Artist Review: Emma Michelle – “Click Delete” (featuring Dani Cohn)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a knack for charisma, aspirations and musical persona, we have a new queen of catchy in Emma Michelle‘s single “Click Delete”.

Accompanied by a colorful official music video alongside feature artist Dani Cohn, the girls pair up for a fresh tag-teaming song with witty punchlines and contagiously catchy hooks. Being at such a young age, this song and video has catapulted Emma‘s career into overdrive, amassing over 200,000 YouTube views in the first week of its release. With a fairly mixed reaction among the general public, we at Artist Reach fully endorse this track and have several reasons as to why.

This young artist brings forth an image that is stylish and completely likable. She acts like a young girl, well, because she is. But sings even better; she has one of those voices that delivers a versatile yet subtle sensibility that shares equal parts in energy and tenderness, and knows how to really showcase her colorful image.

Sharing verses and vocal duties throughout the track and video between the singing and cinematic components with Dani Cohn also gives us a glance into Emma‘s ability to collaborate and share the spotlight. With both girls meshing well throughout the video and song equally, their natural talent is very evident throughout every measure. From singing to rapping, harmonizing and vocal transitioning, “Click Delete” delves us into Emma‘s (and Dani’s) world of fun, friendship, musicianship, and ability to entertain a mainstream following in the better part of today’s more modernized Pop genre.

The biggest recommendation we can give is to listen to this track for yourself, and definitely watch the video. Emma Michelle is one of those younger artists that is fast on-the-rise, and worth every minute of your time.

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Artist Review: Phil Specs: “One Last Kiss” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Strong, boastful, and compellingly anthemic, European Artist/Producer Phil Specs hits home with his powerfully dark single, “One Last Kiss”.

The baritone singer brings a solid narrative to the conceptual realm of loving and leaving with this song, and really tells the story effectively. With a 90s edge in production value, this brilliantly-crafted song is very crisp, ambient, subtle and climactic. His voice is definitely versatile, but it artistically brings his multifaceted persona right to the center stage.

One thing came to mind when I first started listening to this track: great songwriting. It has that simplicity that never lacks catchiness, and a production style that isn’t convoluted with diversionary post-production sequences to distract you from anything the artist may lack. You can easily hear Specs‘ gifted talent right from the start.

If I had to put this song alongside something or someone that shows resemblance to this same kind of anthem-like quality, I would have to say Natalie Merchant’s “Carnival” is exactly what comes to mind; which is an incredible feat for an indie artist in today’s world of overproduced music.

You really gotta hand it to Phil Specs for this track, he really conjured up quite the treat with “One Last Kiss”, and it’ll be ringing and singing in your head long after the song is over.

Listen to “One Last Kiss” here:

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Artist Review: Rossco – “Flume” Mixtape

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to true Brooklyn born-and-bred style Hip Hop with all the right elements from yesterday and today’s sensibilities, Roscco‘s Flume Mixtape is definitely your draft pick.

Exploring a very versatile signature sound multifaceted stylization, Rossco comes out swinging with his ambient and upbeat mixtape single “Insane”. This song’s relentless lyrical structures speak for themselves, but the track also gives the listener a dose of musicianship factors as well; ranging from an old school-style beat, a charismatic flow, and dynamic rhyming techniques that are magnificently delivered.

The other standout track is the uplifter “Change”, a more mainstream sound with a bump-and-grind approach that shows another side to Rossco‘s vocal grooves. Both tracks really showcase his versatility and artistic merit very effectively, and really gets you to delve deeper into his musical realm. You can really grasp on to the NYC vibe that Rossco harbors on each track, all the while bringing something new to the table with each song, giving his audience a chance to hear many angles to his lyrical approach and production value.

Every track from the Flume Mixtape is a standout of its own, which garners Rossco an eclectic and bona fide style that old school and mainstream Hip Hop fans can appreciate and really get into. His music has created an insatiable industry buzz since this mixtape hit the scene. And when you take a listen to these tracks yourself, you’ll definitely understand why.

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Press Release: MH The Goat

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Rappers can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one MH The Goat.

Hailing from the elite Dallas music scene in Texas, Hip Hop recording artist MH The Goat began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2015 when his insatiable rhyming skills manifested into a prominent career in music; and quickly mastered his craft and garnered a fan base and street buzz that continues to expand.

