Artist Review: Natasha Jane Julian – “Now I Know” Single/EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to turning heads and capturing the ears, renowned Pop recording artist Natasha Jane Julian does exactly just that with her recent EP Now I Know.

Natasha, from a small mountain town in Southern California, gained a lot of her on-stage experience as a showgirl, performing relentlessly in theatres and dance shows. When Natasha moved her stomping grounds to the landscapes of Florida, her experience in music hit the ground running when she joined forces with an eclectic band called Psychedelic Mist. 

A handful of shows and an EP later as a band, Natasha decided to spread her wings of versatility and began to find her vision as a solo artist by the time 2015 came around, and respectively departed from Psychedelic Mist. 

This is when Natasha began her Artist Development process, and decided to take time off gracing the stage to hone her craft, find her sound, her musical niche, her inspirations as well as aspirations, and even learned piano during this time, which took place around 2016, and even added learning some guitar during the process; refusing to leave a stone unturned. 

After some years of blossoming into a solo artist, Natasha Jane Julian released her debut EP in June 2016, Now I Know. The first single from this freshman-effort was her Rock-influenced track “Gemini Twin”. The EP received positive reception, critical acclaim, and eventually prompted Natasha to make her rounds throughout the cityscapes; she currently has an elite team of musicians now gigging her original songs all over the US, UK, and more.

But the one that really stands out is her EP-title track, “Now I Know”. A song that’s tight, well-put-together, and charismatic. Natasha‘s mid to high singing approach breathes life into this song and really parallels the musicianship, as well as structures. It screams with melody as well and fits every piece of the song like puzzle pieces. So I have to really tip my hat to Natasha Jane Julian. Her musical acclaim and path is very promising.

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Artist Review: Uyoka – “Jupitersong” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Enchanting, ambient, and strikingly cinematic with moods that can have you walking through the city streets, while feeling the vibe and aura coming at you from every direction.

There’s a lot of different ways to describe this dynamic and beautifully-crafted record. Uyoka‘s Jupitersong displays artistic merit, and production value that fits the EP’s ingredients perfectly. This has very powerful moods and innovative musical spectrums that bring out different angles of genres we know and love today. With Jupitersong, we hear an R&B and Alternative crossover with very subtle vocal textures that showcase beautifully written melodies and lyricism that parallels it beautifully. With her deep vocal tones and great use of layered backups, I can hear musical influences ranging from Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, to Alanis Morisette and Bjork.

With her opening track “Aquaheart”, we have pure emotion and an introduction to the Soul side of the record. With a chord progression that can easily play at your heart strings, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this song. Uyoka‘s vocal textures drive this track forward and definitely keep you fascinated.

With “Love Song”, we get a very good-vibes-only stride with the straight-forward rhythm section and soundtrack-worthy vocal melodies. This one displays more of a verse-to-chorus buildup that gives this song character and wit in all the right places. A very interesting and dynamic changeup to this song’s predecessor.

“Diamonds, Silver, and Gold” is definitely the radio hit and most-likely the most-notable track. It has that chorus that sticks with you long after the song is over and keeps the song structure simple and memorable. It’s a fantastic execution of something that could be called contemporary, but with likability factors that prevent this song from being generic. It’s a feel-good experience. Her song “Firestarter” sort of follows up from what’s already been structured as well, but maintains the feel-good vibe we’ve come to hear so far on this EP.

“Daydreamer” and “The Star” are great closing tracks, with a charismatic back-to-back sensibility that works for both songs like an anthem that could attach itself easily to the other. They are songs that conclude something that reminds you of a sound, vibe, and texture you haven’t heard quite yet. And by the time you finish this EP, you’re gonna add this to your list of favorites and pass it along to your friends.

Uyoka‘s thoughts and inspirations behind the EP: “This album explores my introspective thought process, and I hope it gives listeners a chance for them to stop and think, even if it’s just for a little while. It’s so important to take that time and really get in touch with yourself. And who knows – you might also discover something new.”

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Artist Review: Kobi Arad Band

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

When it comes to the roots of all music and the theory of instrumental dynamics, there’s no question that Contemporary Jazz recording artists, Kobi Arad Band, keeps it in the swing of things.

From lounge-style piano-oriented Jazz structures to a jagged edge that could go off the rails any moment (but never does), we get something nothing short of amazing with Arad‘s sultry and insatiable precision between both the lead instruments, and extra spicey rhythm section.

Delving into a bit of Artist history, Kobi Arad is an Israeli-American musician who lives in New York, performs and composes in NYC’s top clubs like Blue Note, Jazz at Lincoln Center and City Winery. He collaborated with Stevie Wonder (a co-production with Stevie Wonder’s manger, Stephany Andrews and Stevie himself); he finished his Doctorate in music from New England Conservatory; has 20+ self-titled CD’s on Amazon, and participated in different aired panels and interviews on IBA (Israeli national radio). 

