Artist Review: Natasha Jane Julian – “Now I Know” Single/EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to turning heads and capturing the ears, renowned Pop recording artist Natasha Jane Julian does exactly just that with her recent EP Now I Know.

Natasha, from a small mountain town in Southern California, gained a lot of her on-stage experience as a showgirl, performing relentlessly in theatres and dance shows. When Natasha moved her stomping grounds to the landscapes of Florida, her experience in music hit the ground running when she joined forces with an eclectic band called Psychedelic Mist. 

A handful of shows and an EP later as a band, Natasha decided to spread her wings of versatility and began to find her vision as a solo artist by the time 2015 came around, and respectively departed from Psychedelic Mist. 

This is when Natasha began her Artist Development process, and decided to take time off gracing the stage to hone her craft, find her sound, her musical niche, her inspirations as well as aspirations, and even learned piano during this time, which took place around 2016, and even added learning some guitar during the process; refusing to leave a stone unturned. 

After some years of blossoming into a solo artist, Natasha Jane Julian released her debut EP in June 2016, Now I Know. The first single from this freshman-effort was her Rock-influenced track “Gemini Twin”. The EP received positive reception, critical acclaim, and eventually prompted Natasha to make her rounds throughout the cityscapes; she currently has an elite team of musicians now gigging her original songs all over the US, UK, and more.

But the one that really stands out is her EP-title track, “Now I Know”. A song that’s tight, well-put-together, and charismatic. Natasha‘s mid to high singing approach breathes life into this song and really parallels the musicianship, as well as structures. It screams with melody as well and fits every piece of the song like puzzle pieces. So I have to really tip my hat to Natasha Jane Julian. Her musical acclaim and path is very promising.

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Artist Review: Jimmie Smith – “Forty Three” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A spiritual soothing of the soul with the ability to sway your hips at the same time.

That’s one of the things that came to mind with Florida-based R&B/Pop artist Jimmie Smith‘s single “Forty Three”. A groovy R&B song that immediately showcases a feel-good nature from the components of the initial beat and vocal melodies that really display the defining factors of this track altogether. Every melody fits perfectly with the song’s key signature and leaves plenty of room for Smith to bring his vocal talent’s impressive range to the forefront, which gives this song high likability factors.

Though Smith presents himself with his own signature sound, you can hear influences ranging from industry powerhouse artists such as: Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Major Lazer, Bryson Tiller, and more.

Jimmie Smith is an extremely gifted artist pushing the envelope of possibilities through distinct musical innovation. He possesses a hybrid approach to his music that remains authentic to his overall vision of a self-motivated prodigy navigating through the epitomes of the ever-changing music industry. And that’s a crucial factor among today’s artists. Because Smith is an artist that seems to understand that paying your dues and getting hands-on with the industry is very significant, and I believe that fact alone puts the up & coming artist ahead of the game, as opposed to a lot of artists these days that believe fame is an overnight endeavor (AKA “Tunnel Vision”).

“Forty Three” is a soul-soother and hip-mover all rolled up in one rhythmic package with all the right components; melody, harmony, authenticity, and god-given talent that isn’t covered up or altered by post-production theatrics. It’s the perfect song to listen to if discovering Jimmie Smith for the first time, and it’s also a breath of fresh air that a song like this isn’t drowned in auto-tune or any kind of genre-bending. It’s a brilliant song utilizing elements of R&B, Soul, Vibe, and Hip Hop ingredients, making “Forty Three” a Number One favorite!

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Artist Review: Trynket

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Natural sound. Natural voice. Natural beauty. And a natural altogether.

This is some dynamically fresh fruit for the ear with Trynket‘s very eclectic, electric, and tropical sound integrated with that irresistible pop sensibility. Her single “Inday From Cebu” is a very uplifting track with a strong showcase of vocal range, natural talent, well polished production value, and a very dynamic approach to tackling the pop genre without overproduction theatrics that can tend to diminish the nature of an Artist’s natural gift of talent.

The auto-tune has been placed on hold for this track, and rightly so. Without pitch correction and over compression in the post production stages, you get to hear Trynket‘s voice soar through this track; first giving off a calm and collective tone to her mature vocal ambience, and shortly after hitting you with a very powerful vocal range with the perfect layer of chorus and reverb to compliment her naturally gifted sound that makes you even more interested as the track progresses.

There are so many key factors and compliments in the songwriting; the progressions are catchy and well placed, the melody that is beautifully placed over the progressions are gracefully eclectic and have a brilliant sensibility to them, and there’s harmonies in exactly the right places. 

I can definitely grasp the depth of a track like this; everything from the lyrical content to the production value which shares perfect parallels in brilliance, originality, character, showcase, and overall nature of Trynket‘s blissful and refreshing natural sound. This is something perfect for a summer soundtrack, movie soundtrack, and has that ability to be placed just about anywhere. Trynket is an Artist that definitely has big things on the horizon, and this single definitely showcases her ability beautifully. If her main goal was to blow minds by showing off her god’s gift of vocal ability, mission accomplished. I anticipate highly what tricks Trynket has up her sleeve in the shortcoming.

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