Artist Review: NoE – “Outlet” Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A knack for the cinematic and a master of flow, we get an ideal track and modern-stylized music video from NoE‘s most recent banger “Outlet”.

Right from the start, the video is definitely giving you the action, drama, and suspense. The song gives off that intro that something’s about to go down. And most impressively, you don’t need a 20,000$ set design to make something effective on camera. So I have to give major props to the video’s production value for giving us that edge-of-your-seat feeling.

“Outlet” is another crucial example of today’s line that is drawn between indie and mainstream markets. While the song has a commercially acceptable quality to it, the presentation still feels (and looks) natural and something that isn’t forced. It has a natural flow to the performance value behind the camera and inside the vocal booth.

The video gives us an Aronofski, Tarantino, and perhaps modern day Kubrick feel. Something where the editing gives us the most impact. Where sometimes it’s not what you shoot, it’s how you shoot it. And that’s one of the major centerpieces to both this song and video as it parallels each other perfectly.

NoE‘s mid-ranged vocal tones give off the perfect approach for this track and make it most effective. It’s definitely a banger for the Sony Xplodes and a spin track for your club hotspot. Either way you look at it, this song rides the express line in between commercial success, but still thriving at being a hard working indie artist ready to take the bull by the horns himself and make a career with his music without selling his soul to the industry. And no matter where you see this song going, you’re gonna love it no matter what. And that’s what truly matters.

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Artist Review: S-EM-C – “On The Go” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I always tip my hat to females that can rhyme. This is another one of those moments in whole.

With drive, charisma, untouchable production value and a made-for-industry approach, there’s no question that female Rapper on the rise S-EM-C‘s “On The Go” is ready to go straight to the top.

She’s a trifecta of her own; from looks, brains and personality. She doesn’t need to try to pull a Trina, Kim, or Nicki anytime soon. The best is a fresh banger and has a universal authenticity when it comes to where this song is most appropriate. You can use this song to test out your new Sony Xplodes,  spin this at your club hotspot, or just simply put your headphones in (preferably: Skull Candy if you own a pair) and indulge in one of those songs that stays with you even after the track is over.

“On The Go” has a great classic multilayered chorus that brings power to the song’s overall execution. And the verses have a flow that keeps you fascinated enough to bring the chorus back to the structure each time she brings out her witty and clever lyrical approach.

And that’s what this song is about to me — flow and fascination. Defining factors of what can keep a song on its feet, or flop from its starting point. But this song emphasizes so much more than just being on your feet, this one has you cruisin’, and giving you another brilliant taste of what females can bring out when holding the mic.

So make no mistake, this a cooker that brings the heat, and the fascination that keeps you on your feet. Either way, “On The Go” is quite the treat. 

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Artist Review: PROMISQUES – “#DFWM (Don’t Fuck With Me)”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Australia never fails to impress.

I’ve had dozens of Aussie-artists & bands land on our platform, and I have yet to find one that hasn’t impressed me. And with Sydney-based Hip Hop pioneer PROMISQUES, currently signed with Notorious Records, we have more rhymes and versatility to bring to the table.

With a sound and personality that’s bound to draw you in, PROMISQUES has been hard at work over the years doing what every artist should be doing regardless of the stress, trials and tribulations: staying active! Yes, PROMISQUES is an artist that isn’t afraid to pay his dues, and in fact, still is. Even your favorite artist or band at some point was a local and/or regional act just reppin their hometown. Not omitting the fact that some artists DO win the industry lottery (i.e. Justin Bieber).

Basically, there’s no tunnel vision at all for PROMISQUES; he’s been putting out singles, mix tapes, collaborations, music videos, and anything he can to make sure he can keep his Discography growing, and his sound evolving.

One song, that has an original version and a DJ-collab version (both accompanied by 2 different Music Videos) is his hashtag single “#DFWM”, acronym for “Don’t Fuck With Me”. A witty, fun, and great exercise of versatility that has a beat & rhythm that dynamically mixes yesterday’s and today’s key elements of Hip Hop we’ve come to know and love from both eras.

The videos for both versions are very humble and fun to watch. We get to see a lot of Australia’s colorful streets, landscapes, and interiors that give us USA-folks something fun for the cultural eye. Plus this song has some very impressive rhyming techniques that aren’t being distracted by half-naked booty shaking girls or BMWs. So the craft of the song stays in the forefront, and the simple social-media influenced one-line chorus is memorable, and effective.

No matter which version of this song you check out, I promise that PROMISQUES is worth your time. He’s more proof that the Aussie-artists, bands, and scenes offer up many amazing & fresh sounds coming from the other side of the globe. There’s music everywhere out there that deserve discovery; PROMISQUES is definitely one of them.

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Artist Review: C. Thoughts

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Connor White

It’s always refreshing to discover Hip Hop with a powerful message; a message that not only sheds light on the content matter, but also has that staying power that really entices you to read more into an artist’s craft. We get exactly that with C. Thoughts politically supercharged single, “Slave to the Money”.

