Artist Highlight: Blow_Flyy

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Blow_Flyy.

Emerging from the elite Toronto music scene and originally hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, Hip Hop/Rap recording artist Blow_Flyy is a versatile and multifaceted new age artist with a new thought process. Known for his dynamic story-telling techniques and control of his lyrical content, Blow_Flyy is an original in his own right that does it for the fans; encompassing his own signature sound and stylization that makes him a clever new voice in Hip Hop you haven’t quite heard yet.

Exclusively grinding his way to the top as an independent artist, he keeps balance and composure in his career that gives him the breathing room to truly take his destiny into his own hands and his music to a growing fan base with an insatiable passion for his craft. Since his inception into the scene, he has exhibited skills to be a vital voice in Hip Hop and take his place alongside major players in the game. His style is far from ordinary, more like Rap without the rhyming. Who said “rhyming” or where is it written that rhyming as a Hip Hop/Rap artist is a must to have a great entertaining catchy story and/or lyrics to have good entertaining quality music? Blow_Flyy embraces content that is less vulgar and more relatable. He has story-telling narratives throughout his bars and measures that keeps his audience captivated at every live show, proving that he is not just another run-of-the-mill artist, and is heading in a direction that is ahead of his time.

These days Blow_Flyy enjoys life, using his craft to be a vital voice in Hop Hop to continue its movement in the industry, as well as his community. He has come a long way in a short time and is already creating important work to further prove that music by independent artists is truly where the magic is made. As an artist who has content very respectful towards women of all ages and hard & entertaining enough for the men, along with an entertaining interactive live show, he has potential to gain a lot of respect among Hip Hop/Rap music listeners & fans as well as within the wide spectrum of the industry.

Judging by his success so far, he is well on his way to becoming a household name; and Hip Hop fans everywhere will know who he is. Blow_Flyy‘s Hip Hop lyrics and songwriting skills is destined to bring new money in a present yet undisturbed revenue stream, so keep your ears open and eyes on Canadian artist, Blow_Flyy!

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Artist Review: Dutch Schultz – “No Pun Intended” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With dynamic lyrical techniques and a strong vocal delivery, rapper Dutch Schultz proves that he has an insatiable passion for his craft in his newest EP No Pun Intended.

Dutch is one of those artists you wish you had discovered long ago, his climactic bars and punchlines are very story-telling in their nature and No Pun Intended showcases all the right elements that makes Dutch a gem within his caliber. His authenticity is always present, his lyrical content is anything but ordinary, and he delves into each track with a multifaceted skill set that breathes life into every measure.

One standout track on this EP is “I’m Only Human”, a song that is equally catchy as it is powerful in its visceral content and overall execution. Sharing a reminiscent feeling to Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go”, the track is very reflective and thought provoking, showcasing a side to Dutch‘s artistic merit and emotions behind the writer that pens each measure. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that really comes together with a chemistry that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving the listener a taste of something fresh, recognizable and relatable all within the same realm.

One of the most key factors of the EP as a whole however is definitely the versatility and multifaceted nature behind each track. Each song showcases different lyrical approaches and rhythmic beats that gives Dutch a different atmosphere to work with, allowing him to really put forth a different angle his skill set offers. The EP, comprised of an array of diversity and likability factors, really casts him in a different light but still holds together the same signature sound that is known for throughout the duration of every song. You never get the same thing twice, but you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist – which really confirms the authenticity that Dutch holds in place no matter what kind of song he brings to the forefront.

Dutch, who also successfully put together the showcase School Of Rap, is definitely a treat for all those who haven’t discovered him yet. He has a strong passion for what he does, which is what makes No Pun Intended the effective record that it is. And when you take a listen for yourself, you’ll definitely understand why.

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Press Release: Tristan Cole Releases “Volume II: The Remixes” LP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s been a busy year for Model/Actor & Recording Artist Tristan Cole. After the success and street buzz of his self-titled EP and most recent single “Do Or Die”, the acclaimed artist released a collection of visceral remixes with contributions from several elite producers.

Comprised of 8 tracks that showcase 2 versions of 4 anchor singles, this album of remixes is a brilliant and versatile project that puts different perspectives of the producer’s touch into each track. With different levels of moods, energy, ambience and overall atmosphere throughout the songs and their durations, we get to hear different angles of Tristan‘s influential and vital voice behind the origination of each track.

With a brilliant cast of producers including Blackout Gotti, RJ Goodz, DJ Kodzu, Conskept, Jacob Colon, Avanti and Hot Vibe, Volume II holds nothing back when it comes to its creativity, versatility and artistic merit; all coming from individual efforts that really put new prominent perspectives on some of Tristan‘s hottest tracks. Delving into styles and structures with each set of hands behind the remixes, the album focuses on the shifting of song structures and their overall approaches – which gives us a fresh and innovative listening experience.

No matter what version you hear though, we get the same signature sound and validity from Tristan‘s catchy hooks and captivating lyrical techniques. His mid-vocal range allows him to tackle many facets of his talent behind the mic, and his overall execution of each track makes him a vital voice to the Pop genre. But his style also explores different elements that really allows him to add a very clever chemistry to each song, adding more musicianship factors to every foundation that is laid down in each song. His image is also a perfect parallel to his style and musical persona, and truly develops him into a character in music that is vital and influential. And these remixes bring out even more if that – which makes Volume II the perfect addition to Tristan Cole‘s discography.

