Press Release: Grey Smith Gears Up To Release His Upcoming EP “Ghost Notes” On 2/1/19

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Honing his craft with a signature sound comprised of anthemic beats, spacey vibes and versatile rhyming structures through a series of hypnotic bars and measures, Hip Hop artist Grey Smith gears up to release his upcoming EP Ghost Notes.

The songs on this upcoming record are an innovative welcoming into 2019 with its modernized and multifaceted qualities that parallel both performance and production value. They are viscerally melancholic tracks with an electronically infused edge that showcases Grey‘s artistic merit through melodic use of ambient beats in an atmospheric aura. His mid-ranged voice is clean, smooth and glides through verses with diligent lyrical punchlines that are equally captivating as they are thought provoking.

One of the key components of Ghost Notes is the EP’s consistency. There is a glistening vibe through every instrumental and really delves into a space-like realm that delivers up a unique modern twist to today’s Hip Hop era. The approach is fascinating, effective and nostalgic. But definitely sustains an essence of familiarity as well as originality. It’s the right direction for today’s Hip Hop and Grey really puts together a tasty chemistry that’ll help guide the way.

Ghost Notes is slated for release on February 1st, 2019, and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Mark your calendars, you’ll be glad you did.

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Artist Review: Spida Collins – “Maze” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the magic happens. The greatest music usually comes from the artists most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. Spida Collins is a rapper & artist on the rise who is doing exactly that, and proves his worth with his newest single “Maze”.

Delving into a versatile rhyming style that is authentic and multifaceted, Spida Collins comes out swinging on this track from the second it starts. Carrying the torch with a rhythmically balanced beat with R&B additives and flavorful post production sequences, we get a diligent mix of a laid back feel-good vibe and a straight street banger with a classic Hip-Hop pacing. Spida‘s rhyming techniques are versatile and well polished, he gets his message across clearly and effectively with great vocal projection and clever lyrical punchlines. His content is witty and identifiable but still has the originality to set himself apart from the run-of-the-mill contemporary artist.

Best of all, this track is very relevant. It can take on a life of its own in the indie scene but still has a prominent mainstream sensibility that is both likable and refreshing. It’d be a good fit on an elite station like NYC’s HOT 97 but still has its rightful place as a street banger. This track is definitely in the right direction that Hip Hop should be taking, and for the most part is. But even more refreshing to have artists like Spida Collins help guide the way, and when you take a listen to “Maze”, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why.

“Maze” is currently available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. It’s the perfect track to get your first impression of Spida Collins in case you haven’t heard him yet. And if this is your first time hearing him, it certainly won’t be the last. You’ll be glad we recommended him.

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Artist Spotlight: Cloudy Wingz

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The simple thought that one man’s dream could become a brand that appeals to the masses all while resisting a generic story, a generic sound, and generic success is what started Cloudy Wingz‘ journey.

From a business perspective, the action behind the thought mixed with many failed attempts is what helped create more opportunities for Cloudy to continue to evolve and innovate. This type of mind positioning will ensure his longevity, instead of becoming just a flash in the pan. Or even worse, another statistic. With that being said; Cloudy Wingz has enormous interpersonal intelligence. His strategy is focused on maintaining good relationships and building bridges, but with the right people at the right time and for the right reasons. In other words, having pointless conversation is not in his plans. Although his current music, business, and personal strategies reflect positive goals, his past is something to be highly feared and respected.

Overall, Cloudy’s track record shows an intuitive understanding that has been uniquely applied, but let’s not forgot that most of his knowledge is self-taught. He has disrupted traditional ways of self-branding and self-made entrepreneurship in the music industry. This young man could teach a master class in long-term business branding. Other rappers and entrepreneurs could learn from his music as well as the backstory that has helped him fly to the top.

He’s an entrepreneur in every sense with multiple businesses including his newly formed ATM machine corporation “Quick Hit LLC” and his widely known online store Cloudy’s Emporium ( He’s even an early investor in some now huge companies. But at the end of the day, he’s a very talented rapper who deserves to be heard. So go buy or stream Cloudy Wingz‘ new single “Get Paid” We’d also like to congratulate him on his new found marriage to medical professional, Tiffany Jenelle Garcia!

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Artist Review: Hyyypnos – “Lie2Me” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With hypnotic beats, diligent mixes of genres and ambient vocal melodies, singer/producer Hyyypnos demonstrates his visceral production value and signature craft with his newest EP Lie2Me.

Comprised of four multifaceted tracks with different feature artists taking on the vocal roles, each track has its own moods and genre elements that add tasty ingredients to his electronically infused modern Hip Hop sound. One standout thing about this EP is the ambient approach to the songs. With something that could be described as spacey or dreamlike, the essence and aura of this record is captivating and surreal. It even has backup screams that are mixed in a way that is more hypnotic than death-metal oriented.

Another focal point of this record is the multifaceted production value. Between flavorful beats and intelligently crafted vocal melodies, the overall chemistry of the EP just has a great feel to it. There is real substance in these songs and there are several standout post-production sequences that really grab your attention and put an overall uniqueness to the EP’s duration. They’re melodic, identifiable and has a catchiness to it that’ll keep you coming back to these songs more than once. There are no one-trick pony methods whatsoever, this record is completely genuine.

