Press Release: VITNE Comes Out Swinging With His Newest Single “Vanquish The Night”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Since the success of 2017’s acclaimed album Jupiter, Norway’s Power Metal & Melodic Hard Rock recording artist VITNE shakes the landscape with his newest single “Vanquish The Night.”

With an inspirational and anthemic quality about his songs, VITNE‘s music has captivated fans around the globe by the masses and has been featured in a vast array of international publications from Brazil and Chile to Russia, China and Japan. Now following up the award winning Jupiter album, VITNE brings forth a powerful force behind his voice in his latest anthem “Vanquish The Night” and it does not disappoint.

Drawing comparisons to industry heavyweights and artists of his caliber including X Japan, Billy Idol and Gackt, VITNE‘s melodic presence and top of the line production value comes full circle in this new single and delivers up an eyebrow raising listening experience from the very first riff.

From soaring guitar leads, a pounding rhythm section and an exceptional showcasing of vocal ranges, “Vanquish The Night” puts a modern spin on an 80s Metal-infused approach with VITNE‘s signature touch we’ve all come to know and love since his inception into the market. The song is climactic, innovative and provides elements of symphonic overtones and a fantasy-like quality in different chapters of the song. There are twists and turns, but nothing out of place. This single is everything you’ll hope it’ll be plus so much more. It’s the type of song that is catchy, heavy and has that instant-classic status.

“Vanquish The Night” unleashes on November 15th and will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. This will be one of your favorite releases before the year is out, and shows a very promising direction for VITNE‘s legacy.

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Press Release: Trace The Sidewalk – “Simply Livin’” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Energetic, grungy, rhythmic and melody driven, Trace The Sidewalk has everyone singing along to their anthem “Simply Livin'”.

A two-man international powerhouse comprised of Dean Ferrito (UK) and Matthias Niehues (USA), their versatile collaboration on this track brings us back to iconic music eras where effective songwriting and melody placement was high on the priority list.

With 90s-style production value showcasing this song’s grungy rock signature sound with an upbeat flavor, “Simply Livin'” and its unwavering catchiness has that staying power – where the song stays with you even far after it’s over. You might still be humming in your head or even putting it on repeat relentlessly, regardless – this jam completely sticks in your head with that staying power. And that’s a rare gem in today’s modernized music realm.

Reminiscent to the song title, one of the best components of “Simply Livin'” is the simplicity itself, as well as authenticity. The duo brings forth a style that has soaring guitar progressions, a thriving rhythm section and catchy vocal melodies with a 90s rock sensibility that leaves you wanting more – and they don’t need post production theatrics or one-trick-pony methods to keep you interested. Just authentic songwriting and brilliant melody choices that will have you singing along from the very first listen.

This track is Trace The Sidewalk‘s debut single, and just one of eight original tracks that’s going to be on their debut album slated for release Christmas Day of 2018. It’s gonna be a rockin’ holiday!

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Artist Review: Goodieboyz – “Rise With Me” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The folks at Goodieboyz have quite a concept. What started as a virtual band eventually manifested into a full-blown indie platform that showcases talent from the creators/originators, as well as feature artists from all over the world that wanna get involved. From musicianship, production, film making and everything under the sun, Goodieboyz have had the opportunity to put together some powerful content with a strong message. Their music video and single “Rise With Me” is one of those musical and visual demonstrations their platform is known for.

This politically supercharged track is heavily anthemic, atmospheric, and touches on concepts that are far too real. The video’s documentary style resonates with the flow of the Hip Hop verses and really parallels the lyrical concepts. Inspired by the band Gorillaz in their beginnings, Goodieboyz touches on a multifaceted multi-genre sound that has elements of rock, soul, rap and many iconic music eras all wrapped up into a modernized track with top-notch production value.

The best part about this song is the realism and outlook – the issues our country suffers from and the encouragement to find a way to make changes for the better by rising up as a whole. It’s a message we have heard in songs before, but never quite like this. The powerful guitar progressions and driving rhythms really helps propel this message forward, all the while providing a visual context behind the message in the video that really grabs at your attention and makes you think about the world we live in today, and how we can change it for the better.

“Rise With Me” is just as powerful in visual content as it is musically, and that’s what makes this single the gem it really is. You’ll be passing this video around to everyone you know after watching it – and you’ll definitely be keeping tabs on what Goodieboyz has up their sleeves in the near future.

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Artist Review: Winston-Salem – “Hell Is A Turnpike” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s rare in today’s music era when you can run into truly well written songs. Songs where the actual songwriting is priority, and an effective showcasing of true musicianship factors are present. One of those rare gems is the Winston-Salem single “Hell Is A Turnpike,” a group from the UK that is really hitting the ground running.

Known for their very charismatic Alt-Americana signature sound, “Hell Is A Turnpike” makes use of great guitar progressions, catchy vocal melodies and a 90’s style songwriting structure that reminds you of Gin Blossoms with Tom Petty singing lead vocals. The guitars blend together beautifully as they interchange between a solid crunch and clean acoustic textures, and really compliments the authentically versatile vocals that are driven by heartfelt lyrics and melody arrangements.

The band encompasses an indie sound but also has elements of today’s modern production value that really gives the band relevance and their own identity. They’re the type of group where when you hear one of their tunes – you know it’s them. They have a style that they can truly call their own and it’s something their fans can identify with, as well as every music fan that discovers them.

