Artist Review: Sienna – “Quintessence” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to production value, it’s all about the elements of how and why a song is effective, and the uniqueness that is carried with it. We get an innovative, punchy, knockout beat banger with Producer Sienna‘s single “Quintessence”. A bump-and-grind go-getter track that brings a vibrant and bass-oriented chemistry to the table that puts solidification into musical innovation.

With a lot of today’s creators in the world of EDM, it’s imperative to showcase your versatility and composing ability in the best way possible, so you can give yourself and your audience an in-depth impression of your expression. Sienna has a very well-rounded craft with this track, and the intensity of the rotund low end combined with the anticipation from the song’s buildup is what really makes this track the gem that it really is.

If you have a bass-thumping sound system, then “Quintessence” will likely rumble through your entire neighborhood. It’s energetic, witty, clever, and has some great twists and turns as the song builds into a beautiful climax. It has a simple approach in its beginnings, and I believe it’s the type of simplicity that really makes this track effective when all the other elements play out.

Sienna definitely has a brilliant ear for detail and is worth checking out in every way. She delivers the goods with this single, and you’ll probably find yourself doing more research on more of her music after cranking “Quintessence” through your speakers.

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Artist Review: Dave Bremner

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

“Gentle Healing…Special Feeling”. Beautiful words that not only include the title of this soothing Dave Bremner single, but also two descriptive words that are in the song; words that describe the feeling you get from this Soft Alt/Country track from this brilliant Scottish singer/songwriter; properly titled “Gentle Healing”.

Bremner‘s anthem is a very dynamic one, but has that simplicity that has always worked beautifully in songs like this. Great use of acoustic and electric guitars that parallel each other with traditional chords that have great texture when properly placed together, which leaves plenty of room for Dave to write very effective, and unforgettable vocal melodies.

He has a very distinctive voice that has great elements of many influences. His voice doesn’t just boast a country feel, but also one of Alternative and even Rock sensibility. So it’s almost impossible to not be captivated by how eclectic and open-ended Dave Bremner‘s voice is. This man could sing for many different genres if he wants to.

“Gentle Healing” just came out recently at the end of May on Shine On Records and has hit the ground running ever since. Which is Dave Bremner‘s Freshman/Debut effort as a solo artist since his previous group disbanded. Bremner is also a devoted family man, and on top of his music, teaches Martial Arts and is also a Meditation Practitioner. Very impressive sets of skills that you won’t find in the every-day-musician! But as far as the music is concerned, “Gentle Healing” is a track that captivates the soul, soothes the body & mind, and carries some of the greatest moods the genre could ever offer. “Gentle Healing” is currently available on all major streaming and downloading platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and many others. Dave Bremner‘s music is beyond worth the listen, and will find its place to your heart in no time. 

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Artist Review: Big City Cowgirl

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sondra Toscano, who is better known under her stage name Big City Cowgirl, is a story to behold, and a story to be told.

Hailing from the Boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn), her stage name is definitely one that does justice and stays true to herself as a 100% self-taught and self-made musician. She’s an Alt/Country Artist that truly takes passion in her travels; where people, places, and things play a big role into her inspirations, personality, outlook on life, and her craft as a Singer/Songwriter that has been honing her craft with vocals since her childhood, and guitar since her teenage years. 

With a voice that has the strength, range, and beauty along the likes of Carrie Underwood, Grace Slick, and Stevie Nicks…Toscano has a very dynamic vocal delivery and sustains many defining factors that make her stand out with a very captivating and charismatic aura.

Her recent single “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)” is a very well-polished and fabulously written song that displays top-notch musicianship, great production value, and a very solidified chemistry between Sondra’s Big City Cowgirl persona and the cast of talented musicians that bring out the best of her.

There’s a very tasteful and effective use of vocal harmonies in all the right places, and foreshadow’s the powerful chorus that captivates you instantly. The verses make use of very well textured acoustic traditional chords that adds great chemistry to the overall sound and displays great chord progressions. The melodies that are sung over the well-written verses get you to truly connect with Sondra’s story-telling vocal approach, and then hits you right at the heart with the warmth of a flawless chorus with dynamic harmonies and strong musicianship.

Big City Cowgirl, just like myself and the other Artist Reach staff, all share the history, influence, and inspiration of pursuing music since our single-digit years. And as the years go by, you evolve into something more amazing and well-crafted. Sondra is definitely one of those amazing Artists that started it all on her own, has her own sound, persona, and hits the ground running with every song she releases. She’s another Artist that was born to do this.

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Artist Review: Free From Gravity

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We get a breath of fresh air with Alt/Rockers Free From Gravity‘s influential, innovative, and eclectic sound. Their most recent EP Saints & Sinners is a collective record of well-polished, well-written, and captivating songs for pretty much any Alternative/Rock listener, with a sound that other solidifying elements that make Free From Gravity a band you can easily add to your shelf of favorites thus far.

We hear a dynamically great mix of older Rock influences, 90s, and a sensibility of today’s Rock elements. 

You can hear a very guitar-driven, ambient sound in their opening track “Crazy Lady”. A great down-tempo song with a lot of guitar textures, complimenting solos, and great R.E.M. inspired vocals that fit perfectly into the song’s craft and soothing melodies with a Pink Floyd feel to it. It has great melody sequences, terrific production value, and astonishing guitar work that helps bring out the band’s musicianship in its entirety.