Most notably, Lie2Me is anthemic enough where you’ll be enticed to delve more into Hyyypnos‘ discography as well as future prospects. He’s an artist both behind the vocal booth and behind the mixing board that can really develop songs with depth and a vast array of standout qualities of his caliber. His multi-genre approach is also something that’ll keep you watching to see what tricks he has up his sleeves on future releases. This artist, producer and EP is recommended to anyone and everyone out there who wants to capture the essence of the producer’s chair and the creative mind that sits in it, as well as lives and breathes the music that is created with it.

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Artist Review: Montaz – “Da Underground” Mixtape

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s extremely rare that an artist with a captivating lyrical style comes out swinging the way Montaz does on his newest mixtape Da Underground.

Montaz is not your typical rapper, he’s a naturally gifted writer as well with his own signature sound and stylization. Embracing a style that touches on old school Rap and spoken word, Montaz‘s lyrical flow emphasizes very compelling lyrical narratives that resonate in a way that just puts you at the edge of your seat and keeps you listening. While taking a more subtle vocal approach that is more clear and crisp, it doesn’t take away from the dynamically executed content that he puts together throughout every bar and measure.

This mixtape has an array of beat structures that are ominous, theatrical and impressively versatile. From haunting rhythms and bass droppers that really put an edge to his sound, Da Underground explores many different beat methods that allows Montaz to showcase every angle of his lyrical style. The mixtape is very charismatic and identifiable in many ways, but always has that signature touch that he puts on each song no matter what approach is taken. And it’s that type of consistency that really makes Da Underground the gem that it really is. It ties together a brilliant chemistry of many ingredients and additives that Montaz makes use of in all the right places. And the ominously haunting style is very visceral and hypnotizing, especially when played in its entirety.

Da Underground touches on several musicianship factors today’s contemporary Hip Hop doesn’t, and diligently stands out in its own way that really gives Montaz his own sound that is both original and relatable. This is a record to listen to before the year is out, or perhaps make it your new year’s resolution. Either way, Da Underground is a mixtape with its own flavors and really leaves you completely impressed in the end. And on top of being an artist, Montaz would also be a successful ghostwriter as well. This is the guy you want involved in your writing process, he brings new elements to the table that could make an enormous impact on the future of Hip Hop.

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Artist Review: Skyla Mac – “Mactober” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Versatile, driven, and the perfect mix of a classic Hip Hop sound and today’s mainstream sensibility, rising rapper Skyla Mac hits the streets hard with his 16-track LP Mactober.

It’s quite refreshing to hear an album with a larger number of tracks that successfully maintains a signature sound. After a swift and ominous intro, Skyla Mac comes out swinging with this album that puts fresh, dynamic Hip Hop on the table with that classic 90s-era approach we all came to know and love. It garners a perfect mix of yesterday and today, and many factors contribute to this album.

First thing is the multifaceted lyrical content. It has hooks and bars that are more straightforward and clever, rather than poorly executed punchlines in an attempt to stretch the boundaries of what real Hip Hop has always stood for. Mactober doesn’t beat around the bush though, this album has great production value, hypnotic beats with R&B elements in effective areas, and a freshly colorful flow that gives Skyla Mac a stable ground that walks among originality and familiarity.

This album has an array of vibes from subtle feel good tracks to straight street bangers, but nothing out of place or fundamentally off. This album walks a great path and showcases Skyla Mac‘s vocal approach in many different angles that allows you to grasp his talent in whole, and utilized in many different moods among the tracks. It’s one of those albums with a classic feel to it where you don’t have to skip over one track. It all ties in together and makes a swell concoction when listened to in its entirety.

If I could describe Mactober in three words: real Hip Hop. Without the bullsh*t. An album that isn’t convoluted with post production theatrics or one trick pony methods. Fans of real Hip Hop will absolutely love Mactober. The album is available now on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You’ll thank us for sending you.

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Press Release: While Government Shutdowns, SMH Crew Member and Artist Solo Gears Up To Release His Inspirational Pro-Immigration Track “No Walls No War”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to delivering a powerful message about issues in our country that are all too real, Solo, member of music collective The SMH Crew, not only understands the issues at hand, but brings it to the forefront effectively. And that’s what he is all about with his upcoming pro-immigration anthem “No Walls No War”. A powerful, compelling track and message about the problems surrounding immigration, and the personal fight that has effected him personally.

Inspired by real life situations surrounding close friends and loved ones that have faced deportation first hand and fought for their right for citizenship, “No Walls No War” touches on the hardships of facing the possibility of being politically ejected from your rights and freedom in the US. A place where many immigrants today have flourished in communities, worked jobs, created jobs, made their communities a better place to live, and continue to do so; all with the conflict of the possibility of unjustly losing it all due to some trivial stipulation such as an issue with a driver’s license or all around minor infractions, and the injustice surrounding it.

The song inspires to not only fight for the cause of sustaining legal immigration, but also to put an end to border conflicts and the danger of families and children desperately trying to keep their status as an immigrant and not be thrown back into poverty stricken situations. Solo and The SMH Crew, who also founded the non-profit group TodoGucci Org, really bring this issue to light and have created a song that truly tells a story that has had direct impact involving the issue of immigration and the unjustly circumstances that have been witnessed first hand.

The track will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and can currently be pre-saved on Spotify by going here:

There is also a GoFundMe campaign of the same name, No Walls No War Pro-Immigration Awareness and Aide. We highly encourage everyone to help this cause, you can visit the page here:

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