Artist Review: Jimmie Smith – “Forty Three” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A spiritual soothing of the soul with the ability to sway your hips at the same time.

That’s one of the things that came to mind with Florida-based R&B/Pop artist Jimmie Smith‘s single “Forty Three”. A groovy R&B song that immediately showcases a feel-good nature from the components of the initial beat and vocal melodies that really display the defining factors of this track altogether. Every melody fits perfectly with the song’s key signature and leaves plenty of room for Smith to bring his vocal talent’s impressive range to the forefront, which gives this song high likability factors.

Though Smith presents himself with his own signature sound, you can hear influences ranging from industry powerhouse artists such as: Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Major Lazer, Bryson Tiller, and more.

Jimmie Smith is an extremely gifted artist pushing the envelope of possibilities through distinct musical innovation. He possesses a hybrid approach to his music that remains authentic to his overall vision of a self-motivated prodigy navigating through the epitomes of the ever-changing music industry. And that’s a crucial factor among today’s artists. Because Smith is an artist that seems to understand that paying your dues and getting hands-on with the industry is very significant, and I believe that fact alone puts the up & coming artist ahead of the game, as opposed to a lot of artists these days that believe fame is an overnight endeavor (AKA “Tunnel Vision”).

“Forty Three” is a soul-soother and hip-mover all rolled up in one rhythmic package with all the right components; melody, harmony, authenticity, and god-given talent that isn’t covered up or altered by post-production theatrics. It’s the perfect song to listen to if discovering Jimmie Smith for the first time, and it’s also a breath of fresh air that a song like this isn’t drowned in auto-tune or any kind of genre-bending. It’s a brilliant song utilizing elements of R&B, Soul, Vibe, and Hip Hop ingredients, making “Forty Three” a Number One favorite!

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Artist Review: Falsetto Music Group

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


We’re hopping in the jet and heading to the Native African landscapes of Kenya, where some extraordinary vocal talent is being crafted, performed, and nurtured.

Those voices we speak of go by the name of Falsetto Music Group. One of the more diverse groups on our Official Roster; and in so many great ways!

From high-roof acoustics in their chorus-like sound to the spot-on one-take studio recordings you hear on their Reverb Nation page, one thing is for sure: these guys are very well rehearsed, their vocal parts are very challenging, and the vocal ranges can explore almost any key signature; which makes the one-take live recording aspect that much more amazing. It’s something that in our opinion, showcases vocal talent at its peak. No studio gimmicks, no post-production tricks, and no flaws in their performances whatsoever.

Their sound is very Native, genuine, and would be impossible to ignore. From very eclectic matching outfits, a beautiful stage show, and the vocal ability to fill the room all on its own without any producing tricks, makes this talent also the most natural. There’s not many groups that can do what these guys do; just getting up on stage, and singing their hearts away as a unit, a whole, flawlessly in dynamic unison.

This is the kind of Music that makes you want to explore other cultures; the origins of music and the different places all over the world where it developed, flourished, and most of all–meant something. It’s something inspirational, invitational, and reminds you that most (if not all) Music outside of Hollywood and Major Labels reminds us what true talent really comes from, and where. Talent that is all natural, primarily self taught or learned together, and is performed where your ears AND eyes are amazed. Falsetto is definitely one of those groups. And we are more than proud to have them here on the Artist Reach Roster! Expect a lot more from these guys as we flourish them into the US market.

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