Artist Review: Imani WJ Wright

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s not often that I stumble upon an artist and decide to take him under the reviewer’s wing, but we’re gonna change the pace a bit here at the Artist Reach camp.

Sensuality, good vibes and a little Rock & Soul might be a few choice words for young and upcoming Artist/Producer Imani WJ Wright

Starting out in the business early, talented and serving as your own Producer is definitely the way to go. That’s why I have to tip my hat to Mr. Wright. His single, “Appreciation”, is a lovingly witty and soul-soothing track that is bound to draw in the ladies at first blush. For a debut single, I’d say he can accomplish just that. This song does one big thing though…it gets you pumped for the prospective future for the young Artist. I wanna hear what else this young man can do. Because he’s absolutely on the right track in every way; music and image alike.

If you have appreciation, no pun intended, for an up and comer ready to take sensuality, sexuality, and the heart and soul of music’s passion, Mr. Wright is right up your alley. I hear a man ready to take off and fly. He has his passport, plane ticket, and the jet ready, and this song walks me to the plane.

So again, I have to give major props to a young guy giving his heart and soul to true music that definitely won’t shy you away. “Appreciation” is a stunner for its alley of execution, and I’m dying to hear what move this guy makes next musically. I’m jet-ready, let’s get the plane to take off!

This single is definitely on the Wright track! Double-pun completely intended.

Now his other single, “Make Me”, shows a different side to Imani WJ Wright, but still utilizes the same elements within his content and overall execution. This song allows you to get to know the fellow artist a little bit more, and explore what he has to offer as an artist that does it the DIY way.

This song offers up more edge and production value. Each measure is well crafted and keeps you listening and adds more character depth to his music and image. This is definitely a great follow-up from the predecessing track.

With the great R&B vibe still in the forefront, this song definitely will capture your heart and put some soul into you. It entices you to research more into Imani WJ Wright as an artist and persona. 

These are some solid tracks for this young man, and we at Artist Reach would like you to check them out. It’s not often that we Review an artist on-the-spot or happen upon them, but this seemed like the right occasion. 

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Artist Review: Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A wordsmith. A master of his craft. 

Hailing from the southside of Chi-Town (Chicago, IL), Hip Hop pioneer Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll) has been one of the city’s biggest Afro-Hip-Hop trendsetters for over a decade and also has an astonishing history since his start many moons ago in many different parts of the world. 

One of his first culture shocks came about when he and his parents relocated to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa where Yaqub quickly took an interest in acting, music, and the overall nature of becoming an aspiring artist at a ripe young age destined for great things. In short, he found his passion, his niche, and purpose. And while in Lagos, he got featured on some of the best TV Shows/Networks where he got to grab a big taste of the spotlight no matter how big or small the industry resources were at the time.

Fast forward and we have a very dynamic, witty, and highly established original sound coming from the rhymes, hooks, tongue twists and turns from a very well-polished and self-made artist. His songs are like a bag a chips, one is never enough. You wanna hear all that this artist has to offer. He even spit 16-bars over the beat for Slim Thug’s “Smile” which blew me away. From his collection of singles, remixes, and experimental twists on his solidified and original tongue-twisty style, Yaqub is another perfect example that Hip Hop in its underground places for discovery has and always will be the much better part of the genre.

One track from his most recent release Proof called “The Trailer” currently has an Official Music Video available on YouTube. It’s a must-see and must-listen. Yaqub is an Award-Winning Artist with some very impressive critical acclaim; collaborating with many other elite and well known Rappers and Producers which has helped his career immensely. 

Yaqub is another artist that became inspired, aspired, and has hit the ground running ever since. He’s a discovery you’re gonna thank yourself for discovering. Real talk. Real Hip Hop. And a journey to behold as Yaqub climbs the industry ladder.

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Artist Review: Cut 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There’s a buzz surrounding the presence and stylish take on today’s Hip Hop & R&B by recording artist, Cut. While rocking the ReverbNation charts relentlessly, Cut has been cutting some smashing singles that have been highly anticipated, and hit the ground running with industry praise and critical acclaim among underground & Indie Hip Hop greats.

Aiming for a more mainstream sound while staying true to his roots, Cut‘s single “I Wanna Be With You” is a stunningly catchy Hip Hop/R&B track with all of today’s elements that gives our current generation of Rappers the notoriety that they have. The chorus has a beautiful Female-featured melody that helps set the tone for the verses. Cut‘s rhymes are innovative, clever, and are very memorable even to the everyday listener. He doesn’t overload you with complicated underlying messages, cheesy rhyming schemes or plagiarism of any kind. He has a Juicy-J kind of flow; very honest, well crafted, and diligent.

This single, among others like “High”, have spread like wildfire Nationally and Internationally. He’s a great role model for the aspiring artist that’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and make sure his presence is seen and heard. His uncanny determination and current buzz has already lit the fire under him, and has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, or at all. So when you hear Cut blasting through the airwaves from powerhouse radio like New York’s Hot 97, just remember you discovered him here first.

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Artist Review: BoDee

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

Some Artists poetically go into major depths and deep meanings in their songs. I have no doubt this Artist does a lot of that, but in BoDee‘s banger “Two Words”, we are gonna come up to the surface and keep it real for this one. VERY real.

I’m sure all of us have had a nasty breakup…or 9. And what’s a fellow Artist to do most of the time? Write about it! With the exception of Taylor Swift, most of us have two words we would love to shout at some of those nasty exes. And it’s not “best wishes”. I’m sure you catch the drift. With this in mind, BoDee holds nothing back with this lyrical attack, and how the song’s theme is approached is what makes it hit as hard as it does. It’s a big smack in the face on the first listen, for so many good reasons. 

