Artist Review: Gkleft Ryda – “Welcome To My World” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If there’s one rapper that is quick with his words and quick on his feet, it’s definitely Gkleft Ryda with his fresh new EP Welcome To My World.

This is a fun indie record with a signature sound and style all in its own caliber. That’s for sure. From authentic rhyming schemes and dynamic lyrical techniques, we definitely delve into Gkleft Ryda‘s world with four banging tracks this EP offers up.

“Clear My Mind” is a perfect opener. It’s a great introductory track and blasts you right into the overall feel and aura that GR delivers throughout the record. His vocal charisma shines bright with multifaceted multilayered vocals that are authentic and upbeat. The production value contains a happy medium and doesn’t overdose the listener on any theatrical elements. This record is definitely as real as it gets between the bouncy beats and the lyrical spits that share perfect parallels.

Then we have two more tracks that follow suit with a similar angle with “Pajamas” and “Way It Is”. Songs that really solidify GR‘s stylization and really show his integration as his lyrical flow continues to master itself through each verse and well-placed hook.

The party track is definitely “Baby Go Ham” though. This one drives with a narrative that shows us more of GR‘s personality and artistic merit. This is probably one of the most catchy on the record, and will stick like glue far after it’s over. While every track on this record glorifies in its own way, you definitely have to crown this track as one of the prominent highlights. It’s literally a sonic boom that doesn’t disappoint.

And that goes for the whole record; it doesn’t disappoint. At all. I was a little scared that the title of Welcome To My World might be underwhelming in its content. But don’t even begin to think it. This EP is an astonishing delivery of Gkleft Ryda‘s world. And you’ll feel more than welcome when you take a listen yourself.

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    Press Release: Chante Kim

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    Emerging from the Birmingham music scene in Alabama, R&B recording artist Chante Kim began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2014 when she started out as a gospel singer. Since then, she has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with her own signature sound and stylization, and in 2017 decided to tackle the R&B genre exclusively as well as diligently.

    Known for her charismatic vocal style and impressive range, Chante’s take on R&B music touches on equal parts originality and familiarity. Her music is also reminiscent of many musical influences including Prince, the classic Motown Records era, as well as genre influences that include elements of Hip Hop and Rock.

    Chante Kim’s current single “They Tell Me” has garnered her a prominent street buzz and internet presence since its release date. The track is currently available on ReverNation, SoundCloud and other music streaming outlets. The song will also be receiving airplay on Radio Station 105.1 this July. Chante’s ultimate goals are to inspire others through her passion of music, and become an industry household name of her genre and caliber.

    As Chante continues to compose, create, manifest and spread the heat throughout 2018 and beyond, be sure to connect with her on her social media and music streaming platforms for News, Music, Events, Booking, Contact Info, and anything else related.

    Connect with Chante Kim:

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  • Press Release: Couch Talk TV

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    Topics you care about from a lazy place.

    Couch Talk TV is a prominent platform where you get the opportunity to come take a seat on the couch with a trio of like-minded individuals and discuss the current state of Hip Hop from all angles. Ranging from best unsigned rappers, to pioneers of the game and everything in between.

    The Couch Talk team also discusses a vast array of trending topics, entertainment news and world news all from the minds of three different-thinking and multifaceted millennials. It’s a chance to see the true urban media from different angles with hard fact hitting viewpoints on today’s spectrum of mainstream culture.

    The cast of the show consist of two males and one female with different lifestyles, backgrounds and moral views to maintain a versatile side to every story and the components of individuality that come from the mind of each opinion; a real-life venture with them as a team to try and build chemistry while tackling some of the hardest trending topics of this millennium.

    INSTA-GRAMMAR: The Couch Outlet.

    • Instagram questions from comments in The Couch Talk videos will be addressed to keep the audience engaged and let them stay for the unpredictable narrative of many different inquiries. You can start by connecting with them on Instagram at:

    Channeling In: The Couch Talk TV.

    • From Urban News, Politics, to Music and Entertainment News with riveting topics, The Couch platform maintains interest in entertaining perspectives from all social media and YouTube users. Take the opportunity to engage with them on their growing YouTube channel, Couch Talk TV –

    You can also play with The Couch on twitch at

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    Press Release: Beatmaker Will / Dirkish / Kaos Jonez – “Shooting For The Stars” Single

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    A track of ambience, passion and artistic merit, this multifaceted collab track starring Beatmaker Will, Dirkish, and Kaos Jonez really breaks new grounds with their new buzzing single “Shooting For The Stars”.

    And when you take a thorough listen to the song, that’s exactly what these guys are doing. Accompanied by a very authentic and original one-take music video to set a very laid back tone to the whole vibe, each artist on this track does their part in equal measures.

    With dynamic and versatile verses coming from this trio of elite Hip Hop artists, this song brings out many angles to not only the music but also the artists themselves. The track and video tells a simple but effective story about sticking together, making friends, and moving up in the game by creating a buzz and an entourage that follows good vibes. And that’s one of the key elements to this single: vibes.

    “Shooting For The Stars” also sustains great production value that brings a signature sound to the table that conjures elements of old school Rap and today’s mainstream sensibilities; and Beatmaker Will, Dirkish, and Kaos Jonez really bring each musical focal point to the forefront. These guys have a very charismatic persona as a collab trio, and really help the listener delve into new details throughout every verse they prominently contribute to. All this under the cinematic POV of the night sky under them with friends and fans in tow, and we have a group of guys literally shooting for the stars.