It’s nice to get away from the every day booty-shaking and drug dealing themes in a lot of Rap/Hip Hop’s sensibilities. It’s a great money maker, sure. But artist’s that set the mainstream obsession aside and actually captivate you with real life subject matter is not only rare, but incredibly real.

The piano-oriented beat in this song perfectly parallels the raw emotion behind C. Thoughts‘ vocal and content delivery. The song’s progression helps carry the torch with his message, and really sets the overall tone. The track has that highly effective simplicity, and really gets you to focus on the strong flow and highly skilled rhyming techniques throughout this song. It’s a track that is easily one you could come back to time and time again, and will always grab your attention every time.

C. Thoughts is definitely an artist with incredible passion, powerful content, and will head to bigger places if he sticks with it. “Slave to the Money” is definitely the perfect track to get your foot in the door with his music. We love every component of this song, and its versatility. When you take a listen, you’ll definitely understand why.

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Artist Review: Darick “DDS” Spears

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

When NYC’s underground Hip Hop comes into play, real recognizes real. And when it comes to the Borough-based Hip Hop pioneer and Published Author Darick “DDS” Spears, we have a perfect role model to support this kind of insatiable recognition.

Charismatic, witty, and done with a very versatile NYC-scenic approach surrounding the song’s visualistic theme, the Official Music Video for DDS‘s popular single, “Paranoid”, gives you not only a very dynamic piano-oriented beat with an old school feel, but also a very catchy and authentic rhyming scheme. And when mixed together with the video’s documentary/indie style with the sites and scenes of the New York streets, we have a chemistry that showcases diligence, true talent, and the recognizable nature of being real, like stated before.

I must say, the song is great on its own and “Paranoid” is definitely a track that will entice you to check out DDS‘s catalogue, but I also strongly encourage to watch the video as well. It doesn’t have BMW’s, Twerking, or hundred dollar bills that this day & age of Hip Hop loves to overdose you with, and it isn’t needed. It’s refreshing, captivating, and best of all…REAL.

We at Artist Reach without reservation recommend DDS and you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him on our platforms. In the meantime, give “Paranoid” a listen (and watch) and prepare to add him to your current list of 2017’s best discoveries (if you haven’t done so already).

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Artist Review: Ruggid Real

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to Ruggid Real‘s Mary-Jane attributed anthem “Blown Away”, the song title speaks for itself completely.

An artist with insatiable drive and talent, Ruggid Real is more proof that underground Hip Hop is where most of the best of its kind can be found. But make no mistake, I firmly believe this artist is one of XXL‘s “Next To Blow” artists, especially with this current single in the forefront.

With a baritone-oriented sing-songs style over one of the most catchiest beats I’ve heard anytime recently, “Blown Away” does exactly what the title advertises, whether it was aiming for it or not. The hooks are undeniably perfected in a way where there isn’t too many overdubs to outdo itself. There’s a medium, stable ground in the song’s dynamic approach and it falls under one of those classic-status weed smoking anthems that never loses its dignity, or its simplicity.

This is an extremely difficult song to get out of your head. It speaks in many volumes and RR‘s craft is ever present throughout every measure. The song’s content is showcased tastefully, and the repeat button is perfect option for this track. It’s one that will never get old, and perhaps it’s a track that intrigues you in a way that entices you to explore the rest of Ruggid Real‘s catalogue. This artist does not disappoint. At all. Period. It’s refreshing, and I can’t stress it enough.

With a new year right around the corner for RR, expect more music from this artist that won’t be anything less than amazing. For now, listen to this track and be, perhaps, blown away.

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Artist Review: Muzic King

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & David Welsh

The title of Muzic King‘s most recent single perfectly parallels the vibe and feeling you get when listening to it. That feeling (and song title) is “Pop’n”.

What I love most about this song is the laid-back 90s feel that it has. There’s a simplicity that makes the hooks, lines, and verses very effective, dynamic, and easy to get stuck in your head. There’s no annoying amounts of crazy overdubs or crazy production theatrics that takes away from the song’s fun vibe and witty lyricism.

MK‘s rhymes are smooth, the bars are fresh, and the simplicity is another perfect element for a track like this, and is rare in today’s Hip Hop. There’s many influences you can hear throughout the song’s overall persona, but the originality is still in play. The signature sound is very solidified and has a very catchy flow. It’s definitely a track you can smoke a little weed to and enjoy it to its fullest, and unless you’re going to a club for some craziness, this is the best kinda Hip Hop to be playing at home while chillin’ out.

This track is definitely a recommendation for all Hip Hop fans that especially appreciate the 90s era, however you can hear some of today’s chemistry implemented in the right places to have it fit in with what’s going on in this generation as music of all genres continues to evolve.

“Pop’n” is exactly as advertised…a poppin’ track! Definitely give Muzic King a spin as he continues to hold the crown and create more music as he manifests in his career.

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