Artist Review: Bad Marriage – “Old School Stereo” Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Grab 5 of the best musicians you personally know with similar artist influences, stuff them into one explosive package, and this is the band you get.

A lot of artists have tried to “bring back” the hair band era. Most have failed at it, and some comically pushed themselves to notoriety with it (ie: The Darkness, Ugly Kid Joe, Green Jelly).

Then there’s Boston’s Bad Marriage. A band I truly believe has re-captured what other bands have tried their damndest to capture, but at the same time have put their own spin on the era. And their song “Old School Stereo”, accompanied by a cinematic music video, tackles this concept perfectly.

A band that’s only been around since 2016, these guys have it all – down to the image, style, talent, but best of all – songwriting ability. The chemistry and cog of the machine is comprised of riffy guitar tones and chugs, a pounding rhythm section, and a vocal range that fits this genre like a glove. And although Bad Marriage just by their photographs seem to be a band just lusting for the 80s, they are so much more than that. And it’s this particular song and music video that emphasizes exactly what they’ve managed to bring to the table.

Bringing all the elements from the late 70s and 80s we’ve come to know and love, “Old School Stereo” brings forth a concept that shows us that a band can still execute an old school genre in today’s mainstream sensibility. The video is straight-forward with girls, cinematography, a charismatic and energetic show experience, and a song & video that is produced in a way that showcases Bad Marriage most effectively. Everything from the dangerously catchy chorus, gang-style harmonies, and the overall aura that has made rock & roll what it is today.

And we are definitely not the first ones to take notice of the gem that this band really is. They’ve opened for a vast array of legendary acts, including Buckcherry, Eddie Money, Extreme, Dokken, the Michael Schenker Fest, John5, LA Guns, and many more.

I could seriously go on all day about how fucking awesome this band is, but I think it’d be a better idea to just take our word for it now and go watch/listen to “Old School Stereo” and let Bad Marriage speak for themselves. You’ll be glad we sent you there.

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Artist Review: Untitled Art – “Philly To Long Branch Part 2” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Energetic, fast, relentless, and a blast of versatility in the EDM wave. 

I’ve never really heard anything like this. Untitled Art brings us a fast-paced and heavy presence with their powerful, grungy take on EDM with their single “Philly To Long Branch Part 2”, presenting some of the most impressive vocal executions that could be displayed with this type of in-your-face energy. 

It’s melodic, versatile, unforgettable to the ear, and absolutely original. It starts out completely eye-brow raising and continues to get more insatiably dynamic, innovative, loud, and action-movie worthy. 

The vocal ranges and overall mix is one of the best parts that brings out the mastered craft and artistic merit with this single, and it never outdoes itself in any way. The structures continue to stay loud, but melodic. Its formula is very fresh, but you can still hear many of yesterday and today’s musical influences that give this song extremely high likability factors. It’s definitely a song you’ll come back to time and time again, especially if you’re looking to blast something raw and original to your friends or music lovers looking for new food for the ear.

This is a brilliant single, and it definitely entices you to research more into what Untitled Art has available in their past catalogue, and future collectively. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed in the least.

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Artist Review: Damson Blaze – “Hush” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Female vocals? Check. Catchy chorus? Check. A guitarist with enough Flying V’s to fill an entire room? Check.

With a great combination of 80’s and 90’s Female-fronted rock with some of today’s mainstream sensibilities, Virginia quartet Damson Blaze delivers a fresh in-your-face rock anthem with their newest single “Hush”

You can definitely hear some of our favorite iconic influences from this band, including Deep Purple, Rush, and a pinch of Pearl Jam. However Damson Blaze have manifested into a sound that is recognizable, lovable, and focuses more on writing some killer rock songs to entertain the crowd rather than delving into some sort of “experimental multi-genre” spinoff that falls flat most of the time. This band is ready to be loud, fun, and always makes sure there’s room for a shredding guitar solo.

“Hush” is not designed to be your next overly-versatile daring take on rock, they just keep it real. Good riffs, fun live show, a swell Martha Davis style vocal approach, and something that easily sticks in your head. It’s not aimed to change the game, it’s aimed at making it better altogether. Because when it comes to Rock nowadays, some bands and artists tend to insult the genre by over analyzing their mixes and using far too many EDM or electronically integrated plugins for their final touch. But in my opinion Damson Blaze doesn’t have time for those kind of fratty antics. This is simply a “plug in and rock out” persona. No BS needed.

I recommend “Hush” based on the formula that has always worked with Rock. And that’s to simply keep it loud, make it catchy, and never forget to leave room for a guitar solo! “Hush” is the title track of their upcoming EP of the same name. We are itching to hear more of it. And after giving this song a listen yourself, you will be as well.

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Artist Review: Shining Force 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

For those of you who yearn for heavy metal’s epic years of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast, the entire Judas Priest catalogue, and Metallica’s first 3 albums…we have a special treat for you.