Winston-Salem is definitely into something. And “Hell Is A Turnpike” is a great introductory track if it’s your first time hearing them. You’ll definitely be looking forward to their upcoming releases after hearing this track. You’ll be glad we sent you to them.

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Artist Review: King Shaolin – “Mountain” Music Video/Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Crafty, charismatic and undeniably catchy, we get mainstream quality from King Shaolin‘s anchor single “Mountain.”

Accompanied by a cinematic and colorful music video, King Shaolin brings us on a musical adventure of melodic vocals and top-of-the-line production value with all the goods. From brilliant use of post production, heartfelt lyrics and a versatile vocal approach, “Mountain” exhibits the same likability factors that a majority of today’s chart topping artists do; from the image to voice, songwriting to presentation, King Shaolin proves with this song and video that they’re headed to big places very quickly.

Known for their energetic stage presence and enormous live show experience, King Shaolin has been hitting the ground running since the beginning, and shows no sign of slowing the momentum down whatsoever. And it’s songs like “Mountain” that continue to show that KS is the next on the list to grab the top spot. It’s definitely a song that’s going to be at the top of your favorites before 2018 is over, and will have you itching to hear what KS has in store subsequent to this release. You’ll become an instant fan, and rightly so. The skill level and songwriting ability will earn your attention.

If you’re into today’s superstars like Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Maroon 5 and artists of a similar caliber, then King Shaolin will fit like a glove in your outfit of favorites. And if this is your first time discovering this artist, you’ll be more than glad you did.

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Press Release: Bound By None releases “The Descent” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If you love old school hardcore and early 2000s Punk with today’s elite production value, then Bound By None‘s “The Descent” will punch you in the throat.

Going back to the glory days of high-velocity power chords and gang vocals, “The Descent” is absolute proof that punk is not dead, and never was in the first place. Armed with a punchy rhythm section, glass cutting guitar progressions and melodic vocals that have a razor’s edge, Bound By None delivers up elements of old school punk (ie: Suicide Machines – “Destruction By Definition,” The Descenedants, Pennywise…) and gives the genre amazing continuity and a fresh face.

The band is extremely tight and well rehearsed. We have a drummer that cruises through each measure with precision, accuracy and relentless energy. And that’s the key word for this band – ENERGY. Lots of it. This song is definitely one for the books if you’re looking for the next best sports-arena anthem, or even perhaps a wrestling match. Either way, this song grabs you by the neck and refuses to let go.

Seriously, if you’re into true punk rock without the “indie” or “pop” flavors, then Bound By None‘s “The Descent” will be your new favorite track. And this band will be at the top of your favorites. The single is currently available on digital music retailers and streaming platforms.

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Career Highlights: Jerad Finck

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Growing up in Spokane and spending his childhood summers on his family’s farm in Odessa, Washington, Jerad Finck has been playing music his whole life – starting with trumpet and playing jazz heavily until college, where he joined his first rock band.

Since releasing his self-titled debut album, produced by John Seymour in 2009, he’s been on the road practically non-stop, opening for and/or touring with notable industry heavyweights like Daughtry, Christina Perri, Edwin McCain, Sister Hazel, DADA, Vertical Horizon, Parachute, One EskimO, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Hires, Red Wanting Blue, Ron Pope, Cracker, Ingram Hill, Tony Lucca and many others.

Jerad credits his experiences touring with the highly fan interactive Sister Hazel for helping him develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with his own audiences – both onstage and off.

Finck is also no stranger to radio air-play. His first radio release entitled “Runaway” was the #1 independent song in the country on the Adult Contemporary chart as well as The Billboard Hot AC chart. The song became the perfect metaphor for the wild success of the track, which has propelled the tireless Spokane, WA-based singer, songwriter and road warrior to new heights in his career.

Jerad collaborated and co-wrote tracks on his album Stuck with top producers David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Christina Perri), Steven Solomon (James

Arthur, Christina Perri, 5SOS), Andrew Williams (Five for Fighting, Jessica Simpson), and Denny White (Tiesto, Usher). Hodges helmed “Criminal,” the infectious power-pop ballad that became Finck’s second stint at radio. The

success of “Criminal” at radio with sales of fifteen thousand and climbing, impacting the Billboard chart in HOT AC and TOP 40. Jerad also won the 2016

USA songwriting competition grand prize (previous winners, American Authors and Megan Trainor).

Jerad’s next single, “New Kids”, his latest collaboration with writer/producer Denny White (The Fray, Tiesto, Usher) released in early 2018 and has already sold 40,000 units. Now, on September 18th, he has just released the remix with UK group SEAWAVES in support of the Anti-Gun violence Non-Profit The song debuted on the Billboard and has already impacted

the Mediabase Top 40 and Top 200.

The singer’s special performances include Live In The Vineyard, Hotel Carolina, SXSW, Indie Week Toronto, The Rock Boat XII, and Balcony TV. Jerad has also been featured in newspapers and magazines including CMJ, Skope, Maverick, American Songwriter, Amplifier and Acoustic Magazine. He and his band have

performed on dozens of morning TV shows on several networks including NBC, CBS, ABC &

FOX, and his songs have also been featured in films and TV shows on HBO, ESPN, Discovery, CBS & NBC, among others.

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