Artist Review: S-EM-C – “On The Go” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I always tip my hat to females that can rhyme. This is another one of those moments in whole.

With drive, charisma, untouchable production value and a made-for-industry approach, there’s no question that female Rapper on the rise S-EM-C‘s “On The Go” is ready to go straight to the top.

She’s a trifecta of her own; from looks, brains and personality. She doesn’t need to try to pull a Trina, Kim, or Nicki anytime soon. The best is a fresh banger and has a universal authenticity when it comes to where this song is most appropriate. You can use this song to test out your new Sony Xplodes,  spin this at your club hotspot, or just simply put your headphones in (preferably: Skull Candy if you own a pair) and indulge in one of those songs that stays with you even after the track is over.

“On The Go” has a great classic multilayered chorus that brings power to the song’s overall execution. And the verses have a flow that keeps you fascinated enough to bring the chorus back to the structure each time she brings out her witty and clever lyrical approach.

And that’s what this song is about to me — flow and fascination. Defining factors of what can keep a song on its feet, or flop from its starting point. But this song emphasizes so much more than just being on your feet, this one has you cruisin’, and giving you another brilliant taste of what females can bring out when holding the mic.

So make no mistake, this a cooker that brings the heat, and the fascination that keeps you on your feet. Either way, “On The Go” is quite the treat. 

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Artist Review #2: Roman – “Dirty Bird” Single/Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

We’d like to welcome back our NYC brother and Alt/Rock Singer/Songwriter, Roman, for round 2 on the Artist Reach platform with his new infectiously catchy single, “Dirty Bird”, properly accompanied by a fun, witty, and entertaining Music Video. So in case any of you have been waiting for the Roman Empire to strike again, then your wait is over.
With this track, we have the formula that Roman is known for, however just like with every artist that evolves artistically as their careers manifest, we get some new surprises, twists, turns, and the same likability factors that always end up on overdrive.

With “Dirty Bird”, not only is the song very eclectic and well structured, but Roman‘s mid-ranged and charismatic vocals that carry a humble demeanor really continue to showcase in more impressive and memorable ways, solidifying his signature sound that sets him apart from your run-of-the-mill artists that sometimes tend to struggle to find themselves due to the oversaturation of cookie-cutting post-production antics. Luckily, we do not have this downfall with Roman at all; he is not only keeping his spark of the genre alive and well, but making it better than ever.

And with all this in place, we have a very interesting dynamic in the Music Video, where no matter what you’re doing; from taking a bath to chopping vegetables to cook dinner, you can always make room for dancing. This is a humble and good-hearted video that parallels a very authentic musician that doesn’t need an arena or humongous night club to emphasize a simple thing like getting down to a good song. 

There aren’t any antics that try to put Roman in an overwhelming setting with Lamborghinis, Bling Bling, or materialistic set designs that attempt to distract you from the song by shoving an artist’s ego down your throat. It’s a video that is natural, appealing, and very effective regardless of how simple or elaborate the production design is. Real talent will absolutely do the trick no matter what content or budget you have for a Music Video, so for Roman, this song definitely shines through no matter what his budget or production costs were used. It’s another direct piece of evidence that true talent goes above all, especially musical gimmicks or materialism.

Overall, Roman is an artist that never disappoints. He has a humble sensibility, down-to-earth characteristics, and an authentic signature sound and image that is very defined and memorable. “Dirty Bird” is definitely a must-hear for the ears, and a treat for the YouTube screen. We highly recommend you check out both, the song and video. You will be glad you did.

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Artist Review: Imani WJ Wright

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s not often that I stumble upon an artist and decide to take him under the reviewer’s wing, but we’re gonna change the pace a bit here at the Artist Reach camp.