Known for charismatically witty rhymes and a multifaceted persona, MH’s versatile take on Hip Hop is one that touches on originality and familiarity. A signature sound and stylization that began to take form when he dropped his debut singles “Untouchable” and “Bodies (feat. Rocstarsmokey)”, which both received critical acclaim and positive reception since their release dates.

Currently, MH The Goat is in the production stages of his upcoming anticipated new single “The Goat”, which will be accompanied by an official music video for the song, both slated for release later this year. MH is scheduled to perform at the Prophet Bar in Dallas on June 8th. He is also gonna be appearing on NOFB Radio in Dallas for an in-studio exclusive interview, live on the-air.

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Press Release: Daddy Cash

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Daddy Cash.

Emerging from the elite Los Angeles music scene, Hip Hop/R&B recording artist Daddy Cash began hitting the ground running in the music realm during his teenage years while living in Houston, TX. Since then, he has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization that touches on both originality and familiarity; and has created an insatiable street buzz that has garnered him critical acclaim and positive reception.

With witty lyricism and vocal techniques reminiscent of Lauren Hill, Daddy Cash has had the opportunity to work with industry heavyweights Mr. Lee and Mike Clarke. His charismatic tone and range has captivated many sets of ears, and has boasted a heavy internet presence and innovative style since he started his career in Texas. His mottos and artistic merit resonates with making music you can vibe and survive to.

Daddy Cash‘s current single “Thug With Me” has generated an insatiable street buzz and has garnered him a widely-received fan base since the song dropped in April of this year in 2018. Ontop of this track, Daddy Cash has worked alongside several prominent producers, including Quin With The Keys (TX) and P White (Seattle). “Thug With Me” is currently available on several music streaming platforms and digital music retailers.

About The Song: The track [is about] having a ride-or-die person in your life riding with you through thick and thin. Whether it’s good or bad. Every song is about a particular moment in my life, and at this point having someone to ‘thug with’ is very relevant as I go through this journey of music and life.”

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Press Release: Zizzo World – “Insane” Single/Music Video

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

“Insane” officially drops on June 15th, and will be available in stores and on digital music streaming retailers

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Zizzo World.

Emerging from the elite London music scene in the UK, Artist/Producer ZizzoWorld began hitting the ground running in the music world in 2004 while living in Romania at the time.

What started off as a way to entertain himself and kill some time, quickly grew into something much more serious and passionate. After a move to New York in 2008 and developing an insatiable craft in music production, Zizzo began to manifest into a versatile and multifaceted producer & artist combo with his own signature sound and stylization.

The release of his widely-acclaimed single “Little More” last year in 2017, became a cornerstone of his career and a turning point for the rising artist, as his artistic merit and authenticity became more evident and brought to the forefront; and the industry was ready for another Zizzo single.

Zizzo World’s newest track “Insane (feat. Jay Di)” is his latest hit creation mixed/mastered by Grammy-winning Multi-platinum engineer Cooper Anderson, with a fresh sound and charisma that is bound to capture the ears of any music hungry fan eager to discover something raw and original. Blending dynamic elements of pop with a multi-genre approach, Zizzo’s music resonates with many defining musicianship factors, production value, and touches on a style that showcases originality and familiarity.

Insane” will also be accompanied by a catchy Music Video that will be available on his ZizzoWorldVevo channel. The single officially drops on June 15th, and will be available in stores and on digital music streaming retailers.

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Artist Review: Kory Kane – “K.E.T.O.” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Derrick Kicherer

A perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s more prominent Hip Hop acts with a flavorful hint of R&B stylistic hooks is what makes Kory Kane‘s smash single “K.E.T.O.” a standout of its caliber.

But it goes into so much more than that; Kane‘s artistic merit and witty lyrical content really sets the groundwork for music that is both original recognizable. Reminiscent with the iconic 90s Hip Hop era and some of today’s Hip Hop pioneers, Kory Kane delivers up a natural vibe and a steady flow in “K.E.T.O.” It has a beat that innovates the song’s musicianship factors, and a vocal delivery that is both charismatic and laid back in all the right places.

This track also has that staying power – that spectrum where the song doesn’t lose its impact over time. It’s something you can come back to time and time again and have it grow on you even more each time you listen. It also entices you to delve more into Kory Kane‘s catalogue; and see a more comprehensive timeline of his music and history.

If you’re looking for something fresh, familiar, charismatic and enticing, “K.E.T.O.” will not disappoint you in the least.

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