Artist Review: Sixty Miles Down – “I Can’t Complain” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With heavy grooves, a punchy rhythm section and blistering guitar riffs, New Jersey’s hard rock outfit Sixty Miles Down makes some serious noise with their latest banger “I Can’t Complain”.

Reminiscent of a sound influenced by Alice In Chains with a few extra notches of volume, this song does not disappoint. From riffy to catchy and everything that is loud enough to wake up your neighborhood, “I Can’t Complain” really steps up the game for the dudes in Sixty Miles Down and really grabs you by the throat from beginning to end and never lets up.

We get a hefty set of grooves from the rhythm section, and it really helps the gain-fueled guitars soar high with the vocals at the forefront. The production value fits this song perfectly and the authenticity of the band’s writing style and straightforward sound is what makes it all the more impressive. These guys don’t need post production theatrics – just crank the volume and play f*cking loud.

With hypnotic verses that build up the aura of anticipation, we get lead down the path of anxiousness when finally reaching the climactic chorus. You know it’s coming, but will it be executed correctly? Absolutely. These guys focus on the songwriting factor and it really glistens when that chorus hits you like a house of bricks. It’s definitely one of those songs where you’ll be cranking it more than once, likely back-to-back just to let this band work you up again – because they can.

And that’s my favorite part about this song. It’ll hit you over the head simply because it can. If you crave a heavy dose of real heavy rock minus the “core” and “electro” saturation, Sixty Miles Down will be your fresh breath of air instantly.

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Artist Review: Bryson Briight – “Lover” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The best thing about discovering an artist is delving into their craft and finding something that really makes them shine. We get a brilliant demonstration of exactly that with Bryson Briight‘s Lover EP.

Lover has a wide variety of likability factors, and they’re not hard to spot. This EP is a comprised collection of hypnotic tracks that serve up indie rock elements with ambience and atmospheric moods. It’s a versatile blend and really brings a modern twist to a familiar sound that has become iconic in the last decade.

One of the best parts of this EP is the signature style and authenticity that Briight brings to the surface. He offers up something different in each track, but you can still tell it’s the same artist. His multifaceted songwriting style allows a different wave of production value and instrumental approaches to take place, which really helps articulate Briight‘s sound and really shows a different angle of each musicianship factor he puts in every song.

And that’s what makes Lover a standout of its kind — it has an uncanny ability to keep you interested and intrigued, all the while maintaining a consistent sound that comes at you from different directions. He encompasses great melody choices with his vocal range, dynamically crafted guitar riffs, and a thriving rhythm section that is punchy and tight. It’s definitely an EP that showcases very carefully pieced-together songs, and many rock elements with today’s more modern production twists.

If you’re itching to discover a record that is interesting, intelligent and down-to-earth, Bryson Briight‘s Lover hits it out of the park. This will be one of your favorite discoveries before the year is out.

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Press Release: Show Whight – “Remember” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Award winning singer-songwriter, Show Whight, has released his brand-new track “Remember,” a heart-felt song that is rich with emotion and a melancholic feel.

To date, it is the most personal and intimate song of Whight’s career. The personal lyrics combine with the music to create a highly emotional song that invites the listener to reminisce of the tender feelings of being in love. Whight’s rich, distinct vocals are just as strong as they are melodic and his soothing tone invites you into a deep emotional place that he shares, if only for a brief moment.

The song captures the essence of falling in love and the lyrics paint a picture of the emotions and feelings involved; which now only exists as memories etched into his mind. The song reveals an emotionally vulnerable spirit that longs to hold onto the memory of a love once had. The lyrics are honest and refreshing as Whight sings I miss it all, the memory never goes away I miss it all”.

“…’Remember’ transports you back in time to a place when you were in love. The song reminds you that the love you once felt still remains and you have the ability to experience it again by simply remembering. Whight perfectly captured the tone, feel and magic of it all. In many ways Remember is a song that we can all relate to.” – Barbara Taylor

And we at Artist Reach agree. This song’s ambience is ever-present and really encompasses a whole new realm of emotions. It’s an imaginative song that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, and really takes you on a journey of the specific feelings of love and what it really resonates with. All added with a great lyrically melodic narrative that carries this song from start to finish.

This is a song for any avid music listener longing for something they can listen to and identify with. Something that reminds you of the glory days of true love, or even one of those unforgettable honeymoon phases from your relationship’s beginnings. It’s a brilliantly executed song and has authentic production value that really puts Whight‘s strongpoints at the forefront; and will have you coming back to this track time and time again.

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Press Release: 125 And I Love You – “Skeptics” LP + signing with Death Punk Records

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

125 And I Love You announce signing with Death Punk Records; Listen to their new Album “Skeptiks” Now!

Michigan’s newest Pop Punk duo have announced they’ve signed on with Death Punk Records, and have just released a new album under the label.