We then jump to the next two tracks, “Dance With Me” and EP-title track “Saints & Sinners”. Two brilliant up-tempo tracks that bring out the band’s charisma and fun factors that get you humming along to the extremely catchy choruses. These tracks demonstrate a very ever present energy and a sound that can help you picture a great live show. There are great harmony structures in all the right places, which solidifies the powerful choruses and great build ups in the verses into the pre chorus & chorus.

The end track, “Step Into The Sunlight”, is a feel-good track that ties together all the elements that this EP definitely offers. Great eclectic Alt/Rock that has a very uplifting feel, a fun & witty approach that definitely would make their live show a great experience (and guarantee that it does), and ingredients from all the spices of our favorite eras of rock that fits into today’s sensibility of the genre. Saints & Sinners is definitely a great EP for all Rock listeners alike. And in case you found out about them through this review, just remember you heard it from us first.

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Artist Review: Eddy Mann

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to leadership in spirituality and the love for God and life altogether, Eddy Mann is your man; your inspiration. He’s a musician, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, father, and has also been a leader in Worship for the past 15 years as well.

20 years ago however, Mann knew that through his soulful and genuine talent for music that he decided to devote his artistic expression to God. Anyone who knows him, knows that he has a very big heart and a very big impact on those that have embraced him and his music.

His single “You, You Make Me Feel” from his recent album Dig Love is a very joyful and uplifting demonstration of Mann‘s catchy melodies, great use of vocal harmonies, and a great Americana sound that carries a very positive message throughout. It’s a very diligent song with Mann‘s great voice showcasing the foreground while his band distinctly ties together a very fun, catchy sound that fits his vocals perfectly for the genre and overall aura of the song.

“You, You Make Me Feel” is currently being played on Americana radio circuits all over the world. While I have no doubt that he has endless musical influences, Mann‘s most inspirational influences come mostly from his family, God, and the genuine love & essence of life. A gift that he never takes for granted. He’s truly an artist whose spiritual realm has nurtured his devotion to creating music. Since his musical beginnings, he’s released 7 albums; Dig Love being his most recent since its 2014 release. He’s currently working on a new LP, The Consequence, slated for a Fall release; a direct follow up to Dig Love that follows the same authentic format.

Eddy Mann is an artist that truly captivates you with his spirituality, love of God, and all the loved ones in his life. His soul is ever present at all times through the soothing textures and impressive vocal range he boasts. Dig Love is a fantastic album that will definitely keep you looking forward to his follow up record. It’s a joy to behold, as is Mann‘s music and personality alike!

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Artist Review: Luanne Hunt

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Traditional, Fun, and with an insatiable determination to make you grab your dance partner, Luanne Hunt‘s funky and bluesy take on Country/Indie with her single “Texas Tears” gets you right up off your feet from the minute it starts playing.

Using very traditional production methods, classic bluesy guitar scales, and a soulfully fun and catchy vibe brings out the best of Luanne Hunt‘s blissful, soothing voice and story-telling vocal structures. She has a glow with her dynamically impressive vocal range, never succumbing to just one key element, but explores all possibilities in using her gifted voice among the the musician collective that she has put together. And one thing that stands out is the impressive arrangement of backup vocals and harmony placements. There’s never a gap left open or a measure untouched on this track, and it gives this song the fun, charismatic feeling that it delivers.

The twangy guitars are ever present in all the right places, and piano-driven Blues scales that compliment everything else that parallels with it. It’s perhaps one of the best multi-instrument foundations you could ask for, gives this Country song the Blues satisfaction that uplifts the overall outcome of this song, and puts an extra spark into Luanne Hunt‘s vocal approach, leaving you with something that showcases strong musicianship, authentic songwriting, and a voice that carries you through the entire track from start to finish.

Luanne Hunt is a very talented artist with a voice that goes perfectly with her pretty smile and fun-loving vibe that she brings with “Texas Tears”. This is a song that can satisfy anyone who appreciates the genre, and will most likely be added to your favorites.

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Artist Review: Roger Olsen

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Upbeat, energetic, and soulfully driven might be a few ways to describe Alt/Rocker Roger Olsen‘s single “Walking Blind”, but once you grasp onto the well-placed melodic song structures that are very expressive in every measure, you obtain a very eclectic vibe that stays with you even after the song is over.

With a great jam-style edge and powerful chord changes in the mix, this is a hard song to get out of your head. Olsen‘s vocal range sets a great tone for the melodies that ensue in both verses and chorus; his climatic vibrato and charismatic vocal delivery helps put a signature topping to a very mindful, well-crafted song that showcases strengths among musicianship, songwriting, performance, and production value.

I would definitely love to hear more from this artist. There’s a unique sensibility and you can genuinely hear influences from all eras of Rock. It’s great to hear something that’s straight-forward, high-energy, and solidified. It’s an overall sound I believe any Rock listener can appreciate, and I’m eager to hear what Roger Olsen has in store for the near future and beyond. And when you take a listen to “Walking Blind” yourself, I am more than positive that you will be too.

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