Volume II: The Remixes is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming outlets. And if this is your first time discovering Tristan Cole, then these remixes will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his back catalogue as well as future prospects. He’ll easily become one of your new favorite artists before the year is out.

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Artist Review: Bryvvn – “Shinigami” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

From a versatile selection of catchy hooks and lyrical swagger, recording artist Bryvvn proves that he’s on his game with his newest LP Shinigami.

One thing that really stands out about this album is the atmosphere. There are track bangers, ambient and subtle anthems, as well as others that fit between the elements of Hip Hop and R&B sensibilities. And that’s what Shinigami offers up on this collection of tracks – the best of both worlds and the landscapes that cover different ends of the album’s universe.

Bryvvn‘s rhyming style is witty and wordsmithy, keeping his content well tamed and never tries to outdo himself. His hooks have great melody structures and his verses are appropriate for the aura of each track. And even though the tracks have a broad range of stylistic beats and genre fringing, he always remains consistent and lets you know that he’s at the driver’s seat no matter which direction each track is heading.

Another standout about Shinigami is – there’s something for everyone. The multifaceted swaying between Hip Hop and R&B is magnetic and enigmatic – and most of all, effective. We get to hear different angles of Bryvvn‘s vocal textures and approaches and he never goes off the charts with it. He keeps his balance and composure, all the while bringing his vocal abilities to the forefront to showcase his artistic merit. You can hear the same artist in every track without the overuse of feature artists drowning him out.

If you’re looking for the next underground/indie record that also fits in with today’s mainstream standards, then Shinigami is an album you’ll be more than happy you discovered. It’s currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as Bryvvn‘s social media networks.

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Press Release: DRK Sharlo Release Debut Single “Changes” And Are Slated To Drop Their Debut EP December 14th

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Clever rhyming techniques, melodic vocals and a visceral Hip Hop sound is what clearly makes DRK Sharlo vital voices of versatility for the genre. Comprised of Austin-based rappers Jony Shelby and Mad Nice, the duo have come together to create like-minded music that is innovative, influential and next level. And since the release of their debut single “Changes” (produced by VanillaGod), DRK Sharlo has proven that their collaborative effort is onto something.

“Changes”, released exclusively only to SoundCloud and YouTube, is a collective exchange of multifaceted melody choices and ambient beat structures. The duo puts together a track that is subtle yet still attention-grabbing in a way that both rappers are showcased properly. Both artists bring their own elements to the song, but the overall anthemic feel and good vibes is always present between the duo and is consistent with what they both present in the overall atmosphere of the track. It’s a solid chemistry that mixes very well.

With a sing-songy style and atmospheric vibe, the track is very crucial with its catchy vocal melody choices which gives the song a great sense of authenticity and musicianship. There aren’t any convoluted post production theatrics that drown out the vocals and it really leaves the perfect amount of room for each vocalist to bring their skill right to the surface without any unnecessary noise or distractions. It’s a versatile song that brings both vocalists together and really shows how effective a collective effort can be, if done right. And “Changes” really hits it out of the park.

The single is gonna be followed up by DRK Sharlo‘s upcoming EP, slated for release on December 14th of this year. This is definitely a record to look forward to, especially if you’ve heard the single. The dynamic duo is definitely ending the year with a bang to start off 2019 with just as much force. The EP will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and will become one of your favorite releases before the year is out. Mark your calendars.

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Billion Smiles Project: “It’s Christmas Time Again (A Modern Carol)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Glisteningly peaceful and vocally soothing, web get a very inspirational aura just in time for the Christmas season with Billion Smiles Project‘s holiday spirited anthem “It’s Christmas Time Again (A Modern Carol)”.

This song sets us on a magical journey into a harmony-driven holiday song with endless spirit and impressive production value. With a soothingly subtle and beautifully crafted vocal range carrying the song forward, this song’s chorus and carol-like approach gives “It’s Christmas Time Again” the perfect textures and melody placements needed to make this into an astonishing holiday anthem. It has sugary sweet chord progressions, versatile vocal arrangements and melodically crafted harmonies that really bring out the heart and soul of the song.

Though the group has worked more exclusively with children’s songs, this one fits right in with it along with the rest of your friends, family and anyone who appreciates the magic of the holiday season. The song has modernized post production that is atmospheric with a fantasy-like quality, but also showcases the detail among the musicianship factors that tie this track together. It’s simple, but still very effective when it comes to breaking the song down in the ear of musicianship.

This is a very ambient and heartfelt song just in time for the holiday season and is a spectacular additive to your holiday play list. You’ll definitely be singing along to this song as well as enjoying it for many Christmas’s to come.

Listen to “It’s Christmas Time Again”:

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Artist Highlight: Slim Reaper

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Born in Denver, raised in Israel and currently based in New York, Slim Reaper is a resurgent lyricist and boom bap revivalist.

Drawing inspiration from rappers like MF DOOM, Nas and Earl Sweatshirt, Slim uses complex rhymes and unique imagery to flow confidently and tell personal stories. His debut EP “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” focuses on battling demons, overcoming complacency and confronting your worst tendencies. The EP’s producers (DJ Eionz and Yugs) use a variety of unique and melodic beats to provide the perfect backdrop for Slim’s narrative ability. Each track captures a different mood and keeps you thinking as you bump along. At 18 minutes long, “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” stays concise while still conveying a powerful message.

Take the chance to check out this artist while he’s still on the come-up!

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