Skeptiks” out October 1st 2018 has hit stores to great acclaim. With 2 tracks on Radio Stations in America and Australia, this album proves to be an instant Pop Punk classic. Drawing comparisons from Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, and A Day To Remember, it’s no wonder the band accumulated nearly 1,000 plays on SoundCloud in one night.

125 And I Love You is a Mid-Michigan Pop Punk band based out of Pewamo, Michigan. Founded in 2018 by Vocalist/Guitarist Trevor Thelen and Bassist Doug Fox, the duo combine the attitude of old school Pop Punk with a modern twist. Lyrically the band has been known to hit every base tackling topics of Depression, Suicide, Heart Break, Existential Crisis and the occasional song about Bar Romance.

125 has songs that fit the spectrum from Serious (Brooks Was Here) to Comedy (Roses For Grandpa) and has a song for everybody. You can stream “Skeptiks” on and for a short time you can get the album for free on Bandcamp! Please get in touch with Trevor at for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of Skeptiks.

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Press Release: Airwaves Spectacular – “Out In The Distant Black” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky & Broken 8 Records

Back in 2017, we had the joy of hearing Airwaves Spectacular’s debut, self-titled record. It was an album that seemingly came out of nowhere, with the band having formed only a few months before its release. Packed with passion, enthusiasm, and will to create, the band had created a record of alt-pop and modern rock anthems that notched up comparisons to Muse, Evanescence, and the Human League, an impressive start to the young outfit.

A musical trio comprised of Cyrus Keefer, Kayla Rae, and Chris Tolentino, Airwaves Spectacular are now back with a brand new EP, bringing their 80’s influenced sound back into the spotlight with three original tracks and noticeable artistic growth. Titled ‘Out In The Distant Black’, the new EP is three neatly packaged tracks that carry on the spirit of their debut.

Led by opener “Standing Still”, a vibrant pop track that shines through glistening guitar work and an immutable energy, the new EP is clearly here to turn some heads. Second number and title track “Out In The Distant Black” is more atmospheric in nature, building from light tones and constant percussion that drive the song forward while letting the vocals shine in ethereal fashion.

Closing number “Rest Near Stone,” the lead single from the release and arguably the most infectious track, is the one to wait for. It’s an upbeat anthem that ties in the band’s love of pop and forward thinking nature, layering organic compositions with flicking digital flourishes to produce a sound that is quickly becoming their hallmark.

All told, the new EP is a real hidden treasure at the moment, and it’s a release that certainly belies the band’s short time together.

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Career Highlights: Todd Morgan Signs With The DNS Agency

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The DNS Agency is excited to welcome California rocker Todd Morgan to their roster family of select artists.

Presenting his music alongside his band as an outfit called Todd Morgan & The Emblems and known for his authentic and eclectic sound with multi-genre rock elements from many eras, Todd’s single “Sweet Pretender,” a song from his album of the same name, has generated a strong buzz among the music streaming communities and has garnered him a promising fan base of avid listeners. His music from one of his previous albums was also chosen for the 2016 feature film 1959.

The California rocker puts on a captivating live show experience that really raises the bar for many rock-infused influences that range from Rockabilly, Jazz, and Big Band. His stage persona and catchy riffs blend together as a tasty mix of the old and new, topped with a musical chemistry that resonates with any Rock listener from almost any generation.

Now officially signed on with The DNS Agency, Todd looks forward to opening up many new avenues in his music career as well as making new friends and fans along the way. His music is currently available on all mainstream digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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Artist Highlight: Kim Kline – “Stand Tall” Single/Music Video

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Dubbed the next “Diva of Rock,” popular rock recording artist Kim Kline recently released her music video for her newest single “Stand Tall” through a worldwide online premiere on September 14th.

The compelling and moving video really centralizes on the awareness factor of bullying, and delivers a very powerful anthem with a brilliant vocal delivery along with the message carried with it. Kim’s presence in the video is extremely effective and the song is emotionally supercharged in all the right places.

With great pacing and cinematography, Kim takes us through a cautionary tale of how the epidemic of bullying comes in several ways and effects each and every person differently, and really brings out the avenue of the song title; to stand tall and overcome the odds, and that everyone has a voice.

The acclaimed singer’s lyrical content and melody factors really pave the road for this song and really encompasses a feel-good vibe that is inescapably embedded into anyone that watches and listens to this song and video. You can’t help but feel this song when seeing the video along with the music, and the execution of the message is brilliantly mastered and is impossible to go unnoticed.

Almost all of us have encountered some form of bullying at some point in our lives. And this song ‘calls out to the haters behind the screen’ and is aimed at instilling the courage in all to stand tall and speak out against any form of bullying.

If this is your first time discovering Kim Kline, you’ll be glad you did. This is the type of song that really gives you a taste of the charisma she has in performance and image alike, and really entices you to research her back catalogue. She is a talented and powerful force of her genre, and is very multifaceted in her musical approach. She knows how to reach an audience, and this song is evidence of that.

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