Artist Review: Sienna – “Quintessence” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to production value, it’s all about the elements of how and why a song is effective, and the uniqueness that is carried with it. We get an innovative, punchy, knockout beat banger with Producer Sienna‘s single “Quintessence”. A bump-and-grind go-getter track that brings a vibrant and bass-oriented chemistry to the table that puts solidification into musical innovation.

With a lot of today’s creators in the world of EDM, it’s imperative to showcase your versatility and composing ability in the best way possible, so you can give yourself and your audience an in-depth impression of your expression. Sienna has a very well-rounded craft with this track, and the intensity of the rotund low end combined with the anticipation from the song’s buildup is what really makes this track the gem that it really is.

If you have a bass-thumping sound system, then “Quintessence” will likely rumble through your entire neighborhood. It’s energetic, witty, clever, and has some great twists and turns as the song builds into a beautiful climax. It has a simple approach in its beginnings, and I believe it’s the type of simplicity that really makes this track effective when all the other elements play out.

Sienna definitely has a brilliant ear for detail and is worth checking out in every way. She delivers the goods with this single, and you’ll probably find yourself doing more research on more of her music after cranking “Quintessence” through your speakers.

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Artist Review: Antonio Dudley – “Regret It” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There are some songs that truly showcase someone’s ability and talent in the most powerful way, by knowing the genre their voice was meant for, or for their insatiable writing ability. We get a direct hit with Antonio Dudley‘s “Regret It” (Feat. The Myster-E).

With a beat that pulls you right in, we have an auspicious introduction into the realm and feeling that Dudley‘s craft portrays. His vocal talent and passion is present almost immediately and it’s sung with the perfect balance and composure, putting a dynamic versatility behind the song along with the spot-on production value. There’s an ambience in the beat as well that I believe really makes this song as effective as it really is. It’s an extremely refreshing approach, and it’s apparent right when the song starts.
There’s also a magnetic energy behind this song. It especially takes place when Feature artist The Myster-E puts in his Hip Hop/Rap edge into the overall mix. It fits the chemistry perfectly and puts more astonishment into the song’s overall persona with the message it delivers. The likability factor is so high, it could possibly be a flawless track. Either way you dissect it, it’s almost impossible to dislike in any way.

Antonio Dudley‘s single definitely entices you to check out more of his music, and this single is definitely the correct one if he’s looking for instant-fan status. Chances are, anyone who stumbles upon “Regret It“…won’t regret it at all. You’ll absolutely love this song. 

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Artist Review: Lynn – “Rise High” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Eclectic, powerful, and an essence of maturity and range go hand in hand with 18-year old up & coming Starlet Lynn with her second highly acclaimed single, “Rise High”.

With an insatiable sweetness of acoustic textures and Grammy-worthy vocal melodies in the song’s verses, we experience an innovative and eclectic tone from Lynn‘s vocal structures that showcase both solid songwriting and undeniable passion in her approach. There is a very subtle, yet charismatic buildup that keeps your ears glued to this song, and the forefront of Lynn‘s undeniable vocal tone is one of the defining factors that carries the torch.
And like fireworks, Lynn brings us a flawless and anthemic chorus that creates an energy source that hits us hard. It does justice to the song’s title, and even puts the song’s entirety on a whole new level. It’s a Universal sound, but one that is written in a way that sets Lynn aside from the average female vocalist. If this chorus doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will.

With an uplifting music video to bring this song more to life, we get a great edge and uplifting personality from Lynn as an artist and person collectively. The song and video shares many positive parallels between the perfect balance of audio and imagery, and will likely entice you to research more into Lynn, as well as keep up with her in the shortcoming and beyond.
Overall, this is a teen artist that has some major things in her horizon, and “Rise High” is a powerful, and soul-filled uplifting track that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the song on repeat.

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Artist Review: J. Knight

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Chris Barbosa

Now this Artist reached out to me and…just, wow. A solo artist that isn’t rapping or singing Bieber-Pop? The second J. Knight‘s new single “Living For the Memories (Here & Now)” started playing, I already knew I was in for a very special treat.

Hearing awesome Rock/Pop/Punk influences like Goldfinger, Allister, and the early Drive-Thru Records era is something to really behold nowadays, especially from a solo artist that wants to sing well-written, loud, catchy, guitar-riffy songs without EDM theatrics or auto-tune.

This song just jams, and jams hard. It starts you off with an awesome guitar progression with tasty octave chords to set the tone for what’s to come for the vocal melodies, and the tones are very well EQed with solid tone and powerful gain, leaving you with some riffage that’s bound to stick in your head relentlessly.

J. Knight, from B-Lo (Buffalo, NY) has a very natural vocal style that perfectly solidifies this song’s direction; his range is perfect for this genre, and the clean, well-polished vocals gives this single the perfect overall signature sound. His dueling vocals in the verses add a very charismatic touch and gets you even more captivated by this song’s chemistry and energy that never lets up. 

The chorus is one that you’ll be humming to yourself relentlessly. And on top of the solid songwriting, the positive message in this song is another element that gives it that “instant classic” status. The rhythm section cruises, the energy uplifts you relentlessly, and J. Knight‘s signature vocal delivery will leave you nothing short of amazed with how well crafted this song really is.

We need more artists and bands willing to do more music like this. Where the production isn’t what makes the song…it’s the song that makes the production! Do yourself a favor, listen to this song now. Do your neighbors a favor, blast it really loud, and knock on all their doors and tell them to do the same.

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Artist Review: Cut – Put It Down Like You

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Ryan Sellars

This is round 2 for Cut; his second time on the platform and just like his predecessing track we reviewed, this one surely doesn’t disappoint in the least. 

Cut‘s most recent track, “Put It Down Like You”, has a great R&B oriented beat but displays that energetic Hip Hop & bass-driven feeling that’s perfectly combined to get the message across and to also give light to the atmosphere for the sex-drive that these rhymes dynamically portray.

This song’s hook is tasteful, on point, and very catchy. The sing-song feel definitely sets the tone for the verses and Cut perfectly transitions himself into them without any sort of hesitation or contemplation. He throws these lyrics at you in a way where it never outdoes itself, and also doesn’t overdose you on one type of rhyming scheme. He gets wordsmiths when needed, settles back to keep the tone at a happy medium, and altogether makes this track what it really is.

The content is not exactly PG-13, but not overly X-rated either. You can definitely pick up on Cut‘s vibe where just being a traditional gentleman is still something that works, and will always work best. And when delving into the song’s intimacy, it feels like something new, as opposed to something washed and re-used. If this song were an audition, Cut would make the cut no problem (pun!).

No, seriously. This track is definitely a very well-crafted one and if you have already heard Cut previously, it should come as no surprise to you. If this is your first time hearing him, strap yourself in for the ride.

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