Its energy is still on par with the previous track, and showcases the band’s writing capabilities in the proper ways. This song easily could stick in your head like glue, and could be heard easily in TV/Film or Soundtrack placement with its uplifting and gifted nature. It has a very fun-loving feel, gives you a dose of everything that is needed to showcase the band’s best elements, and makes you anticipate what’s coming down the road for them. If they stick to this signature sound, then they have no worries in the least. Because a band with a sound like Wandering Lies is a rare find, and a real gem of a discovery; and I can’t stress that enough.

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