Sensuality, good vibes and a little Rock & Soul might be a few choice words for young and upcoming Artist/Producer Imani WJ Wright

Starting out in the business early, talented and serving as your own Producer is definitely the way to go. That’s why I have to tip my hat to Mr. Wright. His single, “Appreciation”, is a lovingly witty and soul-soothing track that is bound to draw in the ladies at first blush. For a debut single, I’d say he can accomplish just that. This song does one big thing though…it gets you pumped for the prospective future for the young Artist. I wanna hear what else this young man can do. Because he’s absolutely on the right track in every way; music and image alike.

If you have appreciation, no pun intended, for an up and comer ready to take sensuality, sexuality, and the heart and soul of music’s passion, Mr. Wright is right up your alley. I hear a man ready to take off and fly. He has his passport, plane ticket, and the jet ready, and this song walks me to the plane.

So again, I have to give major props to a young guy giving his heart and soul to true music that definitely won’t shy you away. “Appreciation” is a stunner for its alley of execution, and I’m dying to hear what move this guy makes next musically. I’m jet-ready, let’s get the plane to take off!

This single is definitely on the Wright track! Double-pun completely intended.

Now his other single, “Make Me”, shows a different side to Imani WJ Wright, but still utilizes the same elements within his content and overall execution. This song allows you to get to know the fellow artist a little bit more, and explore what he has to offer as an artist that does it the DIY way.

This song offers up more edge and production value. Each measure is well crafted and keeps you listening and adds more character depth to his music and image. This is definitely a great follow-up from the predecessing track.

With the great R&B vibe still in the forefront, this song definitely will capture your heart and put some soul into you. It entices you to research more into Imani WJ Wright as an artist and persona. 

These are some solid tracks for this young man, and we at Artist Reach would like you to check them out. It’s not often that we Review an artist on-the-spot or happen upon them, but this seemed like the right occasion. 

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Artist Review: Steven Blane

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Jay-Z have contributed iconic songs on behalf of their love for New York City, but when I was contacted by Rabbi and founder of Sim Shalom, the world’s only online Jewish Universalist synagogue and singer-songwriter Steven Blane, I didn’t know what surprises he had in store. If his intention was to give me something just as iconic as the artists mentioned in my first sentence, then he succeeded quite nicely. 

Steven Blane‘s LP of Jazzy, Swingish, and Bluesy collection of tracks titled The Best of Steven Blane (So Far) is a treat for the New Yorker’s soul in ways that almost can’t be fully described. It’s just that feeling; that feeling. A feeling that also leaves a presence within you. Whether it’s walking to the Union Square train station on a Fall, breezy evening or simply sipping some wine in one of the Village bars or Tap Rooms, Blane delivers you that same iconic sound in the league of artists that could be comprised of Sinatra, Bennett, and a riffy Johnny Cash vibe as well.

His song “I Love My NYC” is definitely Blane‘s calling to one of New York’s many city-inspired and tributed songs to the lifestyle, streetlights, and surroundings of New York’s finer moments. And it’s played and performed with that delicacy in a way where you can feel the atmosphere of the city in the song itself. Blane‘s clean, and articulately mid-ranged vocal approach is definitely a huge impact on this song’s overall signature sound. The lyrics are clever, and have great narratives that grasp you into them. It’s an attention-grabber and weaves a fabric into the city’s aura and feeling. His song “Happy New Year” also brings out this same soul behind the voice and writing style that Blane brings to the table.

Every song on this album has a smooth, eclectic, and soothing sensibility…no matter where you come from. He has a sound that has class, dynamic musicianship, and innovative measures that are always present throughout every track. The sound is versatile and diverse. And once you take a listen to Steven Blane yourself, he’ll find his way to your heart unconditionally. Whether you expect it or not.

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Artist Review: Belvue

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Four young friends who happen to all be professional musicians and ridiculously awesome music producers and songwriters with major backbone to a fresh, eclectic sound all meet up one day. And Belvue was born.

Hailing from the Canadian landscapes of Calgary, this Alt/Rock quartet of passionate musicians instantly shared a bond and chemistry over their unique musical inspirations. And with each member already having their own personal knowledge and experience with music onstage and the business offstage, it’s safe to say that Belvue hit the ground running pretty much immediately, and their Freshman Debut EP How To Be A Lion, self produced by the band entirely, set the groundwork for them and a buzz quickly began to spread across the scene through radio airwaves, their infectious live shows, and even won first place in the 2015 Blind Beggar Original Music Showcase.

The band as of yesterday just dropped their new single “Take Me” from their upcoming EP Leave The Light On, slated to release September 1st. And just after one listen/watch of the single “Take Me” (Official Music Video), I was quite enamored and found myself hearing something that far outweighed my expectations.

This song right from the beginning showcases a very dynamic and captivating clean vocal & guitar intro that eases its way into very well-crafted measures of ambient verses, emotional lyrical content about the rise and fall of romance, and an aura that you can listen, see, and feel when watching the video for this song.

“Take Me” is an effective song that plays at your heartstrings with the brilliant songwriting that showcases the singer’s message and very impressive vocal range, and is definitely a track that’s astonishing all on its own. But the music video for this song helps you really capture the true art, imagery, and emotions that goes perfectly with this song’s moods and textures. The Cinematography is enchanting, the colors that are captured at each location are flawless, and the beautiful use of nature is what really makes this track powerful, beautiful, and just all around a perfect showcase of audio and imagery.

This song and video is a must-see-and-hear for all Alt/Rock listeners. The music will capture your soul, the video will give you goosebumps, and the production quality is top-notch and dynamically mastered. Belvue is a band that I am more than positive will land on your playlist favorites.

For fans of: 1975, Half Moon Run, Switchfoot, Imagine Dragons, The Killers.

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Artist Review: Isobella Caroline

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

This is definitely a journey into the experimental realm. A dreamlike state that brings a hybrid darkness to the aura of Isobella Caroline‘s music. But that’s what makes her uniqueness stand out and uses it as a self expressive tool that creates a dynamic that she puts her signature to.

Both songs “The Muse” and “In the Garden are eclectic and indie implemented but sustains a soothing industrial edge to it. Which gets you captivated by the theatrics and artistic charisma from the vocals without being spoon fed post production quirkiness. It has razor edge and cinematic-worthy moods that define a breed of expression that makes you curious about the mind of its creator. And it’s a curiosity that keeps you listening, and anticipating what may happen in the measures to come.

The dynamics are very reflective, dark, clever, and not for the heart of mainstream sensibility–which is what makes Isobella even more interesting and admirable. She’s not gonna give you some antics that succumbs to today’s Pop Music culture shock that’s been overly used among female artists in this day & age. She is creating something that makes you think, makes you wonder, and definitely keeps you listening. She’s an artist, in its truest form. And that form is a very solidified, brilliant one.

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Artist Review: Serge Bulat

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An imaginative visual experience in audio. Serge Bulat‘s LP Queuelbum is a brilliant time-inspired instrumental album that delves into the world of conceptual art, experimental music narratives, and innovation of utilizing music as a parallel to what we see and hear

The New York artist shines light on the shifting realm of sound with great use of piano, organ, and other classical instruments that are implemented into a very evolved sound. It’s very calm, yet challenges the mind. It’s an album inspired and conceptualized by the philosophical aspect of time. It tells a story without even needing to speak or sing a word. It has moods that bring out music’s visual essence and could easily be used as a film score. Darren Aronofsky comes to mind, with that being said. 

Queuelbum definitely isn’t something to listen to while in a negative mood or in a state of stress; this is something your mind needs 100% devotion to in order to hear, see, and feel the message that Bulat creates in every track. Each track utilizes a similar mood, but brings something new to the table every time. It’s a brilliantly expressive album that has a lot of passion and backstory. It’s an album that makes you want to dive into the mind of its creator, and see how it was originated. Because the beauty of this album is…it could mean something different to each person that listens to it. Because everyone’s imagination is different. So when listening to Queuelbum, ask yourself…what do you see, hear, and feel? Put your mind to the challenge, and give this masterpiece a listen.

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