    We recommend this song if you’re looking for the next banger without all the extra unnecessary noise. “Shooting For The Stars” is one for the vibes, and has a beat for the soul. Let this song rock your world.

    Listen to “Shooting For The Stars” here:

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  • Press Release: Buddhi de Mal – “Colours Of Hate (No More)” Single

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    A perfect concoction comprised of a powerful message, versatile musicianship, eclectic song structure and a brilliantly expressive music video brings Buddhi de Mal‘s newest single “Colours Of Hate (No More” right to the forefront in every effective way.

    Accompanied by a cinematic and well-paced music video, we get to see every angle of this social-awareness supercharged track from the artist’s perspective. Buddhi‘s charismatic vocals are subtle and persistent in all the right places, and has amassed a very impressive cast of musicians that really help bring this song together.

    From catchy guitar licks, a tight rhythm section and powerful backing vocals, “Colours Of Hate (No More)” gets its message across in a way that lyrically takes charge and musically leaves no stone unturned. It’s a gem of its kind, and has a great alt-rock genre mix that puts out the perfect vibe that includes a buildup and resolution that will keep you coming back time and time again to keep you listening.

    It’s also a song that will entice you to explore more into Buddhi‘s discography and history a bit more; get you to know the man behind the message and talent altogether. Once you take a listen to this single, you’ll immediately see how multifaceted he is.

    We can’t recommend “Colours Of Hate (No More)” highly enough. This is a rare type of song in today’s mainstream era. And it’s artists like Buddhi de Mal that are gonna change music for the better.

    Connect with Buddhi de Mal:

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  • Press Release: Akiem Small – “Problems” Single

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    New York-based rising MC & songwriter, Akiem Small, has announced that he will release a new single on June 29th of this year in 2018.

    Akiem’s track “Problems”, contemporary Hip Hop at it’s most infectious and compelling, was engineered by Andrew Krivonos and will be available digitally in both clean and uncensored versions from all the usual major platforms.

    The song is about a man who has troubles with money and loves women. The track conveys a versatile fusion of Trap and R&B, but also takes an influence from Hip Hop and Retro R&B.

    “…’Problems‘ tells a story about the type of person I am – a problem solver” commented Small. “…’Problems‘ come in all shapes, sizes, and forms and I know these are lyrics that many, many people from all kinds of environments can relate to.”

    Born in the West Indies, Akiem Small made his way to New York determined to make his mark on the city’s music scene in 2014 and has been based there ever since. An artist that strives to make heartfelt and honest music, he writes and sings about urban life and what’s going on around him. The last four years in his new hometown have certainly been eventful and he’s gained more than an album’s worth of material from the experience.

    A truly exciting young and rising Rap prospect, the multi-talented Small is without doubt one to watch and although he has yet to play live publicly, he has thrilled those lucky enough to catch him perform at close quarters.

    “..’Problems‘ by Akiem Small is my favorite single of the season so far. He has a very versatile rap flow and I can’t wait to hear more from him.” Michelle S.

    Connect with Akiem Small:

    •Website: •Instagram:


    •Twitter: •Soundcloud:

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    Press Release: Skylo

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    Shelly Leatherman (artist name Skylo) is a Southern girl and recording artist from North Carolina with an ear for music that tunes into the sounds of tomorrow, yet vocals that clearly channel a range of sounds from the past with her sultry, smooth tone & sweet angelic voice.

    However, don’t take her singing abilities lightly, she has pure soul with powerful vocals that project unwavering strength. Starting her career in a prominent R&B band, formerly performing classic hits from female power vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan & Etta James. Whether it be Singing, doing Voiceover and Radio Sweeps for Radio Stations that can be heard in over 96 countries worldwide, or Sound Engineering, it’s clear she’s in the right arena working in Nashville and Los Angeles consistently.

    Skylo‘s been Recording and Producing for bands and Music Artists all over. Take a peek and she can always be found working in the most legendary recording studios in the world, from Dark Horse Recording to the legendary Rumbos Studios working alongside incredible artists such as Bob Marley’s original band (The Wailers), Amy Grant, Morgan Heritage Band, Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony and countless others. At this point she’s fulfilled many of her dreams, yet she’s got many more in her pocket. She continues in helping others fulfill their dreams and giving them chances of lifetime and a platform of industry wisdom to build with, just as she is given.

    This multi-talented powerhouse has already earned a long list of professional credits while her résumé continues to grow like wild fire, as nothing slows her constant workflow. Whether it’s behind the Mic, behind the mixing board, behind the camera or in front of the camera, she is the light, the camera & all the action.

    Don’t miss out her latest release “Paradise” on all digital download stores worldwide. Stay tuned, there’s hundreds more tunes she’s written and plenty more artistic talent to follow where that came from, along with collaborations with some of the biggest Producers and Musicians across the globe.

    You won’t want to miss what Skylo is doing next, from her self produced TV Show (MicCheck.TV) to launching White Horse Entertainment, a Record Label that is creating a platform to voice true, bona fide talent and developing Artists that truly deserve recognition with their God given abilities.

    As Skylo continues to compose, create, innovate, and spread the heat in 2018 and beyond, be sure to connect with her on social media and music streaming platforms for News, Music, Events, Booking, Contact Info, and anything else related by visiting her website:

    •Official Website:

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