We have another reason not to mess with Texas. These Pasadena rockers are bringing back a sound that never left in the first place. Christian/Metal band Shining Force by way of solid guitar riffs and a stampede of a rhythm section remind us that true metal is still at the heart of all metal fans alike, despite the additives to the genre over the years (i.e.: core, black, death, speed, nu, melodic, and any other word you can attach).

Starting off with their track “Rapture”, we get served up with some unstoppable energy and guitar riffs that cruise into a very melodic and in-your-face verse. The vocals sustain an impressive range and definitely have a Maiden-worthy vibrato that sets the classic tone for their take on heavy metal’s glory days. There are powerful drum films, very well-crafted dueling guitars and a heavy hitting overall dynamic.

Cruising over to the title track of their upcoming album, the energy and innovation is still ever present in “By the Blood”. A track that offers up more integrated songwriting techniques and play on tempos. The guitars are very gain-fueled, crisp, and crawl right under your skin. It’s impossible to ignore the string-attack this song has and once again, we have a vocal range that was born for this breed of metal. A breed that has manifested into endless influences for today’s modern metal, and a legacy that fuels itself through bands like Shining Force. Just like all the metal greats that sit in your collection, Shining Force fits right in, and helps push the legacy onward.

The band is embarking on a full U.S. Tour this summer in support of the upcoming anticipated album, By the Blood. An album you will be very glad you purchased when it’s released. So keep an eye out to see when Shining Force is coming to your town. Mark your calendars to make sure you know when they arrive to come make their mark! You will not be disappointed.

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Artist Review: Mike LePond (Symphony X)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


It blew my mind when this Artist’s management reached out to me. Because Mike LePond (best known for playing bass in the legendary Symphony X) is one of those top-of-the-line Bass Pioneers that can easily fit into the same league as Stu Hamm, Les Claypool, Justin Chancler, among many others. And I remember Symphony X being one of my first Napster discoveries alongside Linkin Park.

Lepond‘s solo LP Silent Assassins is definitely an album to please and appease all you bass-shredders out there who crave that rotund low end in epic proportions. With a sound that could be comprised alongside Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and those alike, this album just shreds, shreds again, and then shreds some more. From orchestrated and beautifully crafted and composed bass intros to soaring guitar tones and high-range in-your-face vocals to put a foreground to LePond‘s overall sound, this record is anything but a disappointment.

The musicianship factor is a mind blow to behold. LePond definitely brings out the wrath of God throughout every measure he plays and easily is placed under the God of Gods when it comes to the 4 (or 5). This album is definitely one for the musicians, and a sound engineer’s dream. The production value hones a perfected craft in showcasing a bassist’s solo album. 

Mike LePond has an enormous history, so your best bet would be to research him on Wikipedia. But seriously…Silent Assassins is definitely a masterpiece for any aspiring bassist out there and LePond will definitely be added to your list of Gods of Bass if he hasn’t been yet already. So when you give Mr. LePond a listen…fasten your seat belts.

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Artist Review: A Life All My Own

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Sarah Lewis

First and foremost, having the acronym ALAMO for your band is pretty creative, and easy to remember. Add points for awesome marketing.

If you’re familiar with bands from Vans Warped Tour, The All Stars Tour, The Summer Slaughter Tour; and labels like Fearless, Tragic Hero, Razor and Tie, Rise, and those alike, will absolutely fall head over heals for A Life All My Own

If any reps from any of the tours or labels mentioned above read this (we’ll throw in Alternative Press too), here’s your next band that should be on your “must sign now” list. 

This Melodic Metalcore act comes with all the perfect ingredients that makes their genre as popular as it is today. And can easily become your next favorite band of this genre. First track on their Soundcloud, “Adamantium” is a perfect demonstration of not only the band, but the genre as well, if unfamiliar with it. 

It has those beautifully energetic guitar breakdowns with dynamic rhythm arrangements that allows this opening chorus to let the vocalist shine with brilliant lyrical content and the perfect melody to entice you immediately into the rest of the song.

The screams are right where they need to be, and is never outdone. The production quality couldn’t be better, and you can hear the individual members’ craft and display of talent that’s brought to the ALAMO table. Trust me when I say it seems like Emo/Screamo/Metalcore is being pursued by bands just trying to be trendy and fit in. This is not the case with ALAMO. You can hear a diversifying aura with this band, and has success written all over them.

Diversifying their beautifully dark sound with a beautiful piano/vocal intro in their track “The Killer Inside (You Better Run)” also showcases the broad range of different influences ALAMO has with their songwriting. Making sure that if they tackle this genre, they’re doing it with their own signature sound. They display an iconic blend of all your favorite bands of their genre. And one thing that constantly comes to mind while listening to these tracks is how ridiculously intense their live show has to be. No band can write these tracks, record them flawlessly, and have a bad live show. So if you get tickets to see this band play, prepare for an epic live show experience. And don’t be surprised if this band is on the next Warped Tour lineup. They have our vote!

A Life All My Own definitely have a gift, talent, and sound all their own!
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