In 2014, Kobi Arad received an award from the Israeli government, noting special excellence in Jazz and creative improvisation. Recently, Claes Nobel asked Arad to assemble 21 Grammy winners and nominees and produce them in Los Angeles with an African band called Ganda Boys. His song ‘Forever’ just won a Silver Medal for Exceptional Achievement from the Global Music Awards.

With achievements that obviously stand out all on their own, and with the many crucial years spent in many different walks of life in the industry on many levels, it’s no surprise that an Artist like Arad can turn some heads with his precision-driven stage show and persona as a performing and recording artist collectively. His artistic merit has manifested over many decades and has likely influenced many of today’s other Jazz greats from the NYC scene and its surroundings.

Being from NYC ourselves, we always have our ears to the backbeat of New York’s Sub-culture. And one thing that is apparent no matter what venue or artist you’re going to grace, it’s artists like Arad that sustain undeniable proof that NYC has some of the best eclectic talent walking the streets, and captivating the ears of everyone that passes by the venue they may be gracing the stage at. Either way, especially when it comes to Jazz and the influence it has had on so many genres that we even listen to today, artists like Kobi Arad are an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to keeping the traditional contemporary sound, and peeking through new and bold sound structures that keeps the genre alive and well.

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Artist Review: Agnese Sanna

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Italy, self-taught Composer Agnese Sanna has been tackling one of the most theoretical instruments of all time since she was a kid. That instrument being Piano; the foundation and blueprint to all string-instruments that have ever been crafted over many centuries. 

Agnese, with a Masters Degree in Music, also teaches music and Directs a Children’s Choir. She began composing her own material around age 17 after her Piano-version of James Blunt‘s “You’re Beautiful” earned her some great reception and critical acclaim. This experience is one of the cornerstones for Agnese that set sail into writing her own compositions with the passion she never quite felt before.

Her Composition “The Hero” is an amazing arrangement and is very captivating. It can easily have Movie Soundtrack placement, be performed at Carnegie Hall, and be appreciated by any aspiring or veteran musician. It’s a Classical piece that has dynamically beautiful introductory measures, and eases into a very powerful buildup with great use of percussion. It’s a solidified piece that is very memorable, admirable, and delivers a very emotionally uplifting aura to the song’s beauty. To the every day listener, it could be very easy to think that this composition is already a famous & familiar one. And us at Artist Reach also can’t believe this composition hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy. “The Hero” is impossible not to enjoy, and it showcases a very dynamic talent that makes Agnese the brilliant mind that she is.

In October 2015, “The Hero” made its debut in the US around the Los Angeles radio circuit, and continues to expand. Agnese Sanna is extremely gifted and has had music in her bloodstream since her younger years. And when you take a listen to “The Hero”, you’ll hear exactly just how crucial and inspiring her talent really is. We have no doubt that some of the US’s biggest Venues and Movie Studios will be knocking down her door any day. The future is bright for Agnese, and it’s an honor to have her on our Roster. 

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Artist Review: Tony Watson

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Piano catchy. Vocally soothing. And a place on solid smooth ground is where Tony Watson‘s sound finds its place. He’s a multi-musician that has honed his craft over many years of performing nationally and internationally; earning him a global audience and reputable praise from all over, including being a three-time Artist Music Guild Heritage Award-nominated artist, winning for Music Video of the Year. Tony is also a member of the Country Music Association, Inspirational Christian Country Music Association, and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 

His self-written and self-produced song “Stay With Me” (released on Shine On Records) is the perfect piano-driven Anthem with a vocally soothing melody, clever female-vocal backups, and dynamic string arrangements to compliment every measure of this song’s flavorful sound. It’s a body and mind feel-good track that never drags, and is surprisingly short in runtime; which makes it even better.

Tony brings a lot of anticipation to the surface; a brilliant taste of a brilliant mind, and this song brings you that perfect demonstration. Because after listening to this song, you can’t help but yearn for more; perhaps morbidly crave more of what this Artist offers. You can hear an overall natural production value that showcases a nurtured talent that needs no unnecessary enhancement or post production quirkiness. This is a beautifully written song, beautifully performed, and gives the listener perfect doses of different elements that make this song the ear-soother that it is.

“Stay With Me” has blissful moods, charismatic build ups in between every soothing set of measures, and sustains perfect placements of every instrument and backup vocal throughout the track’s arrangement. Tony Watson definitely will be added to your list of ear-catchy favorites, and is coming from a musician that was born to do exactly what he’s doing right now; writing brilliant songs single handedly, and flourishing/collaborating with other top-of-the-line musicians to bring out the best of Tony Watson. This song is a must-listen for all music listeners from all walks of life. It will easily grasp at your undivided attention; and deserves to.

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