Artist Review: NuJ4X – “Dab (On Dem Haterz)” Music Video/Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Michael Annotti

There is a lot of hype coming from the noise tank of EDM and its varieties. But when it comes to Nashville’s NuJ4X, we have a take on the genre with a much more multifaceted angle.

Combining a pounding rhythm and Hip Hop lyrical components, we have an explosive audio and visual package with NuJ4X‘s versatile single “Dab (On Dem Haterz). A song that is equally powerful to watch just as much as it is to listen.

Combining the concept of a lyric video and a found-footage spectrum with some innovative video editing, we have a track and music video that share perfect parallels. From dynamic vocal structures to infectiously catchy hooks, we have a chemistry of EDM that utilizes mainstream-worthy elements, and new ones that add a whole new flavor to it. It’s the type of video that needs to be seen to be believed.

Best of all, there are no cheat methods at play here. We don’t hear relentless auto-tune or overuse of plugins; we have a well-crafted track with outstanding execution and production value that any fan of the genre can appreciate. NuJ4X charisma and personality antics are also great additives. One thing most noticeable is the simplicity of the overall aura – we hear real music delivered up by a DJ with insatiable skills behind the turntables.

Once you grasp onto the track’s energy and stylization along with the overall content that “Dab (On Dem Haterz)” offers, you’ll be more than glad we told you about NuJ4X. Ultra Fest…we’re talking to you.

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Artist Review: Cat Beach – “Go to Work” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Another astonishing and compelling reason that the Nashville music scene never disappoints.

That reason comes in the form of the charismatic and artistically articulate recording artist Cat Beach. A pioneer of the city’s renowned music scene with all the right ingredients to showcase some of today’s finer modernized Country & Blues.

Her hot single “Go to Work” is a perfect demonstration of how these ingredients are mixed with Cat Beach‘s very impressive mid-vocal range and groovy production value. While this song lyrically could be the polar opposite of the acclaimed “Take This Job and Shove It!”, we still get to grasp the same catchiness in a whole new way; except this time, you go to your job rather than quitting it on bad terms.

It’s only a lyrical reference however. The song itself is a very enchanting danceable experience with great backup vocals to compliment Cat Beach‘s fun, witty vocal style and bluesy riffs that drive this song forward. It starts out with a bang and cruises with a modernized take on classic Blues progressions that many famous songs utilize, but has a whole different kind of originality and versatility that emanates from every measure. Its message is conveyed beautifully and makes this song very addictive and quite the fun listen.

“Go to Work” has that staying power that will keep you coming back to this song again and again, as well as entice you to check out more of Cat Beach‘s catalogue. If you dig a catchy tune with a big band experience, then this song is definitely for you; and will give you another reason to absolutely adore the Nashville scene.

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Artist Review: Tony Watson

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Piano catchy. Vocally soothing. And a place on solid smooth ground is where Tony Watson‘s sound finds its place. He’s a multi-musician that has honed his craft over many years of performing nationally and internationally; earning him a global audience and reputable praise from all over, including being a three-time Artist Music Guild Heritage Award-nominated artist, winning for Music Video of the Year. Tony is also a member of the Country Music Association, Inspirational Christian Country Music Association, and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 

His self-written and self-produced song “Stay With Me” (released on Shine On Records) is the perfect piano-driven Anthem with a vocally soothing melody, clever female-vocal backups, and dynamic string arrangements to compliment every measure of this song’s flavorful sound. It’s a body and mind feel-good track that never drags, and is surprisingly short in runtime; which makes it even better.

Tony brings a lot of anticipation to the surface; a brilliant taste of a brilliant mind, and this song brings you that perfect demonstration. Because after listening to this song, you can’t help but yearn for more; perhaps morbidly crave more of what this Artist offers. You can hear an overall natural production value that showcases a nurtured talent that needs no unnecessary enhancement or post production quirkiness. This is a beautifully written song, beautifully performed, and gives the listener perfect doses of different elements that make this song the ear-soother that it is.

“Stay With Me” has blissful moods, charismatic build ups in between every soothing set of measures, and sustains perfect placements of every instrument and backup vocal throughout the track’s arrangement. Tony Watson definitely will be added to your list of ear-catchy favorites, and is coming from a musician that was born to do exactly what he’s doing right now; writing brilliant songs single handedly, and flourishing/collaborating with other top-of-the-line musicians to bring out the best of Tony Watson. This song is a must-listen for all music listeners from all walks of life. It will easily grasp at your undivided attention; and deserves to.

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