Artist Review: Imani WJ Wright

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s not often that I stumble upon an artist and decide to take him under the reviewer’s wing, but we’re gonna change the pace a bit here at the Artist Reach camp.

Sensuality, good vibes and a little Rock & Soul might be a few choice words for young and upcoming Artist/Producer Imani WJ Wright

Starting out in the business early, talented and serving as your own Producer is definitely the way to go. That’s why I have to tip my hat to Mr. Wright. His single, “Appreciation”, is a lovingly witty and soul-soothing track that is bound to draw in the ladies at first blush. For a debut single, I’d say he can accomplish just that. This song does one big thing though…it gets you pumped for the prospective future for the young Artist. I wanna hear what else this young man can do. Because he’s absolutely on the right track in every way; music and image alike.

If you have appreciation, no pun intended, for an up and comer ready to take sensuality, sexuality, and the heart and soul of music’s passion, Mr. Wright is right up your alley. I hear a man ready to take off and fly. He has his passport, plane ticket, and the jet ready, and this song walks me to the plane.

So again, I have to give major props to a young guy giving his heart and soul to true music that definitely won’t shy you away. “Appreciation” is a stunner for its alley of execution, and I’m dying to hear what move this guy makes next musically. I’m jet-ready, let’s get the plane to take off!

This single is definitely on the Wright track! Double-pun completely intended.

Now his other single, “Make Me”, shows a different side to Imani WJ Wright, but still utilizes the same elements within his content and overall execution. This song allows you to get to know the fellow artist a little bit more, and explore what he has to offer as an artist that does it the DIY way.

This song offers up more edge and production value. Each measure is well crafted and keeps you listening and adds more character depth to his music and image. This is definitely a great follow-up from the predecessing track.

With the great R&B vibe still in the forefront, this song definitely will capture your heart and put some soul into you. It entices you to research more into Imani WJ Wright as an artist and persona. 

These are some solid tracks for this young man, and we at Artist Reach would like you to check them out. It’s not often that we Review an artist on-the-spot or happen upon them, but this seemed like the right occasion. 

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Artist Review: Roger Olsen

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Upbeat, energetic, and soulfully driven might be a few ways to describe Alt/Rocker Roger Olsen‘s single “Walking Blind”, but once you grasp onto the well-placed melodic song structures that are very expressive in every measure, you obtain a very eclectic vibe that stays with you even after the song is over.

With a great jam-style edge and powerful chord changes in the mix, this is a hard song to get out of your head. Olsen‘s vocal range sets a great tone for the melodies that ensue in both verses and chorus; his climatic vibrato and charismatic vocal delivery helps put a signature topping to a very mindful, well-crafted song that showcases strengths among musicianship, songwriting, performance, and production value.

I would definitely love to hear more from this artist. There’s a unique sensibility and you can genuinely hear influences from all eras of Rock. It’s great to hear something that’s straight-forward, high-energy, and solidified. It’s an overall sound I believe any Rock listener can appreciate, and I’m eager to hear what Roger Olsen has in store for the near future and beyond. And when you take a listen to “Walking Blind” yourself, I am more than positive that you will be too.

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