We hear a very clever and well-textured opening bluesy guitar riff as the smooth and soothing R&B vocals start things off. Thinking that this song might be just another well written Rhythm & Blues anthem, in steps the Hip-Hop sledgehammer that I never saw coming. And it appropriately begins with those…two words. Those two words we hear all the time, but in this case, a time where it has most impact; when it’s least expected.

BoDee‘s vocals are charismatic with a very solid range and great tone. It’s rare that you find Rappers who are also able to sing their hooks at this level. The rhymes are clever, the complimented R&B melodies are integrated and fit perfectly in the song’s overall craft, and it’s a song in my opinion that’ll never get old. It’s a great uplifter for the possibly broken man. It’s also an honest song, just about as honest as it gets. The Musicianship parallels this as well perfectly, so all the right elements are there. The delivery is spot on, the production value never outdoes itself, and this song is bound to be on repeat for many guys out there yearning to shout those two words at the one who went astray. Beauty of it is, they don’t have to personally do it…they can just send them this song. And let it do all the talking it needs. This song is just remarkable. We all have related to it time and time again, and this song will be listened to the same way; time and time again. 

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Artist Review: Ronnie Run

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


If one thing is true for this Roster Artist, it’s Ronnie Running for the top spot. And he’s currently heading in that direction at a very fast pace.

Hailing from North Carolina and performing all over the coast, Ronnie Run definitely carries himself with great messages, has very positive atmosphere in his aura, and has a very heavy presence no matter where he goes. He recently just auditioned on America’s Got Talent this past Saturday, and is heading for a dynamically active career in Music.

Jumping over to the Reverb Nation, we get an instant classic status out of his song “I Remember”. With a very uplifting Gospel-oriented beat to start the engine, we get a very charismatic story of Ronnie‘s upbringing, good nature, fun times, friends, and everything that makes life worth remembering. With the omittence of curse words, drug talk, and most of the adult content in a lot of today’s Rap & Hip Hop, it gives RR a great advantage of being an Artist that has something for everyone, at any age; which is refreshing and not very common anymore. On top of the safe, clever lyrical content, we have a great energy source coming from Ronnie‘s flow and rhythmic build ups into very dynamic and vibrant choruses that portray a strong presence in the chemistry that he puts into honing his craft of songwriting. It’s amazing to have an Artist like this who isn’t afraid to put his message out with such strength and leisure, and not letting anyone stand in his way.

Taking us over to his track “Enough (Stop the Bullying)”, we grasp onto a strong anti-bullying awareness that shows the same charisma and flow in his predecessing track. While RR runs his own anti-bullying campaign, this track strongly boasts the message while still focusing on the same clever outbreaks in his lyricism; which easily makes this track the anthem behind his campaign, which adds a lot to his interactivity as an Artist, and good influence to those around him.

He’s an absolutely amazing presence among our roster, and he’s the type of Artist you rarely run into; one that keeps it real, has that insatiable passion for what he does, and refuses to back down from the top spot. Which in our eyes, has been earned in whole and is well deserved. We at Artist Reach can’t speak more highly of Ronnie Run!

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Artist Review: Young Drew

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Independent. Young. And ready to make his mark. Young Drew is stepping up his game as time goes by, and uses his time wisely.

A kid that refuses to put himself at a standstill, YD has that insatiable hunger to leave his mark with his swag and swaying brand of Hip Hop and is always evolving, collaborating, and utilizing his time in the best ways. For this kid, you could easily say that 24 hours just might not be enough to equal one day.

Checking in with his Soundcloud, we find a dynamic collab titled “Real Money” (Featuring Corey Coka) and carries with it a fun, versatile grasp on their niche with Hip Hop. It has a very ambient beat with an R&B edge, but still keeps you on your toes with some heavy rotund low end in the bass structure. So it’s a perfect club banger, and even better bass beater for your car. There’s a dynamic approach here, but still sits very well with the direction of today’s Rap and Hip Hop edge and YD demonstrates this perfectly in his style.

His lyrical content is easy to understand, there’s no ridiculous overproduction, and the voices come through very crisp and clear; rendering tracks like Young Drew‘s easy to get stuck in your head.

He recently just shared the stage with Tyga, and has a great list of big shows under his belt. With the proper management and mindset, Young Drew can make some big things happen. We at Artist Reach back him 100%, as should you. He may be young, but his music will never get old.

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Artist Review: Duke Hov

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


Corey Miles Brown, better known under his Artist name as Duke Hov, is a DC-based Independent Artist that has been on the grind for quite some time, and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Duke is self-made, self-written, and self-produced. He currently has music spinning on radio stations Nationally, and Internationally. And has had music featured on popular comp-creators like Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, among others.

First track I ran into on his Soundcloud was “CASH”. A very straight-forward and theatrical track that hones its own craft and keeps things interesting with the production value. It’s a fairly common calling card for lyrical content, but is done very tastefully. And has an originality in the way these rhymes transition into more of a story-telling approach, with a hybrid sounding edge.

Next track, “Mafia”, brings a more eccentric bump-and-grind and bass driven banger to the table. This is definitely your club track, and the one to increase your blood pressure. It has the same signature Duke sound, but really kicks the energy up to really get a grasp of what he’s delivering with this track. Again, the production theatrics are very fun, unique, and puts together a great overall sound to give Duke his individuality.

Duke is definitely worth checking out. Definitely worth your time, and worth the listen. This is an independent artist that, with the proper tools in hand, could build himself an empire. He just needs to make sure to have a very large toolbox in arms reach.

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