Press Release: 125 And I Love You – “Skeptics” LP + signing with Death Punk Records

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

125 And I Love You announce signing with Death Punk Records; Listen to their new Album “Skeptiks” Now!

Michigan’s newest Pop Punk duo have announced they’ve signed on with Death Punk Records, and have just released a new album under the label.

Skeptiks” out October 1st 2018 has hit stores to great acclaim. With 2 tracks on Radio Stations in America and Australia, this album proves to be an instant Pop Punk classic. Drawing comparisons from Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, and A Day To Remember, it’s no wonder the band accumulated nearly 1,000 plays on SoundCloud in one night.

125 And I Love You is a Mid-Michigan Pop Punk band based out of Pewamo, Michigan. Founded in 2018 by Vocalist/Guitarist Trevor Thelen and Bassist Doug Fox, the duo combine the attitude of old school Pop Punk with a modern twist. Lyrically the band has been known to hit every base tackling topics of Depression, Suicide, Heart Break, Existential Crisis and the occasional song about Bar Romance.

125 has songs that fit the spectrum from Serious (Brooks Was Here) to Comedy (Roses For Grandpa) and has a song for everybody. You can stream “Skeptiks” on and for a short time you can get the album for free on Bandcamp! Please get in touch with Trevor at for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of Skeptiks.

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Artist Review: Suburban Vermin

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

An energetic old-school stylized punk rock trio from Seattle with chicks filling the guitar and drum roles? Sign me up.

Just like Dead Kennedys before them, this punk trio has the ability to draw you in just with their controversial band name alone: Suburban Vermin. Witty, clever, and eye-brow raising, the curiosity to hear them just becomes morbid.

So after doing just that, I couldn’t help but admire this band’s instant-classic sound that leaves you relieved that bands like Suburban Vermin still exist. A band that is 100% authentic, and keeping the music that Seattle is known for alive and well. Their sound is a plug-in-and-just-fucking-play kind of approach without the need of any kind of synthesized theatrics; straying far from mainstream antics.

And that’s what punk has always been about, and for a band in this era to still stick with that same formula along with the values that corroborate it makes Suburban Vermin a band that deserves undivided attention from all true punk/Seattle-scene fans out there that still remember that the scene where this band comes from was, and always will be, iconic. And Suburban Vermin belongs in that collection of bands that have contributed to the genre and music scene as some of the most influential.

The production value is a perfect showcase of their authentic and traditional persona as a band, and the male and female vocal leads compliment their sound beautifully and add a very charismatic and signature style that also gives them a lot of room for versatility as well. Basically, if you’re a fan of the Seattle scene’s most influential bands (both mainstream and underground), then Suburban Vermin is a band you’ll be adding to your list of favorites. They’re a rare gem, and a breath of fresh air that true punk rock is still alive. It’s bands like them that keep it not only alive, but going strong as well.

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Artist Review: Spambot

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Gritty, noisy, frantic, and anxiety-provoking is what makes Spambot one of the funnest and craziest listens I’ve had in a long time. Me being an old-school punk/hardcore fan from the iconic 80s-early 2000’s Bowery/Lower East Side (NY), Bay Area and Boston punk scenes where I played and attend countless shows in my teen-20s years can definitely listen and relate to this band in whole. And the best thing about Spambot (and those countless shows from punk’s glory days) is that there is no aim for any type of mainstream attention. This is pure expression at heart; gain cranked up, production that showcases a crazy live show rather than today’s overly spoon fed plugins and auto-tune, and just balls to the wall mosh pits and green room shenanigans.

Their track “Iconoclast” is an iconic blast into your speakers. It’s one of those songs that successfully smashes you in the face in under 3 minutes. The track has a very cleverly diminished intro & outro, with the chaotic chord progressions and in-your-face vocal theatrics in between. The rhythm section cruises, and their energy never lets up. Their sound is a rare find nowadays among all the additives in today’s saturation surrounding punk and hardcore. But Spambot doesn’t have time (or the desire) for fratty antics that ruined the genre among today’s punk definition. They remind us classic punk fans that there is still possibly a scene out there that isn’t afraid to play punk the way it was designed: just plug in and play. No rules, no gimmicks…just a circle pit, and a crazy after party. 

If you still have the true core and roots to Punk & Hardcore in your soul somewhere, then you’ll be glad you found Spambot.

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Artist Review: Timeless Void

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Sarah Lewis


Raunchy, electronic, and a grasp of a time that shouldn’t be voided out in the least. So don’t let the name of this electro-punk outfit Timeless Void mislead you, because the inspirations and dynamics you hear in this band’s mixture of many ear-catching and clever breakouts make them worth your undivided attention.

If Devo and The Sex Pistols had surrogate sons, Timeless Void could live up to the roles of being among those greats; and really do! Their single “The Shadows” solidifies this comparison and brings out all the best charismatic features among their electronically pumped punk sensibility with entertaining twists and turns among their writing structures while keeping their approach perfectly consistent. This song definitely manifests many elements from the 80s-90s glory days while still sustaining the ability to capture newer audiences among today’s influences.

They may not be trying to deliver you the next best #Hashtag or trend to distract you from a haplessly uninteresting effort, because it isn’t needed. T-Void (trend that if it will suffice) is a band that is keeping it simple when it comes to Branding or Marketing–writing great songs. Which to this day is the mystery to success according to most Artists that really believe they are the next gift from God to the Music Industry. But it’s no mystery, and Timeless Void demonstrates this. It’s the defining factors of brilliant songwriting from brilliant minds that form a chemistry among a group of talented musicians pursuing music for the right reasons.

That’s what makes this band stand out–their ability to put out a humble, fun, and charismatic sound. The vocals have a spoken-word feel to it, just like the days of when punk rock didn’t overdose on pop-core. The guitars are raunchy and progressive, aggressive, and perfectly compliment the electro-shock that is beautifully fitting in the foreground.

Timeless Void has a sound that is authentic, eclectic, and has an edge that might put you at the floor in front of